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All of those tools are presented to you in the easy to use and intuitive interface that encourages you to experiment and find new and innovative ways to express yourself.
Fewer of us are downloading software to our computers these days as more cloud-based tools become available, or you have a Chromebook or other netbook that doesn’t allow you to install software.
Now, YouTube aims to help with that as well, it's debuting a brand new video editor that enables you to trim your uploads, tweak the colors and contrast and even apply Instagram-type effects to them, all of this on the web and with no knowledge of video editing required.
While YouTube claims that you needed a dedicated editor if you wanted to trim your videos, that's not exactly true. In fact, the new editor debuting today is an evolution of the experimental one, which is still available in the TestTube section. That said, the new editor adds quite a lot of new features and is a complete revamp of the experimental version.
Apart from basic processing, there are also a number of filters you can apply to spruce up your video, things like Sepia or Cross Process. During the entire editing process you don’t need to worry about file sizes, formats and upload times.

If you want to try a different free video editor, you can download open source video editing software such as MovieMasher or Lightworks.
You can edit and remix shared YouTube videos or upload your own videos and set them to private, then use the editing features.
After beta, it might not be my favorite choice because videos you make will have a WeVideo watermark on them unless you pay for a premium plan. Thanks, detailed enough to make me want to read but not too much that I just visit another site. With cameras packed even into the cheapest phone and publishing requiring only a YouTube account, the hardest part in creating a video is the editing.
YouTube has been offering a web-based video editor for more than a year now and it's been working on it since. You can cut the boring intro part, or the last minute that doesn't really add anything, but you can also boost colors and contrast. Finally, you can add a song from the provided library to create a soundtrack to your video.

Many of these services allow multiple users to share and work on projects collaboratively from different locations.
This is great for teachers showing classes a short clip or collection of short clips without having to skip to various sections of a video or visiting multiple YouTube pages or browser tabs. Pixorial’s editing platform is fairly simple and offers fewer features than WeVideo or Creaza.
FORscene is sold into professional markets: it supports frame accurate logging and editing, real time transitions and effects, full HD output and many features required by professionals. Your only job is to be creative, and use powerful YouTube Video Editor tools to bring your imagination to life.
If you want to tap into a library of already made online videos, I prefer YouTube editor over Stroome.

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