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Kiyo ordered a bowl of his favorite macaroni and cheese with a side of a small basket of garlic bread. Haru picked out clothes to change before heading to the bathroom where Marlee was blow drying his hair. Spoiler Click to displayLest FeirrantLest tackle hugged Ren in a way they could sort of remain standing(as I'm assuming they're standing). While specific details have yet to be released, here’s hoping it’s more like Chanel and less like Prada, which was an extremely short-lived endeavor. He pouted crossing his arms at the word adorable even though he secretly loved being called adorable by him. I cant believe it took so long for me to get here, but I guess living so far away can do that huh?

Suddenly, he noticed that there was a table off in the dining area that was occupied by only one person, a dark-haired male that he seemed to recognize from the halls in between classes. He didn't even say hello he just stuck a fork into his fruit salad stabbing a strawberry before eating it. He walked into their dorm heading to the restroom to blow dry his hair since he hated his hair dripping wet.
He only acknowledged the other guy with a short and tight smile before focusing on his salad and trying to find another strawberry to eat. Inside his mind he was laughing hysterically but he kept it in and acted smoothly.Ren hugged back happily. He could be perfectly fine without his glasses just walking around but his far sightedness would be a real hassle for reading the sheet music.

He continued walking to the dorm and knocked on the closest door that looked like Hana could sleep in.
Two boys occupied the room.One with blue shoulder length hair(Lest) and another with light brown hair.

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