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Steve Wozniak is an inventor, computer engineer, and programmer who co-founded computer giant Apple with Steve Jobs.
That the best education comes from things you do on your own for your own reasons, not for grades. When a student leaves school, he or she may get advice such as “follow your bliss” – but come home to mostly junk mail and bills in the mailbox. Since the job market is tight, many students may not feel free to take chances; perhaps, they reason, they should study accounting instead of art.
Our society seems to group people into haves and have-nots, winners and losers, us and them.
I really believe it’s all chance: what inspires you when you’re young, whether you get recognized early by teachers, things you try to learn on your own, what you do in your free time. I have not read much about Steve Wozniak but had gathered he was very open-minded in his views. The American Craft Council's national conference will take place this October in Omaha at Kaneko. Learn more about the four concurrent Philadelphia exhibitions featuring American Craft Council Fellows. Husqvarna 1301 Sports Cruiser and 2017 Super Duke Facelift Spotted in Open Out of 12 Months, Activa Outsold Splendor 7 Times Last Year; Is the Hero Dying? With such a mix mangle of different Discovers (and many more to come) and a change of alphabets and numbers here and there, Bajaj is ending up confusing buyers. We have shared 10 differences (big and small) between the 125cc Discover siblings – Discover 125ST and Discover 125T. So, there is a power deficit of 0.9ps however, Discover 100M makes it up by producing this power 1000 rpm earlier. So for all these differences, there has to be a price difference to create proper segmentation between these two motorcycles.

And if you have wider spectrum of choices, you always have very competitive motorcycles Dream Neo, Dream Yuga from Honda and others. I really don’t understand if these kind of Questions are being asked in any Automobile Industry or even in Bajaj Recruitment or Training Centers.
And that the best thinking often comes from quiet thinking – the type done by shy kids who don’t shout out correct answers first. You get skills, but they come from encounters with subjects, books, movies, shows, friends, and so forth.
Thanks for this brief glimpse into his philosophy on learning and thinking about life -- very impressive!
Quite often we receive queries from our readers requesting us to point out differences between various Discover motorcycles. Optional Disc Brakes: Surprisingly, the costlier Discover 100T gets regular 130mm drum brakes whereas the cheaper Discover 100M gets an optional 200mm disc brakes.
Seat: While the Discover 100T comes with a sportier and ergonomic seat, the Discover 100M gets a more utilitarian and regular seat. Weigh what you are missing and what you getting and choose wisely between these two, if these are the two you are confused in.
And that grades measure how well you can repeat stuff but not how well you figure out solutions for yourself. Don’t try to be sneaky and use your job as a foundation to launch some competitive thing of your own. Eventually, almost all of us wind up where we were probably meant to be, by our own values and dreams.
Today we share 12 differences (again big and small) between the 100cc siblings – Discover 100T and the latest Discover 100M. However, to create some differentiation, Bajaj has tuned the same engine differently on both the motorcycles.

While the Discover 100T has got a 5-speed all-up gearbox, the Discover 100M makes do with a 4-speed all-up transmission. Detuning of the engine, reduction in weight and other measures have resulted in significant betterments on the fuel efficiency front. Creative thinking means conceiving and building projects – and maybe someday, circuits or programs or books or research – that are fresh.
You have to follow what you feel, and these feelings come from early life, from movies and books and accidental encounters and your own heroes.
So, Discover 100M produces a wee bit of lesser torque, however, it produces it 500rpm earlier. While the more powerful Discover 100T has a fuel efficiency of 70kmpl whereas for the new Discover 100M the CMVR approved fuel efficiency figures stand at 84kmpl.
When Apple went public I felt it was wrong that only a few of us at the top had huge wealth from stock so I sold a lot of mine to maybe 80 rank-and-file employees at a low price so they could make something too.
The most important reason, once you leave school, to earn an income is to have your own place.
It was called the “Woz Plan.” To me, success was creating new hardware and software that I wanted for personal reasons. It’s totally OK to take a job in any field or activity that is not part of your personal dreams. You can still work on what’s important to you while your intellectual and physical energy is at its peak.

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