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The recent sale of Zappos (an online shoe retailer) for $1.2 Billion to Amazon made the headlines. Perhaps one of the most superb business uses of Twitter is exemplified by Zappos, the Amazonian style e-commerce company stocking over 3 million shoes, handbags, clothing item and accessories from over 1100 brands. Zappos has a dedicated page for Twitter on its site that’s linked to from every other page on the site with the words What are Zappos employees doing right now?
Transparent Brand Tracking, additionally, there’s a page that aggregates all the public mentions of Zappos from Twitter users at large.
Celebrating your super fans Zappos has set up special Twitter tracking pages for some of its favorite outside fans. Now it shouldn’t be surprising that a CEO who sold LinkExchange to Microsoft for $270 Mn should grasp the importance of driving web traffic through well-placed self-linking in public conversations.
Zappos, like Dell and Ford, shows that Twitter can bring a strong ROI when coupled with transparency and openness. Also, while I realize your focus here is on how Zappos uses twitter, also of note is how they use blogs. It’s a fact: if you want your website to make you money, generate leads or get subscribers you have to advertise in order to drive traffic to it.
I am still sifting through the evidence on what makes an online retailer go from zero to 1.2 Billion sales in less than 10 years. These are the ten core values that they live by from which they have developed their culture, brand, and their business strategies. Differentiate yourself, which means doing something a little unconventional and innovative. Learn not only to not fear change, but to embrace it enthusiastically and encourage and drive it. Never accept or be too comfortable with the status quo because, historically, the companies that get into trouble are the ones that aren’t able to respond quickly enough and adapt to change.
One of the things that makes Zappos different from a lot of other companies is that they value being fun and being a little weird. Our company culture is what makes us successful, and in our culture, we celebrate and embrace our diversity and each person’s individuality. They want the weirdness in each employee to be expressed in each persons interactions with each other and in our work. Note: One of the side effects of encouraging weirdness is that it encourages people to think outside the box and be more innovative. To never become complacent and accept the status quo just because that’s the way things have always been done.
A company only grows because it takes on new challenges, and it faces even more new challenges because they’re growing. If it ever gets too easy, then start looking for a tidal wave of competition to wash you away. Note: So there are no experts in what Zappos is doing especially in the field of social media marketing. They value strong relationships in all areas: with managers, direct reports, customers (internal and external), vendors, business partners, team members, and co-workers.
Strong, positive relationships that are open and honest are a big part of what differentiates Zappos from most other companies.
Develop emotional connections, at the end of the day it’s not what you say or what you do, but how you make people feel that matters the most.
The hardest thing to do is to build trust, but If the trust exists, you can accomplish so much more. Many of the company’s best ideas have been the direct result of informal interactions outside of the office. They believe in working hard and putting in the extra effort to get things done more efficiently. There is always room for improvement in everything they do, to stay ahead of the competition. Note: Social Media  enables that passion to be transmitted and transmuted online and offline in a leveraged way and through different media that did not exist 5 years ago and you can see that impact day in and day out online via blogs, Twitter and blog comments. One thing that could make this post even more instructive for me would be a little more in the way of what Zappos actually does with social media (from a technical standpoint) beyond scanning for mentions of their brand and using Twitter and blog comments to respond. So basically what it comes down to is that Facebook, Google, Groupon, and Zappos rule the world. Imagine my surprise, then, when I saw a TV interview with Hsieh, in which he said he dislikes the term social media. Fundamentally, Hsieh says, Zappos doesn’t think about itself as a high tech company and rather prefers to take a high touch approach. Perhaps it’s for this reason that Zappos now does a fair amount of advertising, including a heavy presence in magazines. We write a daily newsletter featuring current events and the top stories in technology, media, marketing and entertainment. Zappos is one of those companies that gets thrown around whenever social media case studies come up.
Let’s take a look at what Zappos has done over the past couple years in our last social media example, number 26.
This is also a great way to cross promote the various Twitter accounts the company has, such as the Zappos CEO account which has well over 1 million followers. If you peruse over to the Zappos Facebook account you will see once again, a company who understands social. For the most part Zappos is doing a good job of engaging its users via their Facebook account.
The above example shows how Zappos is using a contest to increase email and user signups with the site.
We have done this in the past for some of our clients at Ignite, and it has proven to be an effective way to get more subscribers, fans etc.
