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Ito ay isang storya na hindi pedeng basahin ng mga taong walang sense of humour o kaya hindi marunong makaintindi ng mga kakornihan sa mundong ito. That Girl 1: Eh paano kung isa kang babaero at isang araw may babaeng sumulpot sa buhay mo at sinabing ikaw ang boyfriend niya for 30days? Similar to the "No Contact" Rule except it extends to your mates and his mates, especially if they're the same mates. Kung ikaw mabibigyan ng chance na ma-meet ang idol mo at maging julalay nila, will you grab the chance? If you skip this step, it might just come back to haunt you at the wrong time, maybe in a public place. And it'll be one of the hardest things you've ever done but seriously, do not stalk him or the new gfs page.

She hasn't done anything to you, so hating on her or making mean comments is a waste of time. It makes things awkward if you're talking badly about an ex because it can force friends to take sides.
At least you know now that it's definitely over, and you won't waste any more time hoping that you could get back together. Walang plot, x rated at porn (de joke lang XD), isang storyang hindi dapat masyadong seryosohin dahil ito ay ginawa ko lang dahil ako'y bored. Instead of focusing on what she has that you don't, just tell yourself (and believe) that you are brilliant just as you are. Or they could just get sick of listening to you and you're left with no mates as well as no boyfriend.

He'll probably be expecting an angry message, so make him wonder why he hasn't heard from you. Marami akong narealize sa story na yan, katulad nalang ng pag-value sa life na binigay ni God.
Lahat ng stories niya inaabangan ko, magkaka-konekta silang lahat, which I found interesting.

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