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ShareThe website YouTube receives over a billion views per day but it’s one of the tools that is most often left out of affiliate marketing strategies.
Using YouTube as an affiliate marketing tool is not difficult and it doesn’t even have to be time consuming. So what are the different ways that you can go about using YouTube as an affiliate marketing tool? You can use videos to do interviews with other people that use the products or services that you’re marketing. You can inject a sense of humor or topic matters that people can easily relate to and this can translate into people wanting to know more. You can showcase your business logo in the videos and this will help people remember your brand. When it comes to using YouTube as an affiliate marketing tool, you can come up with several creative ideas using the suggestions above or ones that you come up with yourself. If you’re not using YouTube in your affiliate marketing plan, it might be time to think over this option to see if it fits into your goals. Are you thinking about improving your overall health but at the identical time bettering your wealth also. Great website!, I’d like to share some cool info I found on healthy homemade dog food recipes that I think you guys would find interesting. Cool website!, I’d like to share some helpfull info I found on healthy homemade dog food recipes that I think you guys would find interesting. You may have not intended to do so, but I think you have managed to express the state of mind that a lot of people are in. Good Adsense alternatives – search engine optimization forum for Google Adwords and Adsense, Web search engine marketing and more. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s really informative.
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If you’re like me, then you’re probably uploading product reviews, screen capture tutorials and other short videos on YouTube to promote your affiliate website or affiliate links.
There’s no real way to know unless you implement a systematic way of tracking your YouTube clicks and conversions.
The easiest way to do it is to embed your LinkTrackr tracking link right on the video page.
YouTube only makes a portion of your description visible, so make sure you enter the most important text right after the tracking link. This will go a long way in helping you track clicks from your YouTube videos and shares, and also with your YouTube conversion tracking efforts. Annotations are another great way to implement YouTube conversion tracking, especially due to the fact that annotations appear on all embedded videos on any website or blog.
Since YouTube only allows you to link to other YouTube videos or pages, enter the full tracking URL as per the example below. Video Splash Screen – Create a 5-10 second introduction “splash screen” with your tracking link displayed on a plain background with some text, so viewers know where to go to get more information. I can also see the conversion rate so I know exactly how effective YouTube is as a traffic source for my webinar.
With the correct strategy, you will know for sure if your YouTube efforts are paying off or if your time is better spent elsewhere.
I am confused over whether or not your software can actually track a youtube video sales conversion from the actual video or video description all the way through the shopping cart ordering and the customer invoice page?
Yes we can track conversions from a YouTube page, provided you insert a link in the description part of the video.
Our brand-new report reveals the 7 biggest mistakes most affiliate make, and how super affiliates really make boatloads of money! Are You Struggling To Make Affiliate Commissions?This shocking report reveals 7 things you could be doing absolutely WRONG! Enter your name and email address to get a free copy of this $37 report for a limited time only! News is making its way through the YouTube community that could change the landscape of the site for a number of YouTube Partners. ReviewTechUSA’s video (embedded below) on the change makes it seem as if the new system could spell doom for gaming channels that thrive on gameplay videos from copyrighted sources, as well as news channels that attempt to push out relevant stories in a timely manner.
Beginning in early January, newly-uploaded videos will occasionally go through a process called monetization review.
We’re also extremely happy to hear that YouTube is making earnings transparency mandatory across all networks.
Your Contract with Maker: YouTube is introducing a module which lets you send us feedback regarding the status of your partnership. As always, it’s your responsibility to only upload content that you own 100% of the rights to. Being partnered with Maker as an Affiliate channel doesn’t change how we work with you in any way. NOTE: Setting a public video back to unlisted or private will cause the video to disappear from subscriber feeds permanently, so be careful!

