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Submit MusicEmail Artists and Song Titles to submit[at]thatsongsoundslike dot com and I will listen! This example will link to the chorus of Green Day's "21 Guns by appending "#t=1m01s" to the end (without the quotes). The history-as-value clause: A lot of the work your agency does builds history, and that history is worth hard dollars.
If an agency gets grabby, insisting they don’t have to hand something over, check the contract. To be fair, I don’t think there have been any public stories on Linkedin actually enforcing this policy on long-time active users. Founded by former Facebook employees, Quora is making the same mistake Facebook started with, the only difference being Quora has never tried correcting it standing firmly by their questionable decision.
It is still hilarious to find such an adamant policy enforcers on the Internet, and it makes me wonder how Quora managed to put a bunch of lunatics to frame a policy on the Internet that forces users to reveal their identities. In an obvious effort to profile the web, Google started Google Plus with a very strict real name policy which ended up in lots of controversies.
The policy didn’t work for Google Plus well, especially when they started aggressively integrating it into Youtube (where few people use real names). On July 15, 2014 it was announced that there were absolutely no restrictions as to what name you should use when registering an account at Google Plus. The post Real Name Policies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Google Plus: Clarified appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog. We’ve also got a fun rant about keywords from SEO Chat and some privacy-focused topics from Cre8asiteforums! You may not have heard the term before – clickjacking is when you click on a video to play it, for example, and instead a new window opens up with an advertisement. There’s a bonus discussion on WebmasterWorld, where users wonder how fair and accurate Google will be in identifying actual clickjacking attempts. Over 70 pages of charts and information from comScore is up for discussion in this Cre8asiteforums thread!
The post Getty vs Google, Long Tail Rants, and More: Weekly Forum Update appeared first on Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog. Sitelink extensions are one of the most commonly used ad extensions available in Google AdWords. These additional links, which are typically displayed when enabled for ads holding the first or second ad position in Google’s search engine results page (SERP), provide a large handful of benefits for advertisers using them.
Typically located under your standard PPC headline and description lines, the example below highlights four sitelinks being used by this particular advertiser. Additionally, advertisers can add description lines to their sitelinks in an effort to further develop context. Implementing sitelinks into your Google AdWords campaigns can provide a ton of additional value for advertisers. Local PPC is a topic seldom discussed in the digital marketing sphere, and that’s a problem. For many of these businesses investing in paid search ads, a typical B2C or B2B strategy just won’t do. If you have a location in a large city, or if you have multiple locations which are in close proximity with one another, you may find that city location targeting isn’t practical. The single most important element to winning with local PPC is the utilization of radius targets.
The signals AdWords uses when determining if someone is within a custom radius target often rely on physical indicators such as WiFi hot spots and GPS.
Radius targets are important, but they’re not the only factors which will make or break a local PPC strategy.
Use bid modifiers on schedules and devices – Chances are your conversion metrics, such as conversion rate and average cost per conversion, will vary depending on the time of day, day of week, and what type of device a user is on.
Create a campaign template – For businesses with multiple locations, create a campaign template (or set of templates) so it can be used on a one-store-per-campaign basis. There needs to be some action on your website a user can take which indicates they’re likely to actually visit your physical location.
How else will you know the money you’re investing in PPC is actually working to drive people physically to your place of business? We have a couple of current, large-scale examples at Portent where we’ve proven out this strategy (on top of many small business accounts).
In both cases, conversions went up, the average cost per conversion decreased, and conversion rates increased, all by noticeable margins. When most people think about online marketing, they think about the straightforward side--the one that makes them money directly. When social media platforms just started springing up, I remember many experts assuming social media would kill email marketing.
Maintaining a loyal, active and steadily growing list is one of the strongest assets you can build: This is what can secure your business against various rankings fluctuations and emerging competitors.
These months I am experimenting with my blog calls-to-actions (primarily for the sake of self-education but also to be able to share my results with my community and help others grow). This article is my first step in the long-lasting experiment: Making the most of calls-to-actions. Creating a sense of urgency gets users to take action immediately instead of holding off on the purchase.
