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That was one of the topics of Luther Lowe’s presentation Tuesday at the annual SearchFest conference in Portland.
These are not the same examples he used during the presentation, but they show the same points he made. Yelp advertisers can also add extra content to their business profiles, such as a photo slideshow and an extra content spot to post alerts or discounts. But from several conversations I’ve had at conferences over the past two weeks, that trust is on shaky ground with some. Yelp needs to consider tweaking their model and materials to expressly say “if you advertise with us, we will NOT remove negative listings.
2) Google Universal search often lists the first Yelp review for a business in the first page of its SERPS. I did some research, seems like they are charging more and more on these advertising program. I can’t submit specific keywords, locations or even the fact that my business is mobile. I brought this up to the rep that tried to sell me a monthly subscription for impressions and she told me that the ppc campaign is for branding (getting a name out there) and not specifically targeting your criteria. Yelp charges more than I spend in Google every month and Google is used more and totally customizable. The best thing to do to fix this is mention that you are on Yelp and encourage a real customer that’s happy with your work, right after you do a job, to check out your profile (and review you if they feel like it). What really makes me mad is that Yelp pits businesses against each other: we have to pay, really, to stop Yelp from sticking other people’s ads into our page! For the window coverings business, I would say (from what I know), that it’s worth it.
Ask your customers to review you and even though a lot will get filtered, it will greatly improve your rank. For businesses, there are only a few major players on the Internet that one should absolutely never upset, and Yelp is one of them. Hello to everybody trying to put their thoughts onto how Yelp help businesses get more audience. A woman walks out of her doctor’s office with a small page of written instructions in hand – not for how to take her medications, but for how to log onto a website and leave a positive review for the doctor.
Doctors have businesses to run as well as patients to heal, and poor reviews about their skills in the latter makes for poor returns on the former.
Providers of “experience goods” – goods that are difficult to evaluate until after they have been consumed – are constantly reviewed and either suffer through poor or no reviews, or benefit from positive reports.
According to New York’s attorney general Eric Schneiderman, 90% of consumers claim online reviews influence their buying decisions. Yelp has been actively prosecuting businesses gaming its system with false reviews, along with companies such as AdBlaze in San Francisco for “selling Yelp reviews from unknown accounts to unknown third parties” and trying “to build a business on selling fraudulent content”.
Below high-level legal actions, however, there are ethical issues surrounding online reviews.
Under the heading Honesty and Fairness, the American Marketing Association’s Code of Ethics says “Marketers shall uphold and advance the integrity, honor and dignity of the marketing profession by being honest in serving consumers, clients, employees, suppliers, distributors, and the public….” AdBlaze, the company in dispute with Yelp, actively sells Facebook friends and likes, Pinterest followers, Twitter retweets and “rip-off report removal” on its site.
In a study of Yelp reviews of Boston restaurants, Professor Michael Luca of Harvard Business School, whose research focuses on user-generated content on the web, discovered around 16% of restaurant reviews were tagged as fraudulent. According to Professor Luca, “there’s simply a lot of pressure for a small business starting out without an established reputation to go and do something that doesn’t necessarily seem unethical at the time. Every day, while businesses are operating within their commercial, physical, and community environments, their activities are constrained by laws, regulations, and in some cases culture. Ethical breaches can lead to blatantly illegal activities that destroy businesses, families and fortunes and yet the seeds of unethical behavior can seem insignificant, even acceptable because “everybody does it” or “no one will even notice.” Some examples are sneaking food out from the restaurant you work for, a boss promising an employee a day off to reward them for additional work then not following through, someone taking credit for someone else’s work, calling in sick to go to the beach, sliding a personal purchase into a business expense account, copying a piece of software from work onto your home computer – and even doing a fake online review of a friend’s business. To help meet the challenges of ethical decision making in the workplace, it is important to follow a deliberate and systematic process. There are many templates to step business people through the ethical decision making process and many companies have their own Code of Ethics that guide employees in their decisions. Business school graduates are likely to encounter some type of job-related ethical conflict early in their working life. The Capsim Business Simulation Ethics Plug-In provides an opportunity for students to learn to recognize ethical dilemmas –which are not always clear cut cases of right and wrong – plus a set of analytic tools to help assess the impact of a behavior or action on various stakeholders and the ethical, legal and financial effects on their simulated company.

