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A Nerd who blogs, makes music, video-graphs, reads a lot and LOOPS the whole process for a living. I tried the code and it still shoes the YT logo in lower right-hand corner when I hover over the video to click play.
I did the above in the new style TY and it worked as stated :)) It would be really good if the You Tube logo totally disappeared.
You mentioned adding a cool image around the video, and the one you have above looks great so if you want to let us in on the act, it would be well received and appreciated. YouTube is the best known way to create and promote videos online and with YouTube partner program most folks are being profitable. With more subscribers your videos and channel goes viral and they are not just subscribers, they are the fans who enjoy watching your videos.  Making frequent updates in your channel and publishing interesting content will gain you more subscribers.
If you have a website with decent traffic then you can gradually increase your social media fans and subscribers. Before YouTube introduced this subscribe button, people where adding the subscription link URL like this which will take visitors away from your website. Go to YouTube developer’s page and start customizing the button by entering your channel name, choosing layout and theme. You will then see a preview button towards your right side and at the bottom a button code will be generated like this. How to remove YouTube logo and title links from embedded video player YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site and with every second one hour of video is uploaded.
How to add subscription link to YouTube videos – Add subscribe button YouTube is not just a place for hosting videos; it is a community where you can meet and engage with people, business of same niche.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: the video is not really embedded, you are simply hooking the video to your presentation but it is still hosted by YouTube or Vimeo and as such you NEED an internet connection when you run your presentation.
This worked for me yesterday but when I went to save it, it said something about the macros??? You may want to edit your instructions though: the URL samples given have a small syntax error. I have seen one circumstance in which this did not work however, in the same PowerPoint I was able to link other videos so I chalked it up to a problem with YouTube. There are thousands of enhancements in Windows 10 but which ones should you pay attention to. You can change those values to whatever sizes you wish before publishing your wordpress or blogger post and that’s it.
You could shoot me an email or rather register an account on Oscarmini, then send in your details so I could set you as a contributor.
A full service Internet presence provider specializing in WordPress development for business owners. I was looking for how to do this and couldn’t find anything to get it quite right until I found your page. A good lesson for all those trying to build relationships on their websites or social media platforms. We have discussed both about how to monetize YouTube videos and the importance of online video marketing which you can have a glance.

With just one click and without leaving your website people can subscribe to your YouTube channel.
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Jarrett Gucci along with his team of professionals have designed over 400 WordPress websites. The controls do not appear when the video is still but as soon as I start to play the video, the controls appear. Titles and controls can take away from the video and the viewers experience, looks much more professional without. Also this subscribe button comes with 6 themes and layouts for standard channels and 3 for paid channels. Jarrett Gucci believes strongly in creating websites that are unique, functional and generate referrals. The more number of subscribers will lead to more channel views and thus it eventually reaches wider audience. While things may work in powerpoint 2013 it would be great to have a viable vimeo option for powerpoint 2010.

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