I have a feeling you will see more e-commerce shops like Zappos in the future arming their customers with badges to show their appreciation. One of the major problems you typically hear about companies like Zappos and what they are doing, is that it doesn’t relate to you as a company. Une entreprise americaine de chaussures et de pret-a-porter qui a demarree de rien en 1999 et qui en 2008 realise un chiffre d’affaire d’un milliard de dollars grace a une strategie de contenu et de social media coherente. Le contenu est au c?ur du succes de Zappos, notamment les interactions sur les medias sociaux qui constituent l’essence meme du marketing de la marque.
L’entreprise a ete construite dans le but de maintenir, transcender et creer une histoire de marque coherente a travers chaque departement de cette organisation. L’experience client de Zappos a ete concue dans le but d’etre memorable, differente et ouverte. Zappos encourage la creation de groupe parmi son audience, les « clans » permettent au gens de trouver et de faire le choix d’etre associe avec d’autres qui partagent leurs interets. Ce blog contient des articles sur la strategie de contenu pour les marques et sur les projets de JAQ.
Duluth Trading CompanyAnyone who has ever seen one of their commercials or received one of their catalogs in the mail knows that Duluth Trading Company’s marketing is colorful and witty. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
With the modern man attached to his smartphone at the thumb, today’s consumers often look to social media as the go-to route for customer service interactions with brands around the world. Additionally, there’s a greater incentive for brands to satisfy needs and fix problems expressed on social.
These words imply all sorts of misery: long lines, angry travelers, overbooked alternate flights, missed connections and hours on the phone with airline customer service.
On a recent trip, my wife and I experienced the dreaded cancellation, and all 150 to 200 people from our flight were told to go to the main customer service desk for rebooking. Less than 10 minutes after the initial cancellation, I had our rebooking – all via Twitter.

When brands separate their customer service account from their main profile, it keeps support inquiries separate from marketing efforts. Aside from saving time and saving face, this segmentation also makes brands’ analytical data more meaningful. In social marketing, KPIs typically focus on how a brand’s audience is responding to its content.
In social customer service, engagement statistics such as response rate and response time directly measure the effectiveness of support efforts. Microsoft does this well, segmenting different accounts to productively direct customer inquiries. Depending on company size and customer base, however, constant monitoring is probably not necessary. Publishing availability and community expectations helps prevent confusion and frustration, improving the customer service experience.
UPS similarly pushes for more personal connections on its Facebook page, including pictures of the representatives customers can contact.
Practically, it also allows for multiple customer service representatives to monitor one account simultaneously. Zappos’ service representatives also set the standard for being personable on social media. This positive attitude helps put customers with concerns or complaints at ease, making the experience better for all. A sentiment tool such as Trackur to track mentions of brands and products and parses the results, analyzing positive and negative mentions. UPS takes social listening seriously, and the brand has a reputation for proactively identifying and addressing customers’ issues. The account does, however, frequently miss out on the opportunity to turn inquiries into followers. While understandable (especially in matters concerning sensitive customer information), this shifts the conversation away from the platform chosen by the customer.
However, those same brands have increased their response rate in that time period by 43 percent. If a brand wants to begin proactively supporting customers, make sure there’s serious commitment – in terms of mindsets and actual resources.
There’s a reason you’ve already read about KLM in this post: the brand has social customer service figured out.
Before many brands were taking the potential of social customer service seriously, KLM identified this as an inflection point.
It’s not a stretch to say that KLM’s investment in social customer service is driving the airline industry to grow in this competency as a whole. For personable, responsive and effective customer service, don’t pick up the phone (unless its to find a brand’s account on social media). The company is well known for its extensive use of social media including Twitter, so I thought it was worth taking a closer look to see what are some of their strategies and tactics with their use of Social Media, especially Twitter . Tony the CEO has five times as many followers as anyone else, perhaps because there’s a link on every page encouraging people to follow him and perhaps because CEOs are always the most interesting people at any company (sarcasm).
Check out the intro paragraph: “Remember back when sending SMS text messages on your cell phone was a new thing, and it seemed kind of strange to use your cell phone to do that? Check out this page for the super charming WineLibrary.TV founder Gary Vaynerchuk, and this page for author and social media consultant Tara Hunt. Some are long-term and some are just beginning, but they are what make us connect as human beings. I don’t know how many of the blog posts are tweeted but they certainly provide the link (albeit subtly) to share posts on Twitter and many other social media sites. Of course this is true for any business, but it is absolutely essential for online business.
There are definitely lessons from Zappos that can be applied to all categories of websites – not just online retailers.
