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Since April 23, 2005 when Jewed Karim, one of the three YouTube founders, uploaded the first video on YouTube many things have changed.
In contrast to the Search ad model, which is based on consumer intent, YouTube's ad model is similar to Facebook's, both based on audience targeting. Considering also the fact that most of video content is poorly labelled, Google had to rely on other factors in order to rank videos fairly.
Ikinci bolumde ise aboneleri ve goruntulemeleri artt?rmay? ve YouTube’da yukselmeyi anlatm?st?m. Videolar?n optimizasyonunun, goruntulemelerin, YouTube bagl?l?k olcumlerinin, backlinklerin ve sosyal sinyallerin birlesimi Google icin vazgecilmezdir. YouTube videolar? Google’da yukseltmenin en iyi avantaj? da  normal siteye SEO cal?smas? yapmaktan daha risksizdir. Eger bu dersin diger bolumlerini okumad?ysan?z o zaman mutlaka okuman?z ve ilk bolumde video optimizasyon konusunda uygulanmas? gereken ad?mlar? uygulaman?z? oneririm.
Eger gereken seyleri hallettiyseniz o zaman videolar?n?z? rahatl?kla Google arama sonuclar?nda yukseltmeye baslayabilirsiniz.
Webmaster forumlar?nda sat?lan yuksek PR’li bloglardan tan?t?m yaz?lar? alabilirsiniz, ayn? zamanda sosyal imleme, wiki ve blog yorumlar? da cok etkilidir. Makalelerde, tan?t?m yaz?lar?nda, paravan bloglarda videolar?n?z?n yerlestirme kodunu (embed code) ekleyebilirsiniz. Cogunuz belki biliyorsunuzdur bu program?, SENuke XCR ile YouTube videolar?n?za saglam linkler kasabilirsiniz.
En saglam SEO programlar?ndan biri olan GSA Search Engine Ranker ile YouTube videolar?n?za cal?sma yapabilirsiniz. Turkiye’de pek yayg?n kullan?lmasa da diger ulkelerde yayg?n kullan?lan en etkili Black Hat SEO teknigidir. Videolar?n?z? Google’da yukseltmek icin en etkili yollardan biri olan sosyal sinyaller de alabilirsiniz. Drip Revolution – ucretsiz 7 gun deneyebilirsiniz, belki fazla ucuz degil ama etkisiz oldugu soylenemez.

BlackHatWorld – Bu forumda sosyal medya kategorisinde bu hizmetlerden yararlanabilirsiniz belirli ucret kars?l?g?. Wmaraci ve R10 gibi webmaster forumlardan da bu hizmetlerden yararlanabilirsiniz, e-ticaret kategorilerine bakman?z? oneririm.
Sosyal sinyaller sat?n al?rken YouTube video sayfan?zda insanlar?n +1, Tweet veya Begeni butonlar?na t?klad?klar?ndan emin olun. Videolar?n?za backlinkler ve sosyal sinyaller ald?ktan sonra yapman?z gereken tek sey YouTube videolar?n?z?n Google’da s?ralamalar?n? takip etmek. Tamamen dogal yontemleri kullanarak kurumsal web sitelere ileri duzey SEO hizmeti veriyoruz ve en rekabetli anahtar kelimelerde Google’da ilk sayfaya, ilk 5 s?raya ve ilk 3 s?ralara yukseltiyoruz.
In this digital age, neglecting the power of visual marketing can dampen small business SEO efforts.
Just as conventional search engine optimization requires keyword research, YouTube SEO is no different. The title may not offer a lot of wiggle room, but the description has enough space for marketing departments to play with their creativity. As for the rest of the space, there should be a paragraph describing the product or service, along with the relevant keywords.
Geo-tags are the most neglected factor in YouTube SEO, and they can prove to be the difference maker for small businesses trying to rank in a particular locality.
The search field that is presented in the Video Manager section can be used to search for a particular location. Despite its slow growth initially, YouTube found its way in becoming popular by hosting unlicensed copyrighted content such as music videos, episodes from tv series and films.
Being mainly a hybrid of social media platform and on-demand TV, YouTube is significantly different in terms of usage from other social networks.
The main issue though, with video content is that it can't be read and interpreted as texts, only by using the same algorithms that Google uses for search. Google bazen bu aglarda bulunan sitelere ceza kesiyor, ama siz videolar?n?za kasacag?n?z icin korkman?za gerek yok.

James McQuivey from Forrester Research says that a one minute video is equal to 1.8 million words. Businesses have to select a list of target keywords that will be a part of the marketing strategy.
After making an official YouTube account and creating a video, the user is given the option to set custom thumbnails for the video. The first line of description should feature the keyword phrase similar to the one used in the title as well as a call to action. Links to other related videos, services and social media profiles can also be listed in the end. A popup map then displays the exact location, which can be further refined through a marker. A real-life example is the, all too often irrelevant, video suggestions by the YouTube algorithm. It should be noted, though, videos appearing as rich snippets in google search results can either be YouTube-hosted videos or website-hosted videos, for which the webmasters used the markup or automated plugins such as Yoast Video SEO for wordpress. Bu sefer ise Google s?ralamas?nda yukselmek icin videolar?m?za backlink & sosyal sinyaller nas?l al?r?z onu anlatacag?m. If any of the results make sense, it would be helpful to include them in the optimization strategy.
This indicates that even small changes like choosing relevant custom thumbnails can make a huge difference and increase conversion rates. This excerpt appears along with the video and is visible to the user without having to expand the description. It means that if a single web page is written in an hour, it will take a company 150 days of continuous writing to achieve the impact of a 60-second video.

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