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Sales Strategy relates to all SFE drivers (from the next slide) in that, depending on your sales strategy, the other drivers will need to be modified or developed entirely. Competitive Analysis Competitive Intelligence links sales strategy to competitive response Content Information Competitive Business Generation Aggregation Strategy Action Intelligence Magazines Newswires Business Intelligence Competitor Profiling Product Dev. Enumerated under the two headings, are four sub headings a€“ Recommended, Influencer, Decision Maker, and Approver. Each dimension contains two set of roles and activities, the Prospect Focus and the Sales itself. Itemized as heading are the following terms: Channel,Strategy, Company Size, Industries, Targets, Deal Size, Sale Cycle, and Offering. Sales Strategy will dictate which of the Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) drivers need to be implemented or improved.

Use this PowerPoint template for presentations involving Sales and Channel Strategy, Marketing Strategy and similar topics.
The tool finds and builds targeted lead lists including email and social records for our reps to reach out to.
Though sales processes differ for every company, most components are more or less the same. The presenter may edit the data in the distribution model and tailor it to his own specifications and channels descriptions.
Download unlimited PowerPoint templates, charts and graphics for your presentations with our annual plan. That is why you must modify sales strategy with the same diligence as a change in corporate strategy.

This PowerPoint slide is 100% customizable and easy to adapt, giving utmost convenience to the user. The PowerPoint slide can be used to present the comprehensive process of sales and the components involving Sales Process Definition for Go to Market. In this chart are grey and green columns and rows with headings and phrases applicable to the topic of Sales Process.
The diagram is divided in two major dimensions, namely, Technical Criteria and Business Criteria.

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