ReviewTechUSA explains new system could possibly attempt to combat a specific class of uploaders: Those who create a new account, upload copyrighted material, make a quick buck off the ensuing influx of views, let the new account get banned, rinse, repeat.
Meanwhile, the changes have also been noted by AngryJoeShow on Twitter, but Joe seems to have a different idea of how things will work.
Nothing illustrates the incredible growth and evolution of YouTube better than the enterprise class of businesses being built on the platform today. I don’t get it, their biggest celebrity (PewDiePie) makes gameplay video which is , by youtube, a copyright infringement so why do they try to ban it? It sounds pretty similar to the way things currently work as a YouTube partner (maybe not as an MCN partner?). SUBSCRIBE Get Tubefilter's Top Stories, Breaking News, and Event updates delivered straight to your inbox. If you have a great news tip, are interested in advertising on Tubefilter, thinking about possible partnership opportunities, want to find out more about our upcoming events, would like to write a guest post, or just want to say "hello," be sure to drop us a line. As the popularity of a YouTube channel increases, inevitably does the interest from advertisers.
Using affiliate marketing with Youtube vidoes is one of the popular ways that YouTube can be used to make money online.
I stopped about 2 years because I left it to concentrate on my Amazon review sites (Extreme Review style) and I didn’t like how the videos turned out. I did make some income from it, so as I’ve talked before about RAM perseverance could have amde a big difference to where I am now. Creating video is easy these days and there are plenty of free options as well as paid options. In Google searches a YouTube video is easier to rank than a blog post and you can do this with less written content to get there.
Just like with a blog post you need to talk about things that there is an affiliate program. This is where your keyword research comes in where you look at searchers intent – you look just behind the keywords and think about what and why is the person typing those words into a search engine. You can add links to the description of the video as well as  to the video itself using annotations and info links. The links in the description can be affiliate links but the links on the video have to be to a site that YouTube has approved for your channel (account). As you don’t own the platform your videos are hosted you are at the whim of YouTube to a certain extent and you do need to play to their rules. It is not the easiest to understand what the rules are around adding links to your YouTube page.
For example, if you did a video on how to dig out a fence post and you used a particular tool you could link to that in the content as that would benefit the viewer.  Or if a recipe you might link to hard to find ingredients or a special pot or pan etc. Currently there are plenty of large accounts that do this so it would appear to be acceptable until it isn’t.
The best practice is to only use affiliate links when it makes sense and disclose that you are actually using them in the descriptions. An alternative to affiliate links is to use the links in the description to drive traffic from YouTube to your blog where you can then provide more content to your visitor.
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IM Product Blogger is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review.
Those who have grasped the power of YouTube for all of their online marketing needs have seen the benefits of using it rise in the past few years. You can talk about the products, show demonstrations of how they work and tell consumers what they can use the products for. You can put your website URL in the video or you can list it in the video description that shows up below the video box.
The nice thing about this strategy is that there are so many different things that you can do. Most retail dog food is not good for your dog, There are health homemade alternatives for you.
The sense of wanting to help, but not knowing how or where, is something a lot of us are going through. It surely gives a company the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and really take part in creating something special and tailored to their needs. I without doubt taking pleasure in each and every small bit of it as well as I’ve an individual saved to check out new stuff you blog post. If I find that the traffic is too low quality, I may just decide to stop marketing this product on YouTube and turn my attention to more qualified and responsive traffic sources. Since you’re part of the Maker family, we want to make sure you’re equipped to go full-speed on day one! This means that you will continue to receive the full spectrum of benefits associated with Maker’s partner program.
This review is performed by YouTube, and will determine if your content is in compliance with YouTube’s current terms of use and copyright standards. As the first network to offer this information to all of its creators, we’ll continue to provide access to both your YouTube estimated earnings and income earned through participation in other Maker initiatives.

We will still provide you with support, help increase viewership, and find ways to grow your brand and revenue. Pre-screening all new videos seems to be a drastic measure (why not simply screen channels by IP?), but YouTube has already proven it will go to great lengths to protect copyrights on the site.
Channels in good standing are unlikely to see any difference in their normal day-to-day operations and will most likely not notice any changes to how their videos are monetized. As these networks grow, we’re making product and policy updates that will help them operate at scale. The more often your videos are approved for monetization when you first start uploading, the more quickly future videos are approved. If that’s the case, then the disruption may last for a couple weeks to a couple months depending on how frequently the channel posts new content. The French market is also seeing an increasing number of YouTubers signing up in the fashion and beauty sectors.
As the myth that they are paid for sitting around all day talking to a camera is being busted, commentators appear more comfortable with the compensation YouTubers receive for their influential content. But it does reduce the impact of you being in the video to build up your credibility and trust.
There are millions of searches done just on YouTube with people looking for information as well as entertainment including reviews and How Tos.
It seems Google might just like its’ own products or it might just be that searchers like video. If you are interested in knowing  more about affiliate marketing using YouTube videos I suggest you check out IM Power Club.
This is especially helpful when you’re marketing numerous affiliate products on your website and you need to get extra traffic there in order to get those products noticed. Recording a video is a nice change of pace as well from your daily routine and it can help spark creativity. Put your tracking link right up front followed by a short description as you can see below.
To make it even more effective you may also want to use domain name cloaking or cPanel link cloaking for shorter, easier to remember links.
We’ve prepared a summary of upcoming changes, plus a list of instructions on how to thrive in the updated ecosystem.
This includes access to Maker Max, one-on-one channel development, and your dedicated support team.
Once your content has been submitted, the approval process usually takes between a few hours to a few days. We know there can be confusion and sometimes frustration when new features and platform changes roll out, but we’re here to help, answer any questions you might have, and figure out how to make these changes work to your advantage. We are also rolling out tools that will provide more transparency for creators and networks alike. For my Video Creators channel, it took a couple months of filling out Content ID forms for almost every video before the trust-algorithm kicked in. From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show. You’re able to easily determine if the content fits with your brand and if it reaches your target demographic. It shows you how to create, rank and convert visitors using affiliate links and other methods. This system will be based on trust-algorithm, so the more often you’re approved, the less often you will be reviewed. Things like monetization review are designed to prevent your channel from getting arbitrary content and community strikes; the feedback module is designed to help YouTube channels who are working with unresponsive and non-transparent networks. There is the possibility that it will hurt news videos and exclusives that are looking to break quickly. This is part of our commitment to ensure that all enterprise partners can continue to thrive and be successful on YouTube. Two of my channels have a sparkling clean reputation with Youtube, and any video I submit for monetization is approved instantly. For publishers, extending your content to a YouTube channel can be a new way to bring it to life with your personality.
None of the features are designed to hurt your channel or your content, and Maker is excited to work with all of our partners on each new development as they roll out. It provides an opportunity to tap into an audience that is primed to watching people discussing their favourite products and then clicking the links in their description box to purchase. That being said, creating quality video content takes time and effort but as the numbers show, it is a worthwhile investment.
But yeah, like Scott Anderson said it just sounds like another way for youtube to appeal to the big business corporations.
As long as you don’t upload copyrighted content, like videos or music, you should be like 90% safe.

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