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With video ads you pay only when someone chooses to watch your ad, so you don't waste money advertising to people who aren't interested in your business. Put your message in text or graphics on the videos and topics where your customers like to spend time.
You may come across with the names of top brands and stars on YouTube platform and their success.
The promoted video ads are affordable and even small budgeted companies can go with comfortably on YouTube platform.
Run an interesting contest within your video and make a link to connect the audience with your site. Don’t go with lengthy matter where audience does not like to extend and waste their time in watching ads. YouTube offers different types of video ads for the advertisers and you can use it in an innovative way. You can advertise your YouTube videos by sharing the video on various app platforms with a link.
If you are belongs to the beauty or style related brand, then it is the new trend to get partnered with YouTube star and include your product in their videos. We’re talking about what everyone is talking about, tools for social interaction online. Our Facebook advertising service will drive relevant users to your business from an advert placed on Facebook.
LinkedIn Advertising is a great marketing channel for B2B businesses with over 65 million people using the platform for professional networking and business introductions. Raise the profile of your brand and take advantage of high volume, cheap traffic by advertising your business on YouTube. Benefit from the impact Twitter can make to your online marketing with our management service.
Using your brand to socialise with people on the web is a proven way to help raise awareness of your services without the usual formal marketing conventions. Social networking is influencing the way businesses connect with customers so you need to be involved to ensure your online brand is part of this positive interaction.
We use cookies to ensure that you are given the best experience possible when using our website. Video advertising on YouTube has made several brands, marketers and many creators to get succeed in boosting the sales and exposure. YouTube is like a deep sea with various different types of content and with billions of content within it. Traditionally, marketers have been very dependent upon publishers and ad networks for data when forming their advertising strategies. Linking the AdWords to the Youtube account helps the marketers and users to improve the performance of the Youtube channel. Facebook is also going efficiently along with its autoplay featured Video ads on its platform. Since it’s founding in February 2005, YouTube has gathered billions of users to the platform to discover and share videos. With over 4 billion views every single day, YouTube is quickly becoming the new revenue stream for retailers to advertise and promote their products, along with other forms of social commerce including Facebook and Instagram.
In the following post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the YouTube advertising space, how it impacts creators, users and advertisers and what the latest YouTube Advertising options are available to retailers.
It’s important to understand the relationship among the three components that make YouTube a successful channel for viewers, creators as well as advertisers. Creators, come to YouTube to express themselves, share their creativity, and potentially make some money from it -if they can. It’s recommended that creators invest in growing their audience before monetizing their channel. Before we dive into the specific advertising options and tools available for retailers, advertisers should familiarize themselves with the different types of ad formats frequently seen on YouTube. Location: Display ads appear to the right of the featured video and above the video suggestion list.
Pro-Tip: This type of ad shows up next to video selected but it is a lower paying ad format than a TrueView ad. Ad Revenue: Creators get paid when a viewer clicks on the overlay to expand the full advertisement. Location: TrueView skippable video ads allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds, if they choose.
Ad Revenue: Creators get paid if a viewer watches 30 seconds or the entire video ad (whichever comes first).
Shopping Ads on YouTube allows retailers to advertise their PLA ads on other YouTube videos. TrueView video ads allow advertisers to pay only when viewers choose to watch an ad, rather than when an impression is served. According to Google, “TrueView video ads can have actionable shopping cards embedded in them which provide an easy bridge to purchase for viewers.
These ads can be targeted however you want and the data will be seen in the actual YouTube campaign itself. Targeting Capabilities –  Advertisers can layer in additional targeting options such as demographic or geographic filters. Only Pay For Engagement - Advertisers will only pay when viewers choose to watch their ad—not by the impression. Reporting Metrics-  Advertisers can track their performance with YouTube Analytics so they know which of their ads is performing best. There are 2 types of TrueView formats retailers can choose from including in-stream ads and in-display ads. Viewers see five seconds of the advertisement and then have the choice to keep watching or skip it. If they choose not to skip the video ad, the YouTube video view count will be incremented when the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video ad (or the duration if it’s shorter than 30 seconds) or engages with your video, whichever comes first. TrueView in-stream ads can run on videos served on YouTube or on a collection of sites and apps in the Google Display Network (GDN). Video interactions can include clicks to visit a website, call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners.

Below is an example of TrueView in-stream ad featuring call-to-actions (CTAs) on a GoPro advertisement. CTA overlays are provided for TrueView in-stream ads. The CTA overlay appears as soon as the video starts playing, and then collapses to show just the thumbnail image after 15 seconds. On desktop browsers, viewers can hover to expand the CTA and on mobile browsers, viewers can click the thumbnail image or arrow to expand it. According to Google, TrueView in-display ads can run across YouTube and Google Display Network. As seen in the example on the left, the ad consists of an image thumbnail and up to three lines of text but retailers should note, this is only one of the 6 options retailers can choose from for their in-display format.
