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Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is experiencing a potentially unwelcome wave of attention after its alluring CEO Lei Jun took the stage on April 23 in India for a product launch, and gave what can only be described as an enthusiastic speech heavily loaded with Chinglish. Lei Jun’s speech, which took place in New Delhi to inaugurate Xiaomi’s first product for the international market, begins with a slip up where Lei Jun says he’s very happy to be in China instead of India.
Please demeanour over a minute Specifications Comparison next – click on ‘View Full Comparison’ during a bottom to get a full details – and see accurately where a LG G Flex 2 and a Xiaomi Mi4 differ.  We will afterwards demeanour during any particular device and establish some pros and cons to assistance see if we can collect that one of these smartphones deserves to win this competition.
The categorical camera on a Xiaomi Mi4 has a same 13MP sized sensor as a G Flex 2, and afterwards adds a dual-LED peep and Autofocus – a G Flex 2 ups a ante with their Laser autofocus, a dual-tone LED peep and OIS+.  In a FFC camera department, a Mi4 kicks a small shutterbug with an 8MP sensor for good amicable media selfies and video chatting. Please strike us adult on the Google+ Page and let us know that device we would cite and WHY…as always, we would adore to hear from you. The first phone by the Chinese manufacturer in India has created a buzz among tech aficionados, and understandably so.
While Xiaomi wants to fool you into thinking the back is metal, you know it’s plastic; that said, it’s good quality plastic.
Packing a sharp 5-inch FullHD screen with vibrant colours, there are no complaints with the display. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, the Mi3 easily handles any task you ask it to do.
The non-removable 3050mAh battery is a good counterfoil for the power-hungry Snapdragon 800 processor. While the price is great, the Mi3’s box does not include headphones, a screen guard, or any different types of covers. Also, the phone is currently available only through Flipkart, and has a sort of lottery system.

It is a steal at that price, and frankly, it no longer makes sense to buy anything more expensive. Meanwhile, on the desktop, the browser will hang requiring you to force quit the browser instead. According to the Wall Street Journal, the video had gained 440,000 views within its first 24 hours online, sparking Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin to acknowledge his boss’s English at a keynote speech yesterday. It’s got a magnesium alloy frame that protects the insides, and a sleek black front with a small “Mi” logo at the top—much less in-your-face than most brands. The buttons have a resounding click, but we aren’t quite sure how long they will last; even in a week of use, we already felt their response had deteriorated.
Notice how colours on the LG looks duller but sharper, while the Samsung looks more vibrant but has noise around the edges. It picks up too much ambient noise while shooting, so you often don’t get the audio you want. Xiaomi and Flipkart sell a short number of stock for a limited amount of time, and you have to be lucky to grab one when they do. The crowd laughs and cheers, prompting Lei to introduce the free gift for all the meeting’s participants, a free Mi band. The speaker grill is located at the bottom, so you can keep your phone face or back down on the bed and still hear it ring clearly. The Mi3’s 13MP camera is akin to the LG—your images won’t have vibrant, luscious colours and that can be a disappointment.
If you take a lot of photos and videos, load up some music, and install some graphics-intensive games, you’ll quickly run out of space.

There are small tweaks and additions, like lovely little transition effects which make your device feel smoother. So you will have to spend extra for all those accessories you would typically want with a high-end device, and that can raise the price of the phone quickly.
The process also involves pre-registering for that sale, being online for a few hours before the sale starts, and a trip to a praying room to seek blessings that you will be among the few chosen ones to buy this phone.
It reminds me of that old Nirma ad: “Jab wohi safedi, wohi jhaag, kam daam mien miley, to koi yeh kyun le, woh na le?” That sums up the Xiaomi Mi3. Among the growing roars from the audience, Lei Jun starts asking the audience with increasing enthusiasm, “are you OK?”, the tagline which would almost immediately go viral and become the object of Chinese news and ridicule. It should be noted that the Mi3 is the first Snapdragon 800 device I’ve used that doesn’t heat up easily. Connect a set of earphones and Xiaomi will offer presets depending on the type of headphones you are using.
It’s also quite customisable, letting you decide the layout of the notification shade, the notification LED lights, and more. Sure, it doesn’t seem like plain Android, but it’s a nice customisation that you’ll be happy to use instead.

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