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In my last post you learned how important branding is for youtube and how you can use youtube default settings to automate most of your video SEO and traffic for your other social media accounts like twitter and Facebook. If Coca cola and McDonalds spends billions of dollars to create brand awareness do you think it would be wise to waste this opportunity on youtube if you could do this for free with invideo programming? Do you know what are the three biggest problems most of the youtube users facing most of the times while struggling to make any money? I this post you will learn how to solve all these problems elegantly with a specific yet simple video creation strategy which together with invideo programming streamlines the whole process for you. Invideo Programming on youtube can dramatically increase your subscriber base and you can instantly channel all of your video traffic to your most converting video message. To understand this you should understand the 3 basic content types you can produce on the internet. If you want to use invideo programming the right way you must drive traffic to only one type of video content.
But let’s see the three types of videos first because you should understand how to create and use these videos to channel this traffic to a specific video which will convert people from visitors into paying customers.
These types of videos geared especially for ranking in youtube, to show up in related videos section and eventually will end up ranking in google without any aggressive backlinking. You should always assume that people who visit your videos know nothing about the topic you are about to present so make sure that your video has a starting point which everyone understands and work towards to a goal when they will understand a lot about their problems and they are able to act on the information you presented. Most of the time these youtube videos are the entrance point to your funnel and they are great to get a whole lot of subscribers. Let me quickly show you how you can get to your invideo settings so you can follow the strategy and instantly implement it on your youtube channel. Our first goal is to generate massive amounts of visitors to use invideo programming to get subscribers.
A lot of gurus miss the whole point when they talk about the watermark feature in the invideo programming settings. As you can see I highlighted youtube’s own recommendation for the possible use of these promotion features.
Do you remember how I mentioned in my previous posts how important is to assume that your visitors know nothing about the topic you are about to present them?
This is why we will not only add a picture of you as a watermark because most of the people will not click on it.

Always remember to tell exactly what you want as many times as you feel comfortable with it (maybe a little bit more often than that) and you will get results.
People who become your subscribers will get notifications every time you upload a new wide so they will know about your new content and you can target them with your engagement type of videos and by user interaction they will bring in even more visitors. With  two click of a button you will channel all of your traffic from every single video you ever uploaded to a single video of your choice! I create strategies and shortcuts for online entrepreneurs to get traffic and generate leads with video marketing. If you didn’t know YouTube was silently updated and added new features which lets you Add Image Watermark and Promote Videos. Feature your channel like discussed above lets you add channel branding to all of your videos. From this setting, you can upload a custom JPG, non-animated GIF, BMP or PNG file image which should be less than 1MB in file size.
Feature a video lets you feature one of your videos across all of your videos in your channel. To add a featured video, just select one of your public YouTube videos and paste the link in the “select a video to feature” form.
Added new YouTube features gives importance to branding which will helps you promote yourself, brand, or company.
Why don’t you log in now in YouTube to try and see for yourself these new added InVideo Programming features presenting the “Feature your Channel” and “Feature a Video”. Subscribe and get the latest tips, tricks, news, and updates delivered straight to your e-mail inbox. Wiz TechieWiztechie is your techie friend, the head admin, and editor-in-chief of this blog. The main purpose of these videos is to give information about a certain topic to hook people and see you as an authority in a certain topic. You will learn awesome strategies on this blog on how to squeeze out as many subscribers from all of your youtube traffic as you can so make sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so you won’t miss anything.
Uses the existing traffic channels you create with the content type of videos, builds on the authority and trust increasing engaging type of videos to translate all of these into leads and sales. Let me show you how to set a funnel up where you can see how the money is made from youtube marketing.

I would like to add that they also don’t know what to do after they watched your video and you want them to subscribe at first!
I highly recommend you to create a picture like this on the right side and this will instantly increase the number of your subscribers! You will love to create this type of videos because you can use these for promotions and get people to buy your own or products you recommend. YouTube InVideo Programming settings now includes options for Feature your Channel and Feature a Video. Have fun with this YouTube New features which lets you add image watermark and promote videos effectively. In here we share the latest technology news and updates, computer tips and tricks, SEO, games and gaming news, and other tech articles that aims to help you with today's technology. These are 3 really distinct content forms which serve entirely different purpose and most of the time you cant mix them. For the most engaged fans which will eventually do everything to share your content to get more youtube subscribers and buy everything you offer to them.
YouTube now lets you easily add your own logo or watermark in your videos without any editing.
You can also change your avatar into any image like your company logo, set its position where it should be seen, and edit display time according to your preference. It is recommended to start doing this to promote the best video in your channel and funnel in some traffic.
Both of these new features provide big help to YouTube partners especially those who are consistently adding new videos in their channel. This way you can brand your videos with personalized logo that will be overlayed for the full duration of the video.

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