When a viewer clicks on the ad they are brought to the YouTube watch or channel page (rather than being able to watch the video within the ad itself). In-display ads can also appear alongside other YouTube videos, in YouTube search pages, or on websites on the Google Display Network that match your target audience. In-display ads can appear in the home page of the Android and iOS YT App on days when the mobile video masthead is not sold. In-display ads can appear on the YouTube mobile search and watch pages as a promoted video in the top related video slot for high end devices.
In your research you may have come across old blog posts indicating there are 3 types of TrueView Ad Formats including in-search. Even after the merge, retailers can still select to run their ads only on the YouTube Search network, if they choose so. To run ads on the YouTube Search network only, retailers can select YouTube Search as the only network in their Campaign Settings page. We know there’s a lot to digest when it comes to making choices between TrueView ad formats. When to use this ad format: Use this format when you want your video ad to appear before, during, or after other videos on YouTube and the Display Network. Where the ads appear: TrueView in-stream ads can appear on videos across YouTube and on video publisher sites, games, and apps on the Display Network. When to use this ad format: Use this format to promote a video when people are searching on YouTube or browsing videos on YouTube and across the web. A simpler, more unified AdWords that integrates TrueView video campaigns with Search Network and Display Network campaigns, enabling a more streamlined, consistent buying and reporting experience across all campaign types.
Powerful tools available for TrueView video campaigns, including bulk management solutions and reporting features in the video campaigns shared library.
Advertisers now have access to an upgrade center where they can upgrade their AdWords for video account, including any or all of their existing TrueView video campaigns, to the new functionality. According to Google, if you also have Search and Display campaigns, your video campaigns and other campaign types will be unified in a single location in the left-hand sidebar of AdWords. Columns: Columns for video campaigns and other campaign types (if any) will be unified in a single view in the data table. Filters: With advanced filtering tools, advertisers can filter your campaigns by data in any column and save that filter for later use. Segments: Advertisers will still have access to current segment types such as device, network, time, view type, click type, and conversions (if enabled). CPC Strategy is a retail-focused Search agency that uses a proprietary Search optimization process to drive conversions by matching inventory with consumer intent.
YouTube advertising and monetization of the videos on your channel through the YouTube Partner program is available in just about every country these days. People always ask me to take a look at their blogs and give them my advice about how they can get more traffic or how they can reduce their bounce rate. Take those flashing Google AdSense blocks down from your blog and put them up where they will get more clicks – on YouTube! Ok, now that we got that out of the way, here’s the deal on how to monetize YouTube videos. When it comes to a successfully monetizing your content on YouTube, the most important thing you need to do is have good titles and meta data in the description and tags of your video – the same way you have them on your blog posts. If you watched the video, you’ll remember that I admitted to making a huge mistake where with the SEO of my videos is concerned. Google added an option for us to block specific advertisers from appearing on our YouTube videos. Now the way this works you have to understand that someone who sees this ad and continues watching it they’re really an engaged person and they probably will still continue to watch your video as well. So now I have a task for myself is to go back through all my videos and make sure that the tags are appropriate because the advertisers aren’t seeing things very specific things that I think people might be searching for. So that’s your action step for today you have your YouTube channel already you’ve got videos up there go in there find out what Google is suggesting to you for tags first make sure that you have all those monetization options turned on and the tags that Google tells you that you need to add, okay?
Add me to circles on Google+ If you have questions, or want some feedback about your blog, sign up to get free tips and resources to help you expand your audience! Thanks a lot Ileane, i think Youtube is often ignored and most of us just focus on our blog, posts and it’s ranking on Google. From my experience your videos can drop in the Youtube or Google search results if your description is modified after a long time and a link is inserted over night. Hi Julius, I’m not sure I understand what you are referring to because no one has ever contacted me with an offer like this. Ms.Ileane gives very good guidance for every one ?? Great articles Ileane , Last but not least , sometimes we should split test with ad format on certain videos which give high ROI.
Suresh, it might be difficult to do any split testing because the income isn’t broken down by the type of ad. I agree with your topic Ileane because i have using YouTube monetize method a long period of time and i am getting revenue more than my blog. Roz, I can only assume that my YouTube channel is getting less traffic than my blog, but I think you’re right. I will also use youtube for web promotion for my website i have designed this from 6 month its started on March 12, 2012 and domain left for next 6 month.
