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If you live in India and love to watch Bollywood movies, here is an excellent news for you. Today we are going to share 3 awesome places on Internet where you can watch full-length Bollywood blockbuster movies absolutely free and legally. So no need to purchase movie DVDs or cinema hall tickets, simply sit back in front of you computer and enjoy the free movies. It contains movies in various Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Polish.
Wireless Transfer App Wirelessly transfer photos & videos among iOS devices as well as between computer and device. HD Slideshow Maker Turn photos & music into dazzling slideshow movie with transitions, themes, artclips, and more. This tutorial shows you how to extract audio from YouTube music video and convert YouTube video to MP3.
We spend a lot of our online time searching for the answers to simple questions and complex queries. What makes things worse is when the searches are used to serve personalized ads, which will be available for anyone using your machine to see.
If you are logged into your Google profile when making a search query or clicking a link on the results page, your choices will be logged in, to give you better results in future searches (and of course, to serve you better ads). To remove all of your search queries, click on the box next to the Remove Items box and then click Remove Items. After this, to make sure that Google doesn’t record your web history, you can turn off your Web History by clicking the Settings in the top right corner and select Turn off. If you do not want Google advertize to you based on your searches, consider turning personalized ads off. If you have ever looked up someone, or a business page on Facebook, your searches will be saved in your Activity Log.
To delete your Facebook search queries go to your profile page and click View Activity Log.
Accidentally searched for Justin Bieber’s latest single and want that search query removed from your search history?
To ensure that nobody gets access to your search history, delete your Watch History, which can be accessed when you click your profile picture. On the site, click on the search box and the option to Clear All to remove all search queries.
Unfortunately, Yahoo doesn’t have an option that allows you to delete your previous search history. To turn of your search history on Yahoo, go to their Search Preference menu and under Keep search history, select Search history off. Microsoft’s Bing gives you an easy way to delete your entire search history and at the same time to make sure it will not record them in the future. Simply go to Bing Search History and from there you will have the option to Clear all of your search history and Turn off logging.

Go to Microsoft personalized ad preference and from here you will be provided tools to better manage your privacy and data.
Bloomberg News is reporting Google Inc.’s YouTube is talking with major Hollywood studios about providing movies for an online rental service that started today with five independent films from the Sundance Film Festival.
The discussions reflect Google’s interest in expanding the fledging service, which offers the Sundance movies for 24 to 48 hours for $3.99, David Eun, Google’s vice president for content partnerships, said yesterday in an interview.
YouTube, the world’s most popular video-sharing site, is seeking new ways to generate revenue.
The talks range from “big-media studios to new-media startups, individual filmmakers,” said Eun, who declined to elaborate on the discussions.
Eun spoke following a Sundance news conference in Park City, Utah, to introduce the directors of three of the films offered by YouTube. The agreement with Sundance is a “first step” to a potentially larger rental service, Eun said at the press event.
The service gives filmmakers a chance to attract viewers at a time when theatrical distribution deals are becoming more difficult to get, said Todd Barnes, co-director of “Homewrecker,” one of the movies being shown.
Many studios have pared back distribution and some have closed units that specialized in independent movies.
Other feature films being offered include “Bass Ackwards” and “One Too Many Mornings.” YouTube is also showing “The Cove” and “Children of Invention” from last year’s festival. Creating your own videos can be a great way to attract more traffic to your site.  Not only does multimedia content tend to get valued more by search engines, but you can get traffic directly from your YouTube channel. Hopefully you thought the green thumbnail stood out, which is great because that is my video! YouTube will ask you to enter in your phone number so that they can send you (either by phone or SMS text) a verification number.  Enter in that number and you will be verified. YouTube will only allow you to become a partner if your channel is in “Good Standing”.  Check your channel by going to ‘Channel Settings’. To become a partner, you can select the ‘Monetization’ feature.  This will enable you to add adverts to your videos.
Your video thumbnail image needs to be as large as possible, as it will also be used as the preview image in the embedded player (when you embed your video in a post, the thumbnail will be shown). Have you added custom thumbnail to your YouTube videos yet?  Did you even know you could do this?  Please let us know in the comment section below! Another excellent tutorial Matt and again I have learned something I didn’t know but always wanted to know. Do you know if this is something I can do to my existing videos, or does this need to be done at the time of uploading a video? The only thing that I can think of is that you need to make sure that your custom thumbnail is selected after uploading it.
Failing that, you may need to get in touch with YouTube directly as it could just be an issue their end.
Also currently the movies are very limited in number and more movies will be added in coming days.

I live in South Africa and would love to be able to watch some Bollywood movies, actually would like to be able to watch any movies for free and legally, can you point me in the right direction to find streaming services?
In the pop up dialog of "Import Video from Internet", paste the URL of the YouTube video you copied just now.
Right click any of the added video and choose "Download Selected Online FLV" from the drop-down list.
After the status of all of them indicates "Completed", you can get the downloaded .flv videos by right clicking the video list and clicking "Open Source Media" from the drop-down list. This is a complete freeware and maintains the original sound and picture quality of the downloaded YouTube videos.
Sometimes, we make searches that we wish to keep private, things like personal medical advice, financial enquiries about investments and future securities etc. In this post, we are going to show you how to delete your search history from the more popular sites on the Internet, to better safeguard your privacy.
If you would like to delete individual items, tick those items before clicking Remove Items. Your friends will not have access to what you have searched (or who you have stalked), but Facebook, and whomever happens to have access to your account, does. From here, you can choose to delete either individual searches, clean house, or make sure YouTube doesn’t record your searches by choosing Pause search history. The only thing you can do here is to make sure that Yahoo will no longer log any of your search queries in the future.
Record labels led by Universal Music Group started the advertising-supported Vevo site with YouTube in December. Of the 9,000 movies submitted to Sundance last year, 53 were distributed to theaters, Google said on its Web site. I have seen videos with custom thumbnails and whenever I uploaded a video I was never given an option to get the title image as my thumbnail which really cheesed me off and now I know why and how to rectify the issue.
MoviePlex shows Bollywood's blockbuster full-length movies absolutely free and there are no ads at all. You can watch Aakrosh, Dil To Baccha Hai Ji, Rock On, Rann, Lamhaa, Crook, Rakht Charitra part 1 and 2 atm. It is understandable that some users may feel uncomfortable with the fact that their search history is kept online in the hands of a third party. Also included are tips on how to opt out of having your searches tracked on these services.

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