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After reading the instructions, it’s time to line up your thoughts to make an effective essay that will get you that scholarship. When you get a general idea of the essay contents, you can now make an outline of specific details that will be included in your composition. Paying attention to details or instructions is actually part of writing the essay for a scholarship application. Although it is important that you include your achievements as this will help your scholarship application, however you only need to do this if you are asked to do so.
To ensure that you are submitting an essay that will get you the scholarship, have an expert check your work. The third paragraph should speak of your future goals and your vision after pursuing a college degree. End your essay by stating reasons why you are the best candidate to be chosen for the scholarship.
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Essay example that we will get the scholarship to organize your thoughts, make an outline, discuss every topic base on example. I’m training a client in Edmonton who lives full-time in Calgary and travels here on business a fair bit. A lot of the reasoning behind not squatting through the heels is that the centre of gravity passes in front of the heel and through the proximal portion of the arch system of the foot.
So if we perform an exercise where we shift our weight towards our heels, the first thing the body does to keep balance is tilt the pelvis forwards and stick the butt out, while leaning the upper body forward. The foot is designed to act like a lever for the leg, and has a system of three arches that help absorb force and produce force during movement. Once you have these three identified, push equally through all three, ensuring your big toe stays pressed into the ground (it’s big for a reason, as it generates force and co-contraction through the entire posterior fascial chain). A trainer I used to work with was having trouble getting his squat stronger, and when I looked at him struggle with two plates a side while driving through his heels and almost falling on his (large) butt, I told him to push through the middle of the foot, and all of a sudden, it was easy, and he through another 45 on each side and could actually feel his quads for the first time in months!!! I suffer from a herniated disc, super tight hammies and hips, super tight and short hip flexors, you hit the nail on the head for me here. Interesting article Dean, but the link to the video you posted is down, which is disappointing. The purpose of pushing through the heel is to develop stronger hamstrings, the is the case for a back squat, if you were to analyze the front squat you would notice that it is crucial to load with the heel because the weight in front you serves as leverage, thus counter balancing the quad toe orientation, it is important to utilize all of the leg muscles, it is more important however to emphasize what a client lacks when a trainer notices what a client needs reinforced, especially when a major of time they are running, sprinting and jumping with a full plantar flexion, the posterior chain is what holds the power as it is mostly made of a fast twitch fibers, the true correct way to squat is to press through the outside of the feet in order to utilize all legs muscles, I’m willing to bet a major of the contraction comes from the hamstring especially since the glutes play a significant role which is posteriorly based, if you over emphasize the toe orientation you risk knee Injury, if u over emphasize the heel you risk plantar fasciois or back problems, the key is the create balance and that usually means hamstrings therefore hamstring heel orientation, I would rather risk a clients heel then possibly risk losing their knee, where as pressure from the heel can be released with a massage and lower back pain often needs rest and proper hamstring stretch, secondly the hamstring serves as a Muscle that is responsible for deacceleration when running, which is imperative for preventive knee injury.
Posture is the position we habitually hold our bodies while standing, working, moving, sitting or lying down. Several major muscle groups, (such as the trapezius, psoas, abdominal, erector spinae and hamstrings) are critically important in maintaining good posture while standing. Good posture is a balanced posture that reduces stress on the body; it requires a minimum effort to maintain and therefore tends to be easy and promotes a sense of relaxation and well-being. While standing, the body weight should be evenly distributed across the balls of feet and the heels. From the front, while standing, your posture should be balanced so that a vertical line that passes through the tip of your nose will pass through the belly button and between your knees, and your eyes, ears, shoulders and hips are level and on a horizontal plane.
From the picture you will be reminded that bad standing posture looks like you are slumping, and that exaggerated “chin in and chest out” posture is unnatural and will fatigue the body quickly.
Poor posture is stressful and imbalanced alignment and use of the body caused by chronic contraction and shortening of postural muscles.  When this happens the contraction requires that other muscles must abnormally lengthen to compensate. Common examples of faulty posture are a forward head posture in which the neck and head are not balanced over the shoulders but are held away from the chest, or one hip held higher than the other by placing a majority of body weight on one leg while the trunk is bent to that same side.  Many of these postural stresses begin as habits but soon become more permanent as the muscles, tendons and ligaments adapt to the imbalanced posture, and so poor posture becomes a habit.