Does anyone have any stats for how much people make per view or what the conversion rate is for youtube adsense revenue. I like to set daily income goals for myself and right now I’m doing quite well with reaching them. I think it’s easier to do Twitter ads because they seem less confusing and they have less options, but Facebook might bring in more actual income.

You may strike with a doubt about how they achieved and why some advertisers are failed to reach the mark. So, go with an emotional content in the video which can go through the audience in an effective way.
By utilising social networks you can launch new products, keep one step ahead of the competition and give keep customers updated, all through word-of-mouth. The Internet Marketing Team can help navigate you through the setting up and management of social media tools and advertising that will benefit your business. We are passionate about what we do and take a professional approach with all of our customers. They also provide the eyeballs required to help creators, advertisers, and YouTube make money.
As a creator, you can keep making great videos so viewers come back for more and make visiting your channel a habit.
If your audience is really engaged, and if they’re a demographic that brands really want to reach, advertisers may be willing to pay to run ads on channels creators make. For larger video players, this ad may also show up below the player. Display ads (or sometimes refered to as banners) may run across all areas of YouTube, except on the homepage. Because Overlay ads are a transparent advertisement that appears on the lower portion of your video, retailers should avoid having key information in the lower portion of their video where the overlap (indicated by the red box above) could occur.
These ads are spaced within the video – similar to the way TV commercials roll out during a program.
For example, if the midroll is a TrueView ad then users must watch at least 30 seconds of the ad or the entire advertisement (if it is less than 30 seconds in total).
Available across all devices, TrueView lets people watch ads they find interesting, and skip ads they find less relevant. The ad contains a thumbnail, headline, channel name and video view count. The top-ranked ad may also be repeated below the organic search results. Below Google outlines the major differences between the two formats so retailers can make an educated decision when selecting their ad placement on YouTube. New columns for Conversions (if enabled), Google Analytics (if linked), and more will be available to advertisers.
Our focused suite of data-driven solutions helps retailers own bottom-of-the-funnel traffic.
Yet picking the right ads for your YouTube Videos can make a huge difference in your earning potential. My point is with all those ads all over the place there’s no wonder some blogs have such a high bounce rate and no wonder people visit your blog one time and never return.
Keep in mind that YouTube is the number two search engine on the planet so why not take advantage of it.
Let me know in the comments if you’re ready to get started with monetizing your videos and taking advantage of YouTube Advertising formats.
The first one is for basic info the second one is the one we’re going to talk about today which is the Monetization Tab.
I'm Ileane and this blog was created to help you learn about WordPress blogging, Social Media Optimization, YouTube Tutorials and more.
Youtube videos can be used well to make money and your point about the way we use ads on our blog is also extremely valuable.
We work so hard to get people on our site, let’s not send them away as soon at they get there. It sounds like a scam and I hope most of my friends would be able to see this one coming a mile away. I will try to split test after adding some more videos and keep posted about this in your facebook group. I sure think that creating video is essential for our website to gain more traffic, I am currently using the technique right now, trying to be more creative as possible to gain more views and backlinks as well. Ilane, youtube is the second biggest search engine in the globe, but its a video streaming sites also if we search for any keywords then first the competitors SERP launch after youtube link in 6th or 7th rank, how can you define those things. I have listened to some of your videos on Youtube and I’m really eager to start the video strategy.
Well, you should try to start off with a 20 or 30 second video so it will take you less time to upload. But, if it is a CPM-based ad, then the user must watch the entire ad regardless of how long is it. What this means is it eliminate the viewers who have already seen the ad or are not interested in the offer. Her passion for creative publishing and quality reporting landed her work opportunities at several companies in Massachusetts, New York and California.
To top it all off, YouTube provides free hosting for your videos too (which is nothing to sneeze at by the way).
It’s easy enough for me to fix that by following the relevant suggestions from YouTube so I can promote my content more effectively on the platform.
They will be there whether you earn additional income from them or not those are the display ads.
Now those are the ads that will play before your video and the person who’s watching the video gets the opportunity too stop or skip the ad after five seconds ok so those are the three different types of ad that you can have to monetize your YouTube videos. Actually I have this link set to go to my blog for the article I probably need to change that to the affiliate link but that’s ok alright. Some people actually contact Youtube video posters and ask to rent their movie description for a link. These type of ads can help you to reach the target audience and also gain good exposure too.
Advertisers can insert ad breaks at natural pauses throughout the YouTube video for the better, more streamlined viewing experience. Although this might sound like a way to earn even more money besides the money earned from the ads, don’t do it!

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