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XU is for ALL XANGO Distributors and Monthly Tuitions are Still Available for just $15 a Month! Building a business in XANGO has never been easier, faster, or more lucrative than it is TODAY. Simply RUSH Promotion To catch the rush about the XANGO opportunity, nothing beats coming to a convention. GO TO: "Mangosteen MD" TAB (on the Main Menu, or under Pages below) to listen to the 3 part mini series.

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Learn from XANGO Leaders, Corporate Executives, Health Care Professionals, and other Skilled Professionals and Develop the Knowledge and the Skills that Top Income Earners use to Build a XANGO Business to the Top! Learn how to market to customers and potential business partners, how to follow up, how to use the systems and tools, and how to develop your own personal and professional skills. XANGO University will unveil a whole new layout for easier access to more information, tools and resources, resulting in a more rewarding learning experience to give you the skills to take your independesnt XANGO Distributorship to unbelievable heights.

XU Events is your One Stop Place to get the info on ALL the great events taking place with XANGO, and with XANGO University.

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