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Windows XP Snipping Tool is a free screen capture software that quickly captures screenshots and copies them to the Clipboard. This free screen capture software has been built with a motive to provide the same functionalities of Windows 7 Snipping Tool on Windows XP platform. Windows XP Snipping Tool is a simple and of course free screen capture software which is very easy to use.
Just double-click on the black colored camera icon and click on the “Capture” option from the tool window that appears. It has the minimal set of functions that you can use to capture screenshots and crop the desired parts before saving them to your system. Although the tool has been built to bring Windows 7 Snipping Tool functionalities in Windows XP, but it does not have all those brilliant features that Windows 7 Snipping Tool provides.
It does not support taking screen shots in different ways like taking screenshots in irregular shapes, capturing the whole screen, capturing a window, or capturing a selected rectangular part of the screen.
It does not support saving screenshots in different formats; You can save the screenshots only in JPEG format.
We have previously covered articles on 5 best screen capture software that you may refer to have a better screen capturing experience on your old XP platform.

Windows XP Snipping tool is a nice utility to capture screenshots or copy them to the clipboard in Windows XP. Software windows Samples provides mathematical group of good categorised and documented examples of code. People will think you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to create such a drawing.The ViewCube is introduced as a common tool for working with 3D models in all Autodesk products.
Free a file as a premature DWG format, such as 2012, and reopening the file in AutoCAD LT 2013 volition not causal agency any compatibility issues. One thing that catches some users out is that you wealthy person to be measured when updating designs and plans because if you shuffle a change in a design, AutoCAD does not automatically update free files. It can bring the same features of highly popular Windows 7 Snipping Tool to your old XP platform. It let’s you capture screenshots, crop out the desired parts, save the screenshots in JPEG format, and copy screenshots to clipboard.
You can also right-click on the system tray icon and choose the “Capture” option from there.
It also has the capability to copy screenshots to the clipboard area of your system, which you can directly insert anywhere, without saving.

You can just capture the whole screen and crop a rectangular part later, with Windows XP Snipping Tool. Although it serves good in terms of providing the same features of Windows 7 Snipping Tool on old XP platform, but it still has some limitations; major one is lack of hotkey support for quickly taking screenshots. A very professional program, and pretty easy to use.Draw confined to an angle or free cursor with a simple click on the display. Allows quick access to the orbit command, the new SteeringWheels tool allows quick access to the Pan, Center, and zoom commands. After taking the screenshot, this free screen capture software takes you to it’s editor window where you can edit the screenshot before saving it to the computer.
You can anytime, revert the changes you have made to the screenshots, either by cropping them or by auto sizing them, and get back the original screenshots.

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