If your body is not pain-free and relaxed, if you feel tight and stressed across your neck and shoulders, if you do not have the ability to stretch and move as far or as easily as you once did, it is probably because you have bad posture. Many factors can be at play at the same time contributing to poor posture, such as physical and emotional stress, poorly designed work environment or equipment, congenital malformation of the skeleton, old injuries, weak or overly tight postural muscles, obesity, pregnancy and high-heeled shoes. There are different factors which can impact on posture and they include occupational activities and biomechanical factors such as the force and repetition of work being done.
Here is a simple and direct method I taught at acupuncture seminars for years that will quickly change your posture you can use while sitting and standing, as well as any other situation in which the hands are not being used. The principles that explain how this works are based on ancient Chinese concepts that of how energy moves in the body.
Whenever you are sitting while doing something that does not require the use of your hands, turn them so that they’re palm-side up, by either resting them on the upper thighs or wherever it is comfortable. It is only a habit or convenience to stand, walk and sit with the hands facing down or away from the direction you are facing.
Reduces the chance of abnormal joint wear that could result in back pain, arthritis and slipped discs.
Prevents general fatigue because less energy is wasted as postural muscles are used more efficiently, and not stressed. Contributes to a more attractive appearance and an aura of greater self-confidence when the head is held high, the chest raised with the shoulders held back.
Learn more how to improve posture, reduce back pain and get back your energy, click here: 18 ways to get good posture and have less back pain now. You might actually get the feeling of doing the same thing over and over like answering the same question for the nth number of times.
Make sure that every topic asked in the essay questions is discussed in the whole composition. Even if you are in college, you are not expected to use highfaluting words, but rather make your sentences simple and clear. An editor or a previous professor can help you improve and validate how excellent or poor your essay is. This section includes more detail and usually the start of elaboration for every point or question.
Goals have to be specific, and should reflect an action plan after your college graduation. It can be stressful and puts on a lot of pressure, especially when your future depends on this essay for a scholarship grant. While in Calgary, he has the opportunity to work with a few different trainers of various capabilities and experience, and one of the big differences he notices between each of us is where we tell him to put his weight when he does squats or deadlifts. By shifting weight into the heel, we automatically alter our centre of gravity and have to create compensations throughout our legs, hips and spine to keep our balance and not fall over. As we lower down, the ankle doesn’t bend, and the foot doesn’t have the ability to stabilize or produce force, which usually results in the person falling backwards (again, how is this effective!?! These three arches form a triangle with the center coinciding with your center of gravity during ideal posture, and just ahead of your heel. The easiest way to explain it is to think of your foot as a triangle, with your baby toe, big toe and heel as the three points of the triangle. In yoga, they teach you to spread your toes and dig them into the ground for support, and it works the same here. The knees should go as far as possible without lifting the heel, but I’ll save something for the next time.
I begun to doubt myself as I heard people say squat through the heel, but I can rest easy now.

I think that most trainers just don’t understand why they are telling clients to push through the heels. That is why we emphasize the heel orientation, also it is possible to work the toe quad orientation through specific plyometrics where there is a toe or front foot strike which is imperative for sprinters.
Postural alignment of the body is maintained by a part of the nervous system that takes over automatic control of many functions in the body, like digestion, breathing and heart function – this is why you do not have to think about them while they operate independent of voluntary action.  In a similar way the brain maintains control over slight involuntary contraction of deep postural muscles that are used to help us stand, sit and move without having to think about them.
The tendons and ligaments hold the skeleton together, but it is the postural muscles that maintain proper posture and prevent gravity from falling down.  When these muscles are not holding us together for we have bad posture that leads to low back pain and other structural problems. Faulty posture can be caused by, as well as perpetuate, excessive strain on those muscles most responsible for posture. Risk factors for poor posture also include psychosocial factors such as job stress and strain.
The effects of this simple method are indirect and not focused to the postural muscles specifically, but alter posture by increasing energy flow throughout the body and by subtly altering the position of the shoulders and upper back; when these changes are made the rest of body follows with better posture. Whenever you are standing or walking with your hands free, allow your arms to relax as they hand at your sides, as you turn your palms forward in the same direction your body is facing. As such, like any habit, you can change and develop a new way to hold your hands when they are not busy being used.
From the thousands of college applicants aiming for a scholarship, how will you make your essay application stand out?
No matter how similar college applications are, you have to read and understand the instructions well. Have a sort of survey from resources that will help you fill in the contents of your essay.
Having an outline is very helpful to keep your essay consistent and focused on a particular topic.
Remember that you only have one chance of writing an essay that will make a lasting impression on your college application. No matter how technical your vocabulary is but poor grammar is an indication of a lousy essay.
Do not forget to note your appreciation for the readers of your essay for taking the time to read your essay. A lot of trainers tell their clients to push through their heels, others say through the ball of the foot, whereas myself and the other right trainers tell their clients to push through the middle of the foot rather than at the extremes. By squatting through the heels, we take away this arch structure and leverage advantage, and turn into peg leg squatters. A lot of new trainees have a tendency to push up through the forefoot on the squat and a trigger phrase reminding people to keep their whole foot on the ground during the lift can be helpful.
There are millions of essay examples over the internet but, you need to come up with an essay that will get you that scholarship.
If you want to land on a good school for college with a scholarship, everything starts with reading and comprehending the instructions.
It is difficult to start writing an essay,  but with organized ideas, you can do it efficiently and effectively.
If we add weight on the shoulders, like in a back squat, that further tilts the pelvis, drives the hips back, and leans the torso forward, and winds up putting a lot of pressure on the lumbar spine and glutes. If we load weight in the front, like in a deadlift, these same adaptations happen, and force the back to have extreme pressure buildup that predisposes it to injury.

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