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YouTube, the 2nd most visited website, which is argued to have the 2nd largest search engine, caters to over 2 billion viewers each day. With such a humongous user base, how can YouTube not be used to promote and market businesses and brands! However, it is not just the size of YouTube that makes it lucrative for marketing; there are many more features that contribute to its immense growth and usability. The latest YouTube One Channel interface allows you to brand your channel in multiples way.
Having a YouTube channel is one of the most cost effective ways to promotea brand and its products. Use in-video programming feature to link all your videos to one most important video you wish to send more views to. Create relevant and captivating custom thumbnails for all your videos in order to increase the CTR. Ability to place a Call to Action overlay on your videos to raise money or find volunteers.
You’ll also get listed on the Nonprofit videos page which gives your videos even more exposure! Gathering more youtube views will bring your video to the topnnSocialkik is the #1 place to buy cheap facebook fans, you can also buy twitter followers, youtube views and subscribers and google +1 votes. I have really enjoyed reading your article posts.I am looking forward to another great articles from you.
Home » Digital Marketing » YouTube Marketing: how can video advertising help your business? Have you noticed that YouTube is the video broadcasting Social Network that is most used worldwide? First off, we should highlight what the importance of YouTube is in terms of Social Networks and Marketing. As you can see, the presence of this Social Network is worldwide and is constantly expanding. One of the cornerstones of YouTube Marketing is the ability of creating promotional videos to give your audience.
It allows you to attract your clients with the proven power of an effective script and individual audiovisual techniques of film and television.
YouTube advertisements only pay when the viewer watches more than 30 seconds of your advertisement or when they interact with some Call to Action or complimentary Banner. They help you spread your proposals in front of your audience in an original and entertaining way. As explained in the YouTube Announcements Policies, you can create promotional videos so that users see them before the content they have chosen starts to play. The YouTube team mentions as a “model” reference of legnth “to create promotional videos 30 seconds long.
This recommendation has to do with the process of analyzing the statistics of your campaigns on YouTube.
Therefore, if you plan to advertise on YouTube I advise creating videos that last 15 seconds at minimum to be able to interpret the metrics correctly, since a duration of 12 seconds could result in something somewhat confusing when interpreting the reactions of the audience. The number of views of your promotional videos will increase when people have decided not to skip your announcement and see at least 30 seconds without interruption. The interactions that YouTube takes into account for increasing views are: every time that people click on the link to your website, press some of your calls to action on screen or they click any of the complimentary banners. Finally, in order to create your YouTube Marketing announcements, know the available types and inform yourself on the requirements for each one of them, you can check this link.
Besides the advantages of falling back on the advertising that we saw above there is another highly effective technique that entails its own benefits. It allows you to offer an added value to your audience: the best way of reaching your public is to give them a reason to follow your channel.
It enables you to get subscribers: as you know, when a user of YouTube is very interested in your content they have the possibility to subscribe to your channel to get the latest news when logging into the website. It helps you complete the information about your business: the idea is that you take advantage of your channel and videos that you share in order to provide information about your business, such as tutorials on how to use your products or services, links to your website and a detailed description about your business proposal.
It is an effective way to generate content to share on Social Networks: as you know, videos are among the most shared content on social accounts, reason for why creating them is very favorable to boost your Social Network strategy and shine the light on your proposals. It allows you to get feedback from your audience through the comments: when users are moved by or mobilize some video they see on YouTube, they do not hesitate to leave their opinion in the comment box plain and simple. It enables you to know the impact of your content through YouTube Analytics: Lastly, you can measure the impact of your videos through the website’s analytical service.
As we mentioned above, the objective is that users find all the information they need on your YouTube Channel (especially in the “About” section). Also, you must remember to add links to your website and Social Networks, to enhance the spreading of your proposals on all platforms. To help you with the spreading of your videos through various social platforms, I advise you to take advantage of Postcron for Chrome.

As you can see in the animated GIF above, once you’ve installed Postcron for Chrome on your browser you can directly schedule or share any video from you channel onto your Social Networks. This way you can always keep your social accounts up to date and save dedicated time spent on sharing content. I hope this article has helped you understand the importance of YouTube Marketing and how you can use it to benefit your business. With over 6 billion hours of video viewed each month, YouTube is a powerful marketing platform that your business needs to utilize.This shouldn't come as news to you.
Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. Creating video content on YouTube is a great way to boost the visibility and credibility of your business. One way to make sure you’re creating regular video content is to develop a recurring series with a theme. Complete your account profile and provide an interesting, keyword-rich description of your brand.
Reply to relevant user comments or questions, making ‘friends’ with users who have similar accounts or brands. Don’t let your video become a hit without providing branding on who you are and how people can get in touch. Enter your email to get best practices, marketing trends and the latest buzz sent right to your inbox. From being a mere channel meant to share homemade videos, YouTube has come to become a huge learning, sharing and socializing hub. Let us check out what are those facets that make YouTube the most popular video marketing channel. Features like custom thumbnails, Channel banner, channel avatar, and In- Video programming, interactive outros and intros act as your brand’s voice.
The sharing is not confined within YouTube, but extends to other major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. However, the success of YouTube is always not synonymous with the success of all its channels. This passes on the views juice of a couple of successful videos in the playlist to some of the other videos too. After all, what point does it make if YouTube is a great video sharing site when you cannot take advantage of it and reach to more people through good number of views ultimately? Invisible People and The Uncultured Project create very effective videos on a shoestring budget.