I suspect this is a later trend: Web users are getting tired of commercial CTAs pressing you to sign up to something on each page they visit. For longer CTAs, sentence case can make your button text feel like a dialogue, thus more friendly. The theory is they have said yes once, before you ask for their address so they are more bought-in, and ready to give it. If you want to learn more about content and content marketing, check out Joe Pulizzi’s book, Content Inc. Remarketing campaigns through Google AdWords offer advertisers an additional tactic to drive potentially high value visitors back to their website in an effort to grow overall conversion figures. Remarketing campaigns allow businesses to stay connected with their target audience after they leave their website by showing ads to them on other websites across the web.
Facebook has plenty of tools that you can use for promotion, I will try to cover the majority of them, but not all of them are created equally and not all of them will work for promoting your YouTube channel. Not that long ago Facebook has made changes to its algorithm that drastically decreased the organic reach of Fan Pages.
The solution to getting your reach back was paying money to promote your posts so you could reach the audience you built on Facebook, but not every business can afford to pay to get seen. Still, even, if you don’t have money to spend on ads, having a fan page can be beneficial when promoting your YouTube channel. Setting up a fan page is really easy, just take a few minutes and make sure to fill out all the necessary spaces to look professional. If you want you can invite your friends to like your fan page, this can give you a great reach boost. You can get fans in different ways, you can use Facebook ads to buy them, you can get them by sharing your page on your profile, you can get them by sharing your fan page in Facebook groups, but remember that your reach is going to be very low. Now, to promote your YouTube channel on your profile, you first need to build a target audience. Keep in mind that Facebook has strict spamming rules so, try to build your friend list slowly, don’t send 100 requests in a day because you’re likely to get sandboxed. To get your group going promote it on your business profile, add some friends who you already know are interested in what you are sharing. Again, creating a group won’t work in every niche, but if it does for your topic, then it’s definitely a good idea to create one. For example, if someone asks a question in a group and you have it answered in a YouTube video, you can give him a short answer and mention that you did a whole video on that topic, if he is interested to learn more. So, far I covered all the free methods you can use to promote your YouTube channel, but if you have money to spend, then you should definitely try out Facebook Ads. Now, I won’t go into details how to set-up the whole ad, I have recorded a video how to do that, which will help you out: Facebook Advertising.
If you take the free path, remember that like with any free promotion method it takes time to start seeing results. Local SEO Guide is Andrew Shotland's blog on local search optimization, small business marketing & search engine optimization strategy.
Upon closer inspection you will notice that YouTube is tagging all video title links off its homepage as nofollow. Or had he?  Maybe he was on to something with his bizarre bot herding tactics.  And maybe it was I, your trusted companion in looking through the glass onion that is Google, who had perhaps taken it one toke over the line?

The YouTube SEO guy is playing such a 3D chessboard kind of game here that perhaps he is not on crack after all.  This is starting to look more like an acid trip to me. A tip of the crack pipe to Mark for turning me on to this particular stash of nofollow tags.
Think of the cries of favoritism, and mentions of anti-trust issues, GOOG would be getting if you-tube results where everywhere in the SERPS.
I use the seobook firefox extension so the nofollows are bright red, not light pink, thus they should have been burning into my retinas too.
All entirely speculation of course, but that button they do have, and use on other sites, to tune down Authority levels, might not work as intended on YT. I agree with Stever’s first comment, that if YT unleashed the hounds on keyword rich title links Google SERPs would be littered with Youtube videos left, right and center. I’m sure they have a strategy of what pages they would want to rank more than other by diverting some of that link power around. For not telling us to not worry to much about the nofollow attribute it does seem a little overboard on YT.
I am going to assume that Google is pretty aware of how to use a attribute they promote so much to us. YT not only doesn’t want to push its results down, but wants to go above your personal website homepages when people look for you. If all links were do follow, new videos will have no chance in ranking over older matured videos. I think they have the youtube ranking algo tuned to allow an even mix of new and popular old vids and thats the way it should be. The PR flows to your channel from all the subscriber profiles, and participation in conversation you have made on other channels and the websites that have linked or imbedded any video from your channel and this is where your channel PR authority and trust comes from.
