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Xiaomi heeft een deal gesloten met Uber en laat zijn nieuwste smartphone een dag voor de release bezorgen door de taxidienst. Apple has a prominent chain of retail stores and an unshakeable base of fiercely loyal fans. If companies like LG and Sony are finding it tough to wrest away market share, how are newcomers to the world stage like Xiaomi and OnePlus going to do it?ADVERTISEMENTTherea€™s no way they can go toe-to-toe on advertising spend, but there are alternative routes to success.
They have also been patiently building a relationship with fans, showing a willingness to listen, and delivering what they want, although OnePlus has learned that ita€™s not easy to get social media competitions right.Undercutting the competitionBefore we get into the social media tactics, we cana€™t ignore one of the major drivers of potential success and thata€™s the price. Comparing specs on paper both Xiaomi and OnePlus are offering a lot more for your money than Samsung or Apple. To make it even more tempting for Android fans it runs CyanogenMod and offers a world of customization options.
That proposition has generated an incredible buzz and lots of potential sales.While OnePlus is still all potential (the company hasna€™t released any numbers yet), Xiaomi is growing into a real player. Its budget Redmi series has been selling like hot cakes, and no wonder, the Redmi Note has a 5.5-inch 720p display with MediaTeka€™s octa-core MTK6592 processor. Therea€™s another big factor you can point to in the rise of recognition for both Xiaomi and OnePlus.Listening to the customerIta€™s depressingly common to find loyal customers of a brand shouting in the wilderness of comment sections and forums and having their heartfelt opinions ignored by their chosen corporate behemoths. They dona€™t acknowledge criticism or advice, they dona€™t share future plans, and they are rarely forthcoming or honest about problems.A study on Millennials by digital agency Moosylvania revealed that 18-34 year-olds overwhelmingly dislike paid ads online and particularly on social media. They want brands that answer questions and offer transparency.Mi FansXiaomi has been working on building a real relationship with its fans. There are multiple competitions that encourage engagement and Xiaomi gives away lots of free phones.

According to The Next Web Xiaomi sold 170,000 stuffed toy versions of its Mi Rabbit mascots at a Mi Fan Festival back in April.This fan-centric approach has been part of Xiaomi from the beginning.
The company was founded in 2009 and it developed the MIUI platform by forging strong links with the end user through social media and forums. Ita€™s a central tenet of the agile development philosophy and Xiaomi carried it over to hardware when it decided to make a smartphone.This isna€™t just about responding to comments, Xiaomi organized its fans and invited them to participate in development, testing, and marketing for its products. Ita€™s tough to think of another smartphone from an unknown company that has generated anything like this level of excitement. OnePlus also saw the value in engaging potential customers and getting them involved in the design process. The company was founded by Pete Lau, previously the VP at Oppo, but it was assumed by many that OnePlus is an entirely new and separate entity. The idea that it might be a clever strategy from Oppoa€™s marketing department to benefit from underdog status with OnePlus has turned some people off.
First there was the a€?Smash the Pasta€? campaign, which was a competition offering people willing to smash up their old phones on camera a brand new OnePlus for $1. Unfortunately a few people were over-eager to smash their phones and jumped the gun before finding out the competition rules.
As youa€™d expect the companies deny it and claim the issue is about making sure they can deliver a product to everyone that orders.
We cana€™t say for sure, but therea€™s no doubt that selling out quickly and a feel of exclusivity are powerful marketing techniques that generate more free headlines.Ultimately, the most powerful and refreshing aspect of the approach of Xiaomi and OnePlus is the effort to engage with customers and give them what they want. Few of us would complain if the big OEMs spent more time answering customers and a little less on advertising.

Xiaomi makes awesome phones but have this iOS like OS that’s popular in China but not in other places. If they wore to make a separate OS that’s closer to vanilla or at a least port Color OS on their device than yes, they have a chaise. OnePlus on the other hand have this awesome product and and awesome concept in therms of a company but they seem to have a ton of incompetent and if i may say childish people working there that seem to know how to build a phone but have absolutely no cue as to how to run a company. If they were tailor make their Rom and services toward international users on the international units, it’s good. The midrange spec phone the Mate2, coupled with straight talk, over a 24 month period, runs me $1,475. They are hiding issues by deleting hundreds (!!!) of pages and banning hundreds of complainers on the forum.
They don’t admits the grounding issue with an announcement but only in pm after open a ticket for assistance. Why Android Authority don’t call Pete and Carl and ask some clarification about follow question: Yellow band, Grounding Issue, censoring and banning and a customer service? The only complain is their service center, well Sony promised to provide better support and revamping the Service Center but I barely see the result. Thanks to Samsung’s insistence to only release Exynos version of their flagships, and people got quite a lot of sudden death (on S3) and significant performance issue, HTC and other non-Exynos flagships are getting more attention here (at least on tech savvy people).

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