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Some years ago, Compact Drives were the only way to install a software, or transfer data to and from your PC. The interface is very simple, with Setup Folder on the left and ISO Image radio button on the right side. To create a bootable USB, select Setup Folder if the setup files are located inside a folder, or select ISO Image if the setup is in ISO format.
When the process is complete, a success message will pop up, and your bootable USB will be ready to be used. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. The WinToFlash supports both CD and ISO File to be read as disk image and copy that to drive letter. I will appreciate if you could tell me installation process, as when i rebot->select usb drive from starting boot menu-> then ?? So pl clarify where I am making mistake.I have to clean install win sp3 prof 32 bit and I am looking help for this. I havemade the bootable usb but when i try to install then it does not give me an option ti install windows xp into my hard drive. Besides alternative from CD or DVD, using USB-basis media is more space-saving, since we can make it only when we need it, and we can also delete it.
WinUSB Maker is a portable software to make external storage media such as USB Flashdisk or external HDD to be bootable and can be used to remove Windows setup file (installation) to USB. Besides, there are many other features, for complete explanation, you can visit WinUSB Maker page.
This small and portable Program can be used to create bootable USB windows 7, not just USB Flashdisk, but also support SD Card.

Small and also portable program PAsscape ISO Burner is an application to create bootable disk, and also USB from various ISO file, not just Windows. The invention of USB Flash drives proved to be a blessing to computer users, as unlike Compact Disks, it was reusable memory, meaning that you could delete the data and write more in its place whenever needed. The buttons to Browse, Refresh and select the USB drive to be made bootable are located in the center. Would have been ok if they had support for it but typical microsoft driven by greed stopped the support and made an even stupider OS called 7. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. I dont have the original xp cd because this computer is very old and the original OEM instalation was Win2000 which was removed from system and I loaded XP sp2 from a cd i got from my friend and this too is giving trouble so I want a clean instalation of win XPsp3 Prof 32bit. I have a DELL Optiplex GX260 Series, and umm i cant access my bios settings, F2 gives me the setup and F12 the Boot settings and all.
For example if your PC has Windows 8, Win 7 already then XP setup will not be able to find the drive.
After I installed windows through USB by this software, It can NOT be formatted to any other format other than fat32. After it’s run, we can select install file location (I suggest to select the same location with A Bootable USB, so it can be portable).
There’s Indonesia language interface provided, so for you who get trouble in using English, this application will be helpful. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. If multiple USB drives are inserted in your PC, select the one that you want to make bootable from the drop down menu.

Don’t get me wrong 7 is good but you need a supercharged V12 Merlin aircraft engine on crack to run it.
According to Tom's Networking you can install a mini-version of Windows XP - just enough to get your up and running so you can restore from backup, access your files, or do whatever you have to do.
However you can also find complete tutorial to to install windows 8 from USB and Windows 7 from USB. Here are some free software we can use to make Bootable USB, good for windows installation. It can create and burn bootable ISO images to a USB drive, either by defining the setup folder or an ISO image. If you change a hard drive or add more memory, it thinks you are putting it onto another computer and deactivates 7.
Thankfully consumer protection in australia put a stop to that and forced microsoft to re-allocate new serials. But with a properly configured USB flash drive on hand, you’ll always have a compatible replacement no further away than your pocket or keychain.
In addition, the flash drive can also provide a secure browser and virus scanner, and lets you take your favorite DVD burning and Office software with you wherever you may go.All that’s needed is a bootable USB Flash drive with at least 256 MB of storage capacity and a Windows Setup CD. Using the program Bart PE Builder (Freeware), you can install Windows XP on the flash drive, along with other software as needed (and as available space permits).

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