Advice from the bible about relationships,if your ex boyfriend wants to be friends,tips on how to get over your ex husband - Step 1

Summary: Christian, Bible-based books & free online Bible studies with information, instruction, help & advice.
Practical, cross-cultural biblical books with personal application questions will transform your marriage.
We often add new Bible studies, books and more to this website, some of which you may miss since they can appear anywhere on the site. Encouraging Your Spouse Transform your marriage and family as you discover six key ways to encourage and build up your husband or wife. Each of these Christian, Bible-based books provides information, instruction, help and advice for daily living.
Read and print free online Bible studies for advice on the family, marriage, sex, communication, money, anger, depression, self-concept and more topics. This scriptural information is ideal for personal use, group study, and adult Christian education classes (adult Sunday school).
Cross-cultural help and advice onmoney, family (marriage and parenting), anger and jealousy.
When you learn and apply GodA’s foundational truths, you will begin to experience the joyful marriage and family God intends. The Bible says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain" (Psalm 127:1). Learn how to serve wisely, express love, show appreciation, demonstrate respect and prize your spouse above all others. Learn how to respond wisely to your spouseA’s faults, graciously deal with disappointments, and appreciate ways your mate does things differently than you do.

Escape the worldA’s corrupting influences and experience a close friendship, as well as a pure, romantic and exhilarating sexual relationship.
The advice is both cross-cultural and scriptural, and is appropriate for individual study as well as group study.
Whether your temptations are "minor" or life dominating, one thing is certain: You have them. If you have trouble with jealousy and insecurity, you know these emotions can seem overwhelming. If you have a problem with grumpiness, irritation or anger, you know how destructive these emotions can be, yet you may feel powerless to do anything about them.
Discover what it means to be "one flesh." See how to apologize without making things worse. Or do you feel as if you are trapped in the bottom of a deep pit and think there is no way out?
These practical, biblical tools will help you become increasingly self-controlled and overcome the major sins in your life. If you are married to a jealous or insecure person, you know the pain of these emotions from the other side. Discover tools to create a nurturing home, exercise authority effectively, overcome sibling rivalry, encourage responsibility, and develop childrenA’s talents and intellect. And learn how to focus on changes you should make instead of focusing on your spouseA’s faults. As you follow these guidelines, you will center your marriage in Christ and enjoy his blessings.

As you discover and practice biblical principles and guidelines about finances, your attitudes about money and finances will change. Also learn how to escape the pain and confusion that often comes from past experiences of sexual abuse or rape. The numerous practical, biblical guidelines in this book will help you enjoy the joy and peace that Jesus promises. Discover what it means to be GodA’s child and to know his love, forgiveness and grace—and his purpose for your life.
Also learn how to guide children through the teenage years and prepare them for marriage and sex. But it also will go deeper, helping you change inside as you grow in wisdom, grow in love, and learn how to live peaceably regardless of the circumstances in your family, job or elsewhere. This book provides encouragement and help even if your spouse is not a believer or is unwilling to follow GodA’s instructions in the Bible. By following the biblical guidelines in this book, you will have conversations that are intimate and satisfying. This practical book includes easy-to-use charts and budgeting forms that will help you get your finances under control. Learn how to overcome hurt feelings and resentment—and how to have a victorious attitude whatever the circumstances.

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