The channels with higher pagerank obviously have a lot more PR authority and trust they can give to their recent dofollowed videos than untrusted channels. I also loved this post coz it points out Google using PR sculpting techniques on their own sites. YouTube adds “nofollow” to all video titles… except those displayed under ‘Recent Activity.’ so keep most desired videos in “Recent Activity” section. Being new to all of this I must have watched tons of videos about this stuff, not that it makes me that much wiser. Some videos I’ve posted are only 2 months old and seeing PR2 with little linking to them. The latest controversy regarding a potentially racist Super Bowl ad seems to be fizzling ahead of Sunday's big game. Soft drink giant Coca-Cola came under some fire from Arab-Americans for its Coke Chase spot, which briefly features an actor wearing desert garb trying to coax a stubborn camel. That exclusion -- plus the Lawrence of Arabia-style dress -- drew charges of racism from the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and Muslim Institute for Interfaith Studies.
Coca-Cola spokeswoman Lauren Thompson says the Arab character portrays a movie star filming his latest blockbuster as the race for Coke begins. The Coke ad, which will air during the first half of Sunday's game, is the latest pricey Super Bowl spot to draw heat for potential political incorrectness.
But after a Twitter tirade and complaint from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Taco Bell pulled its planned Super Bowl spot that promoted tacos over vegetables. Coca-Cola had no plans to pull or edit Coke Chase, which has been viewed nearly 1 million times on YouTube with virtually no consumer backlash. Says David Rudd, a vice president at ad agency Axis: "Just as each ad should be viewed on its merits, every group has a right to be sensitive to the manner in which it is portrayed in mass media.
I don’t know why, but they cling to your stuff like the ex who never returns your houseplants. If the old agency wrote formal reports or audits, they should provide them in digital format. If your site’s built using free software (like WordPress), you should get everything necessary to re-launch the site elsewhere.
99.9999% of web analytics data is stored using cloud-based systems like Google Analytics and Omniture. If your agency built something for you, created something or managed something, it’s probably yours. Maybe you decided to let your marketing agency own the custom e-commerce package they wrote so they could re-use it. It helps people to find, share, and access an amazing wealth of content regardless of how they connect or where they are located. In case you are reported for not using your real name, you have to provide your ID which means you have to use your legal name. They provide advertisers the ability to promote additional links to their website within a signular PPC ad. Increase click-through rates: Similar to other ad extensions, sitelinks enable PPC ads to take up more real estate on the SERP. Increase conversion rates: By providing users with a handful of pertinent links and landing pages to fulfill their needs, users have the opportunity to hit a conversion point faster. No change in cost per click: Regardless of having sitelinks display with your ad or not, the average cost you pay per click does not change. Link text and landing page content should directly relate to the standard ad the sitelink is paired with. Use a unique sitelink for each landing page or URL your using– no two sitelinks can link to the same page. When executed properly, these extensions can provide a ton of extra value on top of your standard PPC ad.
There are many businesses which depend on potential customers among the local population to physically enter a specific location and spend money; restaurants and service shops are two of the most prominent examples. Budgets might be extremely tight and every penny needs to count, especially for small businesses. In this post, we’re going to cover the key elements to a successful local PPC strategy, provide a few tips on how to execute it, and show you what to expect after you execute these changes.
Furthermore, using more specific targets, like zip codes, may be more of a pain than they’re worth. When it comes to utilizing a budget most efficiently, it’s safest to switch that setting over to target only users physically in your targeted location(s). Use bid modifiers accordingly to bid down (or stop showing ads entirely) for poor conversion metrics and bid up for good conversion metrics.
This way, you can keep your account organized, your campaigns consistent, and be able to devote specific amounts of budget toward any given location.
As a result, PPC influenced more people to physically go to these places and grow these businesses.
