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First off, the new video editing service released by YouTube will NOT replace Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Adobe Premiere or any other video editing software based solution.
At the moment, we do not see any links to the YouTube video editor directly from our YouTube account. Quite obviously, musicians and the people around them have a great need for video editing software — not only because YouTube is a popular place to listen to music, but because videos have so much promotional value. However, there’s no good way to edit video on Linux, meaning that freedom-loving open-source types have to switch to Mac or Windows if they want to put together a video. According to one Linux music tech person we found at SXSW 2014, Andrea Goetske of New Thinking in Berlin, the need for something like this is very real indeed.
And as a side note, if you’re looking to get into Linux, you might check out GNOME 3, which Ramkrishna demonstrated on a ThinkPad, and which looked pretty simple and slick, especially for Linux, with no need ever to use the terminal interface, and a nice music player control extension right there in the toolbar.

Before anybody makes a claim that appears to encompass all that is Linux, they need to make sure the full picture is displayed. Thank you for saying something, I find these days I don’t really have the patients to explain anymore. There is also lightworks, cinelerra, kdenlive, openshot, ffmpeg and a few others I cant remember the names of. Tour diaries, talk-to-the-camera confessionals, live show videos, viral stunts, and other types of videos are all part of the gameplan for recording artists these days. Has the writer of this conveniently forgotten that KDE users have enjoyed kdenlive for some time now. I edit professionally and would love to use a free software option with the capabilities of Final Cut 7 — including a timeline with audio tracks!

Could it be that the writer is too afraid to point others to a different DE that has the tools he claims Linux is missing?
You can use XFCE for the DE and kdenlive works a charm and you can even put it on short sighted garden gnomes. Linux users don’t want something basic, we want something better than Windows software.

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