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So I decided to make a clean and detailed template in order to make it easy and simple for you to adjust to the new change, which is coming in a few weeks. The team here at YourTubeTheme will of course produce all kinds of channel art designs in the near future, so bookmark us and stay tuned for free downloads! Unblock your favorite blocked sites easily at school, college or at the job with best free proxies, we have a huge collection of best proxies from world to help you easily bypass restrictions. Here at this blog you can find best free proxies, VPN reviews, IP: Port proxies, Socks Proxy and lot of more tricks to make you anonymous online. This Q222w proxy provide free and unlimited access to blocked sites, including YouTube, Facebook and other social sites, This proxy can help you to open all the blocked sites which are blocked in any part of world, you can open any blocked site with this fast and good proxy, This is a web based proxy, which provide free and complete access to all blocked sites.
By Fedor Leave a Comment One thing is clear… a big chunk of visitors to this site love minecraft. The move comes after YouTube sealed deals with Sony Pictures and UK Service Blinkbox that charges from ?1.99 for the rental of movies and TV shows, will see about 165 films made available for free.
Although the films on offer include include some varied titles, don’t expect the latest blockbusters to be available, most titles fall into either “classic”, “arthouse” or “cult” categories.

I put together this Photoshop template which shows where the image gets cropped on all devices. And I never put up a blog post about it, but I also made a video yesterday about how to design a business card! You can say goodbye to backgrounds, because with the new layout everyone will be able to upload a Channel Art design which is placed on top of your channel. If you decide to download the template then my advice to you is: be creative, try to think outside the box and experiment! I was look to try to get something with like BBRO09, some skyrim, dayz, gta5, COD, mainly ghost, all put into it.
The way to design the banner for these new layouts is a little different than it has been in the past, so I put together a video to explain how it works and share some good examples so far. You can download it for free down below, so that you can just drop in your images and don’t have to worry about messing around with the pixel sizes yourself! I am very much happy to get this unique article to design accurately a youtube channel in real way.

And if you designing one us we want it like modern :3 Like AVICII, it would be so cool if you could do this.
I hope this has been helpful for you guys, and make sure to subscribe to my channel for more graphic design videos! First I’m looking in to designing a business card and there pops up your fantastic advice and the same today while looking into what elements I need to design for a client YouTube page.
But would like to ask you that any tutorial can you make how to design background of youtube channel. If you don’t have access to Photoshop then you can open the JPG in either Paint or Gimp and experiment there.

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