You just need to make sure you’re utilizing the key elements which make it a success. They think about earning more traffic from their target demographics, and earning more conversions from the pool of that traffic.
Users who have already visited your website are likely to be more engaged with your brand messaging and offering after their first visit. You can find people from all walks of life and with tons of different interests on Facebook. For example, if you share a YouTube video link and if you share the same video, but upload it to Facebook, then the video that was uploaded to Facebook will get seen by more people.
You should also create several posts at the beginning so, the page doesn’t look empty, but until you get some fans there’s no reason to do it regularly. I don’t think everyone is interested where I went to party last weekend except for my close friends.
Posts that you share on your profile get far better reach than on a fan page, but you are limited to having 5000 friends, which is not too bad, if you build a really targeted following and you can also enable the follow button later on. As I mentioned before, YouTube videos usually get less reach so, I recommend setting up a blog where you embed the videos and then promote the posts, a free Tumblr blog works fine for that. I have created a group for sharing Kindle Ebooks, added 1 or 2 people from my friends and now it has grown to 30 members without me lifting a finger. Even though you aren’t the center of attention on your group, you can easily use it to grow your YouTube channel. At first you will need to initiate conversations, but after the group has a decent number of members, they will start to create all the content themselves and you will only need to moderate it.
Generally it’s hard to promote anything there, but it is possible in information based niches. Those groups can have hundreds of thousands of members, but I recommend to stay away from them because it’s a waste of time. Previously I mentioned that you can use advertising to grow your fan page, but honestly I wouldn’t recommend that, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

The facebook ad editor is changing very often so, it might be different for your from what you see in the video, but the main things are the same. Make sure to do a lot of testing to see what works because usually the first ad that you create will get very bad results, but with time you will improve them. We are also a Pleasanton SEO company offering full service Local SEO, SEO Audits & Strategy. My nofollow highlighter in my browser has shown me them in YT but I never stopped to check how they are using it to sculpt. They do need higher PageRank, precisely assuming that authors homepage has similar title, and therefore this blog post correctly assumes that YouTube wants to outrank those main author profiles. Cant get much better proof than that, that PR still matters when ranking and not to listen to the so called gurus that say PR doesn’t matter anymore and you should ignore it. I had been led to believe that even though there is an extensive use of no follow on the descriptions of the videos that they still conferred some weight to the web pages they were embedded into.
What do you use to highlight the nofollow links automatically, i have seen that before somewere? It would be fun to make no matter what, but of course it would be nice to get better PageRank as well. The character is featured among a cast of cowboys, Vegas-style showgirls and Mad Max-ish tough guys who race against each other for a thirst-quenching Coke. 22 on YouTube, are asked to vote for a winner of the chase, but the Arab is not among those on Coca-Cola's online ballot.
But Thursday, key critics backed off their complaints after Coca-Cola explained the back story of the ad and plans to develop the character on TV and the Internet.
The company didn't want to tip viewers off about his expanded role in the ads until game time.
So they provide an easy transition, delivering creative, PPC accounts and all the other goodies without any fuss. If you ask for paper copies, expect to receive a bill, a call from your local environmentalists, and a complimentary membership for the Luddite Hall of Fame. Some agencies will try to look you in the eye and tell you the keywords, campaigns, ads and everything else you paid them to create is still theirs. As a result, we typically see ads with sitelinks earning a click-through rate 10% – 20% higher than ads without sitelinks. When implemented properly, we typically see conversion rates rise with the presence of sitelinks. And with no extra cost associated with these ad extensions, all advertisers should be using them when applicable to their Google AdWords campaigns. So, how do you execute a winning local PPC strategy when there’s such little room for error? Just as important, you need to be able to track these conversions accurately using AdWords, an Analytics platform, or a combination of both. And that, really, is the whole point to this entire post: utilize these tactics to make more money. This leads to more sales (or leads), which then translates to bottom-line dollars for the company. So, if you want to promote your YouTube channel, but you don’t know where to find your target audience, then rest assured you will find it on Facebook (assuming you have done your market research). Not to worry, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of Facebook, if you want to promote your YouTube channel, but you need to be a little bit more strategic than just sharing your latest YouTube videos.
