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Many of us like to watch movies, videos, listen music over the Internet in our favorite browsers. Recently, we came around such an issue with Microsoft propriety browser, Internet Explorer 11. As a result ofabove command, it will re-register the flash.ocx file, and you will see this confirmation box. An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP in Windows Experience expertise and a Microsoft Content Creator. Firefox and Google Chrome both works fine, but I would have preferred to use IE11 instead if it had worked. As far as I know, DCOM errors are usually caused by incorrect permissions on the DCOM server.
This is just the latest in an endless string of permissions and registry problems that Windows users are always having to fix, due to an OS design which is fundamendally flawed. If there is no easy fix I will just stop using that browser and if Windows updates continues to give me problems I will change os. I tried all of the other recommendations in this thread, this is the only one that worked for me. In the Details Pane right click on Turn off Adobe Flash in Internet Explorer and prevent applications from using internet explorer technology to instantiate flash object click Edit. Fixed the issue by repairing the windows 8.1 installation, used a new install DVD, there is an option to save all files, programs and settings. My level of knowledge about the use of Adobe and Java is getting more extensive recently because I am trying to learn how to live my life without the need to use these programs in my browsers.
So recently, I uninstalled all adobe & Java programs, files, folders, files, and registry entries. I worked a few days without flash and I realized one website I access frequently requires flash & there is no way around it. I will not install JAVA so I read that I can download the file from Adobe and do the installation locally.
Downloading the Flash install program will be a work-around so you do not have to install JAVA. Somewhere in all this, if you were able to see all my efforts as I was trying to resolve this, you will probably be able to see that JAVA might be the reason why Flash isn’t working in IE-11.
I might be willing to prove this theory by installing JAVA to see if I can access the content.
Tracking, and monitoring our habits, our interests, and even extracting personal data that is not even borderline or questionable, but stealing.

I’ve noticed this problem where I cannot seem to get IE11 to work on a lot of sites unless I have JAVA.
Oh, someone posted as a guest here because they said there were some scripts and cookies that he or she thought might be taking information from their system. G’day was having this problem with Windows 7 IE 11 turned off ActiveX filtering and now it seems to be working fine, thanks for the tip.
I repair computers and every time I install a fresh version of windows then install flash player on ie 11 I have to mess around for 20 to 40 mins getting YouTube videos to play ? We found that Flash on our system worked perfectly with alternative browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but it was not working with Internet Explorer. In the Compatibility View Settings window, add the sites you’re having issues with showing flash content.
Click Start, type gpedit.msc in the Search programs and files box, and press ENTER to open the Local Group Policy Editor.
A clean break from 2 programs that many of us might be forced to use in order to access some of the content we encounter during our everyday browsing routines.
Some of the issues I am encountering are because I need Adobe Flash, but trying to install Flash for Internet Explorer 11 seems impossible.
But when you run the local installation of the Flash Plugin, the message is: Shockwave Flash Object already installed and enabled. But, I am beginning to hate that Flash & Java have this type of hold on me and the way I use the web.
If Flash and Adobe are programs that put me at risk, and I had to choose which to get rid of, it would be Java. Maybe some will not like to link their main email address to the account used when posting on forums.
2nd, obviously you you figured you would just dangle some bait that might appeal to a person in distress and they might go for it. Stop trying to lure unsuspecting users by giving some sort of hope that they can have a problem fixed when you are only promoting bad habits and poor judgement. But sometimes even after having latest version of flash player installed, you might find that Flash is not working in Internet Explorer, and you may not able to carry out operations which require flash. We tried to run the Flash testbut Adobe‘s system was not able to detect whats going wrong.
Press Windows Key + X keys or click the gear icon at the top right corner of browser window. Before clicking Close, make sure you have checked the options at bottom; Display intranet sites in Compatibility View and Use Microsoft compatibility lists.

Well, I figured I would install flash again and control it’s use by configuring it to ask me to activate whenever web content requires a flash plugin. I ended up downloading the Firefox installation file for Adobe Flash to see if I could get that to work. Since Flash seems to be in place, and enabled, the only other thing that is different since my problem began, is that JAVA is not present. Talk of how security is a high risk when we allow the use of these plugins just adds more fear to those who think it is unfair when websites advertise 1 thing that draws our interest, but dozens or more things happen behind our backs during the time we are on these websites and as we browse, information is collected, and sold. This is not presented to me in a an easy to see format and requires me to read a lot of legal terminology that makes little sense to most people and a lot of us just ignore reading the details. I can’t wait until the web is able to get rid of scripts, cookie, and most of all, ALL TRACKING. Especially since the last person I know of that did this had all their banking info stolen and just for the record, this person responded to a site claiming to be tech support for his ISP.
I have had my 8 year old account on youtube suspended because I wont use my real name W******ers ! This means that quite possibly some Flash settings may have been disturbed. If these configurations gos wrong, Flash might not work on your browsers. Because, as I post this message caused my privacy protection plugins to sound off alarms stopping several scripts, trackers, cookies that pull info from my computer.
Especially since some of these sign in portals might also be sharing other information in the profile you created with that specific site. Just be aware that we always need to be mindful of our information being available to websites we visit. And websites know if they plastered in big letters what information they have the right to take from your computer while you post replies here, you might close your browser in a hurry.
I’m wondering if the activex control was somehow conflicting with embedded flash player?
Everyone should make use of Script blocking, cooking destruction plugins, and other privacy protection. Just create an online profile for posting on forums with them and create an email with a site that doesn’t force you to disclose a bunch of personal information about yourself.

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