I felt I needed to go beyond the tactics and to look the core values that have produced such a world class business and how that can be applied to any business or brand. Employees are more engaged in the work that they do, and the company as a whole becomes more innovative. Social media allows that to spread with minimal friction within and without the company through all types of media such as online video and Twitter.
For example, the Zappos idea for their culture book came about from a casual discussion outside of the office.
As a sales trainer & consultant I am very much concerned about how to make company values operational to a point that the client can actually experience them.
This post highlights nicely how social media, as it does with individuals, compels us to take ourselves less seriously. In many marketing circles, he is something of a Twitter god, using the Twitter feed to promote Zappos and his way of thinking about business (as expressed in his book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose ) to his many followers. In fact, he dislikes it so much that anyone who uses it around him at Zappos owes him a dollar. This is why Zappos puts so much emphasis on its call center and encourages a bond between the customer and the call center rep. The marketing industry is fascinated by Zappos in part because of its early adoption of Twitter. But, this isna€™t always the case as some agencies and consultants in the industry understand the power and importance of holistic social efforts, and Zappos is a perfect example of a company that thinks holistically.
Since June 2007, when Zappos joined Twitter, they have pushed their employees to embrace new media technologies and become active on those platforms. I am sure Zappos already ranked pretty well in the search engines, but this sort of link development can only help the entire site garner more search traffic and subsequent sales.
Engagement of their followers is very high, with daily status updates on the page with either questions or sharing of internal Zappos activities.
However, there is still room to grow with their account – something just seems missing from it overall.
At Ignite, we’ve found that YouTube can create great ROI, ita€™s just a matter of finding the right hook and empowering your customers to get creative. If you click on the a€?add from address booka€™ above you can pull in contacts from various services such as your Google, Yahoo or MSN account, which makes it easy to find the person you are interested in sharing the page with. It is easy to see the amount of work and effort it takes to pull off the social efforts that they have employed. Cette histoire fut centree sur la revendication que le service client etait plus important que les ventes elles-memes et que l’engagement des consommateurs, en se servant de tous leurs points de contact quotidiens, conduirait a la croissance.
Au travers de ses messages, Zappos encourage l’interaction avec son personnel et les autres clients. Ses clans peuvent ensuite beneficier de contenus crees et selectionnes sur mesure pour eux, ce qui les amene a integrer la culture d’entreprise de Zappos. Their dry sense of humor appeals to an audience of tradesmen and outdoorsy types who need function over fashion when it comes to their wardrobe.
Within minutes, a person (indicated by a signature like this at the end of their tweets: “^LC”) got back to me. We were still 20 to 30 minutes from the front of the line at customer service, and most of the people in front of me were on the phone – on-hold – with the airline. Power and Associates’s recent Social Media Benchmark study found that 67 percent of consumers have used a company’s social media page for service, compared to only 33 percent for social marketing. Social media is becoming the place for individualized, timely and shareable customer service. It also allows for trained social customer services representatives to handle service requests, allowing social marketers to focus on building the brand in other ways. Standard KPIs mean different things, depending on whether the focus is marketing or service.
The account representatives quickly respond to direct questions, and are also known for seeking out problems with products referenced indirectly on Twitter.

For companies like airlines that sell time and convenience, this kind of service makes sense. Most companies don’t staff their accounts around the clock, but they do clearly communicate when they’re available – and when they’re not. Considering the sensitive nature of the personal financial information they’re dealing with, AskAmex connects customers with its “community guidelines” for helpful privacy-related reminders. Each representative can claim inquiries and own those conversations, cutting down on confusion and response time. They cheerfully sign-on and off and routinely offer light-hearted comments outside of specific service conversations. Brands can now seek out customers’ problems and answer questions before they’re even asked. Brands can proactively address negative sentiment, turning public complaints into shareable solutions. Turning a potential complaint into a definite satisfied customer is always a good decision. It typically refers people to customer service email addresses for more detailed conversations. Using Twitter DMs or Facebook Messages would keep the customer engaged on social and minimize the hassle of switching platforms mid-stream.
Those who have already invested in customer service on social media are upping their investment. Doing social customer service halfway – having sluggish response times and leaving lots of inquiries unanswered – makes customers feel more frustrated and less valued than if there’s no social support presence at all. KLM leads the industry which, in turn, is pushing the development of social customer service for all brands. Customer service on social media offers consumers unparalleled agency, interaction and convenience.