The Plug-in consists of vignettes or mini-cases, that literally ‘plug-in’ to the base simulation of Capstone or Foundation. Unlike cases, which examine situations after the fact, the Ethics Plug-in lets students experience decision-making as it is done in the real world, without the benefit of hindsight. Capsim offers a suggested decision-making model to help guide the team discussion on the ethical issue, an Introduction to Business Ethics paper as an overview to the plug-in, and a supplementary Strategies for Ethical Reasoning paper which covers five of the common academic approaches to ethical reasoning. Yelp has denied doing that, saying it uses an automated system to cull reviews that determine ratings.
The court said businesses do not have a right to positive reviews on Yelp, and that the San Francisco-based company can seek payments for its advertising. Berzon said the plaintiffs could pursue other claims involving Yelp, but the extortion allegation did not hold up. Yelp said in a blog post on its website that it has never altered business ratings for money.
The ruling supported a lower court decision that dismissed the lawsuit filed by businesses that said positive reviews disappeared from their Yelp page, which dropped their overall star rating; or a negative review reappeared or was moved to the top of the review after they declined to purchase advertising from Yelp. One of the businesses, Santa Barbara-based Cats and Dogs animal hospital, claimed a Yelp representative said the company would hide negative reviews or place them lower on the page in exchange for advertising. Yelp has been dogged by concerns about the legitimacy of its ratings, in part because people don't understand the algorithm it uses to try to filter out fake reviews, said Georgios Zervas, a professor at Boston University who specializes in online marketing. However, Zervas said his research did not find the algorithm showed any preference for businesses that advertise with Yelp. The Holiday Season is upon us, and many local small businesses are looking for ways to increase awareness of their business to local customers and persuade them to shop local this Saturday, November 28th for Small Business Saturday. With Halloween upon us, many local small businesses will show their community spirit through decorations, and some will be giving candy out to costumed children that come into their stores. Mobile Advertising Partner Program Debuts During Small Business Week   New York – March 6, 2015 ZettaMobile, a self-service mobile advertising platform for Small Business, has launched a Partner Reseller Program for marketers and small agencies looking for an easy-to-use and affordable tool to promote their local small businesses clients. There are only a few days until Small Business Saturday (November 30th).  If you own a Small Business, it isn’t too late to promote your business on mobile and reach local customers this Saturday, as well as the rest of the Holiday Season. Halloween is approaching and who says you need to be a kid for Tricks and Treats?    Below are 4 Marketing Tricks to help for your local small business reach more customers and 1 Treat to help you get started. We’re in the “dog days of summer,” and unless you have a seasonal summer business, like a Frozen Yogurt Shop, your local business is probably feeling it. CREDIT: StreetFightMag 10 March 2014 by Stephanie Miles Mobile marketing is transforming the path to purchase, as consumers rely more heavily on their smartphones when making all types of purchasing decisions. So, your restaurant is listed on Yelp, and it is even getting decent ratings.  Now you can kick back and let the customer find you, right?  Not really.
Congratulations to Karen Belgam, who won a $50 gift card for her favorite local small business, Green Eyed Lady, Kennett Square, PA, in our “I Support Small Business” Sweepstakes. Congratulations to Christina Canzano, who won a $50 gift card for their favorite local small business, The Maugus Restaurant, Wellesley, MA, in our “I Support Small Business” Sweepstakes. Congratulations to Priya Krishnan, who won a $50 gift card for her favorite local small business, Studio Dhoom, in our “I Support Small Business” Sweepstakes. Congratulations to Kelly Millet, who won a $50 gift certificate to her favorite local small business, Miles Farmers Market, in our “I Support Small Business” Sweepstakes.
There was a good article written recently by Danny Brown for American Express OPEN, calling out 5 mobile advertising tactics for Small Business.
