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Google seems to be trialling the feature on certain YouTube channels and as you can see below the GIF creation features works great, allowing you to send either a link directly to your GIF or embedded it directly into your website as below.
To give the new YouTube GIF feature a go, jump over to the PBS Idea Channel, click on the “Share” button and then select “GIF” to enter your parameters and publish it. Prepare yourself for each huge influx of animated GIFs if Google decides to roll out this new YouTube GIF feature out for every video across the YouTube library.
The button doesn’t seem to be enabled for all videos just yet, but some are already allowing you to get in on the fun.
The GIF creator is exceptionally simple to use, and the idea of it becoming a universally-available option is exciting. In other GIF news, Imgur has introduced a new GIFV format that better accommodates the "culture of the GIF". Have you ever found yourself mindlessly flipping through a Buzzfield article chock-full of photos and GIF files wondering how on earth such perfect specimens of hilarity are generated from your favorite videos?
Love it or hate it (and regardless of how you choose to pronounce it), the GIF probably isn't going anywhere. Then came the spread of high-speed Internet, allowing longer, higher quality GIFs to be loaded on the fly.
You'd still be hardpressed to find a web designer who will tack a GIF into his shiny new site - but the users?
That YouTube has yet to fix this, to embrace the GIF as a sharing mechanism, seems a bit crazy. 2) Data: If multiple users all make GIFs of roughly the same part of a video, you know that part of the video is particularly interesting for some reason. Kutiman Thru You Too Give It Up edits clips of amateur musicians on YouTube together to make a song. The GIF format will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017, but despite its age, it continues to be an increasingly popular medium on the Internet. There are lots of websites that are dedicated to turning videos into GIFs, and now the world’s biggest video-sharing network wants a piece of that pie. Because the tool is in testing, you’ll only find it on selected channels for now, such as the PBS Ideas Channel. Sliders allow you to select which segment of the video you want to use, and two text boxes let you add text to the top and bottom of your clip.

YouTube has been adding a range of new features over the last year, and now there’s one more the online video masses are sure to enjoy immensely. YouTube hasn’t revealed as of yet if this GIF creation feature will be available to all video creators, when that could happen, or if video makers will need to give permission to allow their videos to be turned into GIFs.
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With Google giving you the tools to do so on the biggest video site in existence, well, you can pretty much expect anything and everything to turn up around every digital corner of this funny, yet sometimes dark and sad, internet. YouTube is testing a GIF creation tool that allows users to select a portion of a video and turn it into a GIF, no third-party tools necessary. The folks over at Gizmodo spotted it on PBS Idea Channel videos, where you can find it by selecting a video, then clicking "Share" beneath it. Unfortunately, there's no hint at this point about whether YouTube plans to roll it out across the site, and when that rollout might take place (assuming it does). With this new format, high-definition GIFVs have a considerably smaller file size than their GIF counterparts, making it possible to create longer, more complex looping images without concern for maximum file size limitations. Thanks to YouTube‘s new GIF creator, you can finally be the genius in the drivers seat. Final results can be emailed, embedded, or shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc. No modern-minded web designer would incorporate GIFs into their designs, lest they wanted to become the butt end of a million "Under Construction” jokes. More importantly, then came a massive shift in how content on the Internet is created; suddenly, the stuff the users added to a site or service - the comments, the blog posts, the tweets - became just as important as anything the site itself could provide. If they made it so that the provided image code links back to the original YouTube video, it's easy traffic from someone who's clearly interested in seeing this specific video. GIFs are so popular these days, in fact, that even YouTube is testing its own built-in GIF creator, which will turn your favorite video clips into an easily shareable six-second loop. In a matter of seconds and just a few clicks, you can turn a six-second segment from any clip into a GIF.

Google’s online video website is testing a GIF creation tool on a small selection of creators’ channels. They can then drag a trim marker across the video’s timeline to select the five-second portion of the video they want to GIF (the maximum time allowed). While Vimeo has played around with animated GIFs on its own site, this is the first time we’ve seen a major online video sharing site put the ability to create the moving images in the hands of its viewers.
However, one thing’s for certain: if GIFs can soon be made directly from YouTube itself instead of using third-party applications, the internet will see a torrent of YouTube-related GIFs in the future. The creation tool makes it easy to add text to the resulting GIFs, as well, with options for adding both top and bottom lines of text. In the list of share options, a new one is featured titled "GIF", which opens the creation tool featured below.
Using the new feature, you can grab clips of a video you’re watching and turn it into a silent mini clip that plays on a loop.
There are about a million websites and apps that offer to take, say, a YouTube clip and convert it into a GIF; alas, about 999,999 of those are bad news in one way or another. The GIF creator allows users to overlay text, too, one line on the top of the video and one on the bottom. From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show.
Unfortunately, this feature isn't widely available yet, and so it is assumed YouTube is only testing the tool at this point. The GIF spread like a virus across a billion tumblrs - and just like that, a once lampooned format that had been around since the late 80's was in the middle of a resurgence. They're more immediate (in that they don't generally require user interaction), and generally compatible with more devices. Once users create their GIFs, the file is hosted by YouTube and available for embed or download.

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