If you’re frustrated with your typical experience in a customer service phone tree, go online to get the answers you want. Employees tweet about what they are doing at work and about interesting resources on and off the Zappos site. Also we have a look at how social media has helped Zappos deliver and drive those values internally and externally. I am thrilled to be reading more and more that the Silicon Valley values model is effectively wiping out the long-standing go-to’s in stifling production.
There is a growing body of research to suggest that emotions are central to people’s sharing of stories and word of mouth. Hence the company’s desire to create a bond between the rep on the phone and the customer. If there are lots of people discussing your brand then that tends to convey a strong level of legitimacy. It is not a coincidence that Zappos has turned its link acquisition into overdrive since doing so.
Since Zappos encourages their employees to be social, there is never a shortage of content. If you use Amazon you can simply save the item to your wish list, or in this case, you can share the page with a friend using Zappos’ share feature integrated on every page. I understand that there are probably more benefits and greater value to have one more registered site user than a Facebook fan for example, but I still feel there are ways they could make this contest more social. The key to really pulling this off, and what Zappos has done such a good job of, is training social tactics at the employee level like their Twitter aggregation page and their employee Facebook activity and YouTube uploads. Zappos a construit une relation stable et equilibree avec son audience, en utilisant  du contenu pertinent et cible specialement concu pour les plateformes sur lesquelles elle etait presente. La marque est honnete a propos du contenu de ses messages, ils sont la pour vendre, mais ils encouragent aussi les consommateurs a prendre du plaisir durant leurs achats. Avec un accent sur la responsabilite sociale, et des campagnes non-commerciales, Zappos se cree l’image d’une marque « genereuse » dont la culture est le bonheur de son audience a faire partie de l’entreprise et a partager son experience. The humor continues throughout their social accounts, specifically on Facebook and Twitter, where they are rockstars at customer engagement. An irate, inconvenienced traveler on social media influences their followers – and potentially many more. The representative requested I follow their account so we could discuss flight information via Direct Message instead of by publicly tweeting.
If we’d waited on traditional customer service options, the flight would have been long-gone. Customers that share their frustrations then find out that a brand really cares about what they say and think. Studies have shown that the same 32 brands from the Interbrand 100 had dedicated Twitter customer service handles, from 2014 compared to 2013. A static web with no feedback and no interaction wouldn’t allow this culture to spread.
We’ve all worked under management types with a hell-bent commitment to self-gratifying, antiquated us-and-them leadership paradigms. I noticed a few contests they ran that were shared in status updates, but in large part they felt devoid of any social mechanism that would really cause them to be successful.
Although it might seem that Zappos is doing a good job on YouTube, I feel like there is some room for improvement. Don’t simply rely on your marketing team to pull this off, you need to integrate it into a corporate level strategy. Ils avaient pour but d’humaniser l’experience online a travers la culture du personnel qui consistait a etablir une relation unique avec leurs clients.
Zappos a reussi a atteindre un taux de conversion remarquable de chacun de ses posts sur Facebook en vente brute de 1,75% et une croissance repetee du chiffre d’affaire de 75% chaque annee. Duluth shares useful videos on topics such as avoiding plumber butt and how to unwet your pants, and holds frequent fun contests for gift cards and other prizes. What Zappos is doing is rewriting the way leadership inspires and motivates direct reports. They allow brands to show their creative and fun sides, and make it easy to relate to their audience.
According to a Pew Research Center Study from this year, 92% of teens report going online every day and 71% of teens use more than one social network site regularly.
How exciting to have intellectual equity no longer arbitrarily assigned and defined by title.
Those that are done well generally have one thing in common – they all have a great understanding of their customers and how to engage them.
Here are four companies that are totally ruling social media right now.REICoinciding with the announcement that they will be closed on Black Friday, REI launched the #OptOutside campaign, urging employees and followers to go outside instead of to the mall on the biggest shopping day of the year. Teens like Taco Bell so much that the restaurant regularly receives homecoming invitations from customers (to which it responded perfectly).
REI’s CEO says that this plan is consistent with the co-op’s beliefs, but more importantly for marketing purposes, with those of its customers. This “customer-inspired marketing” allows REI to connect with its community of rebellious followers through shared values and encourages engagement through photos of their adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The company understands that great customer service results in loyal customers and they are committed to delighting them by tirelessly responding to every inquiry and delivering “wow.” through their social interactions. Whether it be addressing product questions and concerns, offering up wardrobe suggestions, or featuring fun contests and giveaways, they leave no social platform out, posting in a personal and consistent manner. The Zappos model has turned into a case study, as they consistently set the bar on how social should be used for customer service.Do you follow any other companies that are currently ruling social media?

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