They try to get 3 or 4 hundred a month and guarantee a certain number of impressions–but they guarantee no clicks.
But the fees are quiet steep and I think I can spend that money elsewhere and get better SEO results.
I live close to industrial area ( Rainham, London ) and it is very effective for me and my clients to have some local available for a quick fix to hardware or software solution then calling someone from miles apart. I like that their demographic is my demographic (mid 30’s woman)For $350 a month they will pay for a production of a video to be hosted on their site.
On a different note, I’m guessing the reason every review you have is filtered is that most of your reviews seem like they are not by real people. I say that because doing window coverings on one house would cover that expense for the advertising. Like restaurants, hotels, hairdressers and other service providers, doctors are finding online consumer reviews cheaper than traditional advertising – and more effective.

Schneiderman was commenting on the successful conclusion of his investigation into the dark side of online reviewing: fake reviews. Legal action is a double-edged sword for Yelp, however, with each legal battle highlighting the vulnerability of Yelp’s core value proposition: trustworthy reviews. In Virginia, a contractor filed a $750,000 defamation suit against Fairfax resident Jane Perez who posted scathing reviews of his business practices on Yelp and Angie’s List.
He described two circumstances that triggered fake reviews: restaurants with weak reputations due to few or negative reviews were willing to pay for positive reviews, and restaurants under severe competitive pressure were willing to sponsor negative reviews of their competition.
Within that web of interactions and restrictions, however, there are gray areas – areas where human behaviors, lack of clarity, and conflicting rules and expectations can lead to problems that need to be solved not by financial or managerial logic, but by ethical reasoning. Being aware of the necessity to have either a personal or company-wide template that you can apply to any business decision with an ethical element is critical from the very start of a business career. Often they will be ill-prepared to deal with the situation assuming that difficult, ethical business decisions are the province of high-level executives. The Ethics Plug-In presents one or more scenarios that provide an opportunity to practice ethical reasoning. During any round with a scheduled ethics vignette, students need to consider not just R&D, marketing, production and finance but to think about, discuss and decide on a course of action related to a business issue requiring an ethics-based decision. In everything we do – from providing you with unlimited training and support to developing new products and features based on your feedback – our focus is to provide you with the best learning experience. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that even if Yelp did manipulate reviews to penalize businesses, the practice would not constitute extortion.
This blog is meant to help you, the Small Business Owner, with tips and advice to help you promote and grow your local business. The question for marketers now isn’t whether they should launch mobile campaigns, but how they can improve the effectiveness of those campaigns going forward. November 30, 2013 is Small Business Saturday and ZettaMobile wants to help you support your favorite local small business. One thing to note is that the review they move to the top is the review they quote in their ads.. Plus you can pay the video company $25 a month to host the video on facebook, you tube website etc. I dont know the trend Matt Can you help me out how does this work for a local business and would it be very hard to sell across the board to SME’s . A Harvard Business School study in 2011 estimated a one-star increase in ratings on Yelp translated to a 5% – 9% increase in revenues for a restaurant. His year long investigation in 2013 resulted in fines totaling $350,000 to 19 New York businesses that either commissioned fake reviews, or sold the placement of fake reviews.
And as Jane Perez learned, you can’t be sure honesty (as you define it) is always the best policy.
New to the workplace and keen to advance their career, they may not have the skills necessary to offer an appropriate response in a business setting. For local small business owners, mobile is already a necessary marketing tool to reach customers nearby and compete with companies already investing in mobile solutions. We are giving away six $50 gift certificates or gift cards for winners to use at their favorite neighborhood business.
63 percent of US adult mobile phone owners use their devices to go online- this is twice the amount of cell Internet usage since 2009.
I am asking because we are putting together a database that will help prove which internet marketing service works for which type of industry. I get a lot of calls (clicks I paid for) asking about repairing large damage in cities I don’t work.
It covered the investment but it is so broad and vague, it’s hard to tailor it to your audience.
According to The Guardian, the investigation found one ‘reputation enhancing’ company even wrote its own fake reviews denying that it wrote fake reviews.

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