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Are you frustrated, annoyed and angry at the inability to connect and communicate with your audience? Are you yet to discover the BEST and the most EFFECTIVE medium to communicate with less time, fewer resources? More and more businesses are discovering the power of video in educating, convincing, and informing their customers – Here’s a look at the TOP 15 Video marketing statistics for 2015. About UsOur aim is to become the forerunners and innovators to harness the power of multimedia technology and convert them to simple, easy to understand visual marketing Strategies and help business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs reach out their target audience with their message(s).
DisclaimerFrom inception to completion, our clients are actively involved (and informed) in everything we do. YouTube receives over 2 billion views per day which is nearly double the prime-time viewing audience of all 3 major United States broadcast networks combined. While the statistics above are staggering, you might be wondering how exactly this translates into money for you and your website. Nemreg egyik szakmabeli kollegankkal beszelgettem, aki amugy aktiv YouTube video feltolto, sajat csatornaja is van. Jo ha tudod, hogy a YouTube videok nezettsegerol (az eddigi megnezesek szaman kivul) “kulsoskent” is meg tudsz nezni ezt azt!
Fontos es okos  dolog, hogy a YouTube video gazdaknak ilyen visszajelzesek allnak rendelkezesere a nezokrol. Elofordul, hogy a channelben nezve az egyik video-megtekintesek szama nem fog egyezni azzal, amit a direktben a video aloldalan vagy az altalanos talalati listaban latsz!
Mar tobb mint ket eve hasznalom a YouTube videokat virusmarketing celjabol, de fogalmam sem volt arrol, hogy ilyen komoly statisztikakat tudhatunk meg a videok megnezoirol. En Turoczi Akoshoz hasonloan a napokban gondolkodtam a YouTube hasznalatan, mert van nehany termekbemutato filmem. Azt meg tudja valaki mondai, hogyan lehet olyan statisztikat elerni ami mutatja, hogy hany percig neztek a videot, kb hol nyomtak ki a legtobben? Most az merult fel bennem, hogy valamilyen formaban egy videohoz nem lehet google analytics kodot hozzarendelni!?

Az Online Marketing Akademia honlapjan inditott feliratkozas a feliratkozasi feltetelek elfogadasat is jelenti egyben.
Multimedia Marketing is a strategy that leverages multiple forms of communication to reach a target group of people to create brand awareness and drive more business.
It is a fact that people’s attention spans are decreasing and they spend less and less time reading newspapers, magazines, and other forms of written communication.
Using videos on the Internet is an important resource for businesses to establish a social media presence, particularly because of how many people tune in. Multimedia Marketing provides an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to reach customers and prospects in a down-to-earth and affordable manner.
By creating the right multimedia and social marketing strategy, today’s small business is empowered to compete for customers on the same scale as companies many times their size. Find out how you can become the new kid on the block with fresh new ideas from internationally acclaimed experts on marketing - The Winning Marketing Strategy of the FUTURE!
These videos help you make money, are a great marketing device, allow you to build a loyal fan base with current customers, and draw in potential clients.
Did you know that video popularity is responsible for making YouTube the second largest search engine?
For starters, YouTube is an authority site and if you are advertising with them, you are more likely to wind up on page one of Google which obviously translates into more clients and there forth more money. A beszelgetes soran kiderult hogy az illetonek fogalma sem volt arrol, hogy a YouTube egesz komoly statisztikakat ad a videok megnezoirol. Valaszd ki a videodat amelyik nezettsegi adataira kivancsi vagy es katt az “Insight” gombra! Nyerj informaciokat sajat videoidbol es gyujts infokat a konkurenseid video statisztikaibol!
Alapvetoen nem tudod egyszeruen osszekotni az Analytics-szel, pont ezert az a Youtube sajat statisztikakat.
The use of the Internet, mobile devices, tablets, video, and social media as a primary means of communication is growing at an exponential rate.

Considering that social media platforms, like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and most others are FREE; businesses have the opportunity to reach a vast audience of people at a fraction of the cost as compared to newspapers, magazines, tradeshows, direct mail, and other traditional forms of marketing. On the other hand, businesses that neglect to leverage this powerful communication medium might find themselves at a competitive disadvantage and lose market share to those businesses using technology and social media to gain a competitive advantage and upper hand. At any point if a you are not happy with our services, you have the right to cancel any agreement and be entitled to receive a full refund of the remainder of services. You probably also know that your video advertisement is more likely to be seen in countries all over the world if it online as opposed to being broadcasted on the television. Keep in mind too that the more you are being seen, the more likely you are to make a sale and YouTube is definitely great at attracting views! Azota egy gyors hazi felmeres soran kiderult, hogy a YouTube ezen funkciojat (ami mar majdnem 1,5 eve elerheto) nem nagyon ismerik es ezert nem  hasznaljak az emberek.
Ma mar az emberek tobbsege lusta olvasni, ezert mindenkeppen nagy lehetosegeket latok a YouTube rendszereben.
A kulonbozo oldalakon kozzetett szamok nem egyidoben lettek kozzeteve ez az oka az elteresnek. A feliratkozaskor kapott adatokat bizalmasan kezeljuk, harmadik szemelynek semmilyen korulmenyek kozott nem adjuk at. This means that not only is YouTube an authority site, but it also translates into a lot of free traffic for both you and your website.
A feliratkozas barmikor egy kattintassal megszuntetheto a levelek aljan talalhato link segitsegevel.

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