This made a lot of entrepreneurs mad and a lot of them stopped using Fan Pages to interact with their audiences.
So, it’s best to have a separate business account, where you can form business connections, share business related things and promote your YouTube channel. In a group, you aren’t the only one posting, all of the group members can interact and post updates. Yes, the number isn’t amazing, but think about it, if you actually promoted the group how fast would it grow? If you have money to spend, then just skip the free methods and start advertising because that will get you the fastest results, but if you don’t, then I recommend starting out by creating a business profile, once you have outgrown it, you reached 5000 friends, then start a fan page or a group. Passing the juice through user names lets it spread around but not as strongly as through keyword rich video titles. It gives your most recent videos a PR kick start since they wouldn’t have had time for natural backlink growth. Old vids ranking high will continue gaining a large amount of views and backlinks while new vids wont have a chance. If your agency hands over a spreadsheet, you’re still required to set up new accounts. If someone tries to prevent that, maybe they’re not the right agency for you in the first place.
But there's another way that online marketing can help your organization--by promoting an open position and attracting more qualified candidates to apply.SEO for Human ResourcesSEO (search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy, plain and simple.
I wouldn’t recommend sending friend requests to all the people in a Facebook group, it’s best to look for people that are liking status updates, leaving comments, etc.
Also, I think when a group has more members it starts to grow even faster because who wants to join a group with 5 members? Stay safe on the web and take preventative measures to protect your content on the web.We saw an increase in the number of sites with thin, low quality content.
Such content contains little or no added value and is often scraped from other sites.2015 spam-fighting effortsAs always, our algorithms addressed the vast majority of webspam and search quality improvement for users.
The delusion that most optimizers have fallen into, however, is that the pages you promote should be directly tied to your bottom line.
And like any real estate, content is an asset you create for your company, not a cost center.. One of our algorithmic updates helped to remove the amount of hacked spam in search results.The rest of spam was tackled manually. Include a general human resources page.This should be a main navigation "housing" for your subsequent open position pages.
After prioritizing the reports, we acted on 65% of them, and considered 80% of those acted upon to be spam. Here, you'll detail your company's human resources department, optimizing for keywords related to your business as a place to work rather than a place to do business with. Thanks to all who submitted reports and contributed towards a cleaner web ecosystem!We conducted more than 200 online office hours and live events around the world in 17 languages. For example, a SaaS company may use a phrase like "a leader in software engineering," as opposed to a phrase like "a leader in task management software" to cater to software developers over paying subscribers.2.
These are great opportunities for us to help webmasters with their sites and for them to share helpful feedback with us as well.The webmaster help forum continued to be an excellent source of webmaster support. Create a dedicated page for each position.Creating a dedicated page for each open position you have provides the opportunity to optimize a page for each of those keyword phrases. Webmasters had tens of thousands of questions answered, including over 35,000 by users designated as Webmaster Top Contributors.
Title the page with the job title near the front, and include at least one or two synonyms for that job title in the description. Also, 56 Webmaster Top Contributors joined us at our Top Contributor Summit to discuss how to provide users and webmasters with better support and tools.
In the body content, describe job responsibilities in detail, and be sure to include at least a handful of instances of the job title.3. Target individual locations.Even if your company is a national level organization, and even if you're hiring multiple people at multiple locations, it's a good idea to segment your open positions by location. This will allow you to optimize for geographic keywords in your titles, descriptions, and of course, your body content.4. Use referral links to drive more traffic.The more links you have pointing to your individual position pages, the stronger those page authorities will be (and the more likely you'll be to rank for keyword terms relating to that position). Build links on as many different sources as you can, and don't forget the power that referral traffic can lend to your site. There are dozens of synonyms for your job title, and the job title you give may carry different connotations than you intend. At the same time, there are only so many "alternative" job titles you can include in your body content.

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