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Software RAID was available in the past versions, but in the Enterprise, not the Professional editions of Windows. Now you should see all the physical disks available on your system, their partitions and logical drives. Configuring RAID starts by creating the dynamic disks, adding volumes, adding mirrors and so on. If your box goes, you just get another box, install Windows 7 and pop  in your disk into it. Now, would it have been lost if he had originally set it up as a striped volume through Windows dynamic disks? Regarding hardware raid 0 and make it boot windows- You need to setup the raid and then install Windows. Also, if you guys use Raid 0 for perfomance then you should reconsider the hardware raid 0 instead of software raid. But for other circumstances (computer not build primarily for blazing performance) its a great option.
Creating a Windows Software Raid (Skip if Raid exists!)1.1 Convert Hard disks into dynamic disksSo in case you have no Software Raid configured yet, open the Computer Management und go to the Disk Management. I want to break a software RAID1(mirror) in Windows 7, without losing the data on any of the two HDDs.
One of them has developed some weak sectors and I want to compare the data on both of them.
My question is, how do I break the array, in order to be able to see the second drive as a different partition in Windows 7, without losing the data that is written on it? Now Disk1 has that error status and Disk2 the online status, even though Disk2 caused the failed redundancy issue, due to those weak sectors.
This is why RAID is not optimal except for users needing huge storage for editing video files, etc. So I'm not super technically inclined, so please bear with me as I try to describe my issue.

Using Win 7 Software RAID1 (Mirror) With LaptopI have decided that I would like to mirror my laptop hard drive to a USB 3.0 external disk. What is the best software to use for creating a daily mirror?OK so I've created an image of my Windows setup using Macrium Reflect (free version) but now I'm looking for a program that will automatically create a backup of my projects drive at the end of every day (to an external USB 3.0 drive). A few days ago I've mirrored one of the storage HDDs, a 2TB Samsung, using Windows 7 Storage Manager, using an identical 2TB Samsung.
This is a beginner level guide for Windows Administrators who are looking for clear and easy to follow steps on how to configure a Windows software RAID and convert basic disks to dynamic disks.
I'm still messing around with settings and have yet to confirm that this is in fact RAID, as opposed to merely mirroring.
Since its Windows that take care of your raid instead of the raid controller the performance relies of your computer speed. Win 7 Ultimate in my case have all the options greyed out and is not the tool for that purpose at my opinion too poor and lacks of support tools like monitoring such array !
You will see your System drive and you should have a second hard disk with enough free space available.
Our forum is dedicated to helping you find support and solutions for any problems regarding your Windows 7 PC be it Dell, HP, Acer, Asus or a custom build. The problem is that according to SMART, Disk1 is healthy, and Disk2 contains some weak sectors(Pending Sectors). Windows Software RAID is a simple and quick way to setup a RAID when you have limited resources.
I disconnected the RAID and went back to origional bios configuration where the SATA configuration was set from RAID to IDE. We also provide an extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. MS doesn't want you to have performance as this extend life for such hardware on older hardware as user who have enough performance do not buy new hardware – they want you to buy new hardware and new win !!!
A wizard will appear, select both hard disks, the system one and the one you are going to use as raid mirror.

One of the hard drives has the OS installed on it, while the other hasn't been partitioned. Once you have accepted this, a couple of questions will follow which you need to accept and finally a reboot is required.
This example is being performed on Windows Server 2003 Standard, however, most other Windows OS's have very similar steps.
MS is nasty company and Ultimate Win not so Ultimate and waist of money time and nerves !!! After the mirror has been added, Windows will start regenerating the mirror which means it will sync both hard disks. After the synchronization has finished, the red partitions will be marked as healthy in the Disk Management view.
Uncheck all event log types except System, as this is the only event log needed to achieve our goal. Here is the Event message we suggest to use, but feel free to create and modify your own: You need to replace the mail server, sender and recipient with yourself.
Back to Top2.3 How to verify that the alert is working?There is a simple way to test if our alerting is working, however it isn't without risks. I do NOT recommend to perform this test on a productive system!First of all shutdown the server and open the case. Then boot the server, once windows is starting the services you should get an alert by email. It should look like the sample email in the screenshot.If the test was successful, you can shutdown your server again.
So you need to open the Disk Management and right click the disk with the exclamation mark.

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