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Ze besloten om een YouTube video te maken, bedachten een grappig lied met een pakkende melodie, een leuke clip erbij en voila. Southern California Gas Company is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, and the sole provider of natural gas energy to 20.9 million consumers in Southern California. Customers were engaged through a broad reach integrated campaign that included online video, radio, outdoor, print, digital and social media plus public relations.
Phelps Total Market and Phelps created an integrated marketing campaign in both English- and Spanish-language, connecting with SoCalGas' General market, Hispanic and African-American customers.
The campaign launched in January 2014 and utilized more than thirty different paid, earned and owned media channels to communicate the energy efficiency message, ultimately resulting in deeper engagement and action. After all, without those two details your company wouldn't have been interested in working with them in the first place.
Dat was de insteek voor de campagne ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ van Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australie.

Deze aankondiging won recentelijk de Grand Prix in de categorieen public relations en direct marketing op het Cannes Lions Festival, wat een enorme prestatie is voor een lokale overheidsdienst! Knowing this, there are many things that your company can provide for the weblebrity in return for a little added push for their viewers to use your product. Different than a giveaway from, say, Nabisco, YouTube giveaways are a low risk, low effort way for a viewer to have the opportunity to be selected for a prize.
The video maker, or in our case "weblebrity”, can set any rules they want as they are choosing the winner. The easiest of them being to instruct the viewer to like, favorite, and comment on the video as it takes little time and effort and no money on their part.
However, the greater the prize, the greater the lengths they can ask the viewers to go for said prize. If you're giving away a $10 gift card to Best Buy, chances are you wont get people to do much more than the bare minimum.

On the other side, if you're giving away a yacht, you can ask people to post a video response of them wrestling a bear. Recently, consumer animation site GoAnimate approached us to help them get more people to use their YouTube software.
Our approach was to team them up with YouTube channel SupRicky06, popular for his many hit song parodies, to use their animation in his next video.

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