Normally, links in videos can only link to other YouTube videos or channels, but when you join the nonprofit program, you can annotate your video with links directly to your website. Create playlists based on topics but also create a playlist at the top of the left-hand sidebar of your top-viewed videos. Its an interface wherein it attaches people worldwide for business, personal, non-profit work, music and creativeness etc.
This fact positions it as a fundamental platform for transmitting your proposals and presenting content to your audience. The site was founded in 2005 by three ex employees of the company PayPal, and the next year it was acquired by Google Inc. As the data highlighted, 80% of people that access the site are located outside of the United States, being that YouTube Marketing is a technique used worldwide. This forms a great opportunity, whether you generate your own content or if you choose to advertise on the site. In this regard, people may decide to skip the announcement after 5 seconds of play, so it is fundamental to really capture the audience in this time span.
Moreover, from YouTube Marketing’s point of view, they suggest to advertisers to publish videos that are at least 12 seconds long.
Have in mind, YouTube Analytics omits data of those videos that have been seen for a period shorter than 10 seconds. It is the possibility to create your own YouTube Channel and generate content especially thought of to provide added value to your audience. In this point it’s about providing them more than just promotional videos, which means, offering content that helps them stay informed, to entertain them or improve their life in some way. Therefore, having a channel allows you to support and expand the information provided on your website and social accounts.
This instance is essential for guiding your content strategy, for example knowing which of your videos are the most successful. Furthermore, to increase your credibility it is important to take care of the presentation of your profile and cover, placing images in the indicated sizes in the screenshot above. Finally, remember to optimize your Google+ profile, since the icon of your YouTube Channel comes from there. It is our extension for browsers, whose main advantage is that it allows you to program or share videos on your Social Networks directly from your YouTube Channel.

To do this you simply click on the extension icon, top right of the page, and choose your publishing schedule.
I suggest taking a look at our article How to use the Postcron Extension for Chrome (Tutorial!) to get the maximum performance out of our tool. I'm willing to bet that you have an account and you've probably marketed your business with some videos.
Incorporate funny discussion, serious points of view and use real people to make it impactful and memorable. Customize your background to reflect your company’s branding and make sure you add links back to your website and other social media accounts.
Optimize the title of the video and how users might search for it using phrases on YouTube or search engines. Monitor the conversation on videos and your channel and be sure to respond to conversations that warrant a response, as well as moderating inappropriate content that may pop up. This is taken advantage by affiliate marketers who prefer ranking a YouTube video for certain keyword and then direct the viewers to an affiliate niche site or landing page.
Furthermore, one can easily embed the videos on any webpage so as to share it on website, forums and blogs. Each channel is a separate entity and has to work towards gaining more and more views in order to expand its reach and thereby expand the business.
As your community builds, they eventually have expectations about how often they’ll see a video. Create more eyeballs for your channel by posting links on Twitter and on your Facebook Page. Developing a YouTube channel for internet marketing has become quite easy for business owners and companies because its safe and cost-effective. I'm also willing to bet those videos didn't get watched and you gave up on your efforts.This is a common theme on YouTube.
Make sure that the video description is relevant and keyword-rich, and includes your brand name and a link back to your website. Describe your video with words your supporters use–not the jargon you hear in your board meetings.
In fact, I've seen too many clients spend thousands curating great content that doesn't get viewed so they abandon their efforts entirely.The key to YouTube marketing is getting videos ranked in both Google and YouTube searches. This creates an automated flow of people finding your videos with valuable keywords related to your business.YouTube is a search engine (2nd most used on the planet) so ranking your videos requires an understanding of how the algorithm functions.
From years of experience, I suggest you make your videos at least 60 seconds long, for 2 main reasons:The more seconds you can keep a user on your video, the higher it will rank. Therefore, having longer videos will add more seconds to your count.In YouTube’s mind, anything less comes off as spam. When I perform digital marketing audits I can't tell you how many of my clients neglect to link to their website or landing page. That action should be clicks to your website where you can finish the marketing process (i.e.
In addition to links, you want to optimize the rest of your video description:Make it unique! As you can see, that screenshot can be an unsavory pose that pushes users away from your video.By adding a custom thumbnail you can control the first impression of a user. I suggest adding a thumbnail that tells the user exactly what your video is about and why they should click on it.Doing so will have a drastic increase on the Click Through Rates (CTRs) of your videos.
There are millions of YouTube accounts whose sole function is to 'rip, flip and repost' videos for profit.More often than not, these profiles are created spammer SEOs who leave them blank (see in depth article from SEOPlus).
Having a profile picture and background helps users understand your page - Google's one and only goal is to increase the user experience. This is valuable for brand SEO - when users search for your business, the first page of results will populate with your website and social media pages.Description.
A great opportunity to explain what your channel is about and send text signals to search engines as well. Links.Social media has changed human behavior (literally) and forced Google to take notice.
Now, there is a third ranking factor:Relevancy.Google always takes the side of the user - from a user's perspective, do you want to see search results that aren't up to date and relevant?
At a very basic level, if people are talking about something on social media, then it's relevant.
If you want to get your videos to those top positions you have to get the link out there on social media.
I always do the following:Auto sync my YouTube channel with my Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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