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Rachel Bloom, creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, recently opened up about her thoughts on the prospect of creating a live musical episode for the series. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend also stars former theater performers Donna Lynne Champlin, who plays Paula and is a Drama Desk Award winner, Santino Fontana in the role of Greg brings his acting skills, which previously earned him a Tony Award nomination, and Vincent Rodriguez III, who has starred in a number of stage musicals.
With so much theater experience coming together on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it seems only natural that Bloom’s series should consider a live musical episode of the series.
The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star recently sat down to talk more about her life and career, which includes a mix of Hollywood acting and on-the-road stand-up comedy.
Speaking about stand-up and comedians, Rachel says that one of her inspirations is Rick Moranis (Ghost Busters, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids) and that the idea of writing a part for him on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is definitely something she would consider. From there, much of the interview evolved into Rachel talking about some of her favorite things, kicking off the round of rapid fire questions by revealing that Paul McCartney is her favorite Beatle and that she would choose Kurt Vonnegut over Ray Bradbury, or, basically, over any other author. Bloom also said that she would opt for Seth Green over Brecken Meyer, but only because she had previously worked for Green.
NASCAR driver Kurt Busch has been accused of domestic assault by his ex-girlfriend, and police in Delaware said Friday they are investigating. The Dover Police Department said in a statement that the allegations were brought to the department Wednesday. Driscoll has filed court documents asking that a judge order Busch to stay away from her and not contact her.
Driscoll says she pushed Busch away and ran from the bedroom, going to a nearby bus to put an ice pack on her head and neck.
A spokesman for Stewart-Haas Racing, Mike Arning, said Busch’s team was still gathering facts about the incident and not in a position to comment. Busch has a history of run-ins on and off the track with drivers, NASCAR officials and reporters. They acted like a family: Busch, Driscoll and Houston went on a hunting trip this year in New Zealand and Busch took Houston fly fishing.
Busch’s talent has never been doubted, with 25 career Cup wins and the 2004 championship. After Tom-Jan Husch’s girlfriend broke up with him, the 20-year-old decided to take revenge by hitting a dog she had given him as a gift and posting a video of the attack on Facebook. Although the video has since been removed, it was uploaded to several different sites and has gone viral worldwide angering animal lovers in the process.
According to police officer Norbert Skalsk, the 10-week-old pup was left with a swollen face, a missing tooth and a concussion. Husch’s girlfriend made a formal complaint to the police on February 17th after receiving the video through WhatsApp. In the video, Husch also threatens to kill the little one and anyone else who provokes him. Authorities quickly removed the dog from the property and sent Husch to a mental institution for a few days, wrote German newspaper Rhein Zeitung.
Luckily, the puppy quickly found a foster family where he will be loved and recover from the trauma. In Germany, the Animal Protection Act states sentences of up to 3 years in prison or a fine. The story that Husch was beaten up by an angry animal lover has been circulating the web since the attack, it has now been discovered it is not true and the picture had been photoshopped. So you would wish for anoyher man to suffer, your no better than he is for wanting to see anyone suffer. I can’t watch ANY of the animal abuse videos I watched one and it haunted me with nightmares every night for weeks. Have you ever considered that SOME of us do not care, as long as the abuser gets what’s coming to him?

You do also realize this guy was found by a stranger who kicked his ass from something online, right?
Bad enough idiots are still passing on this stupid photoshop LIE, but now there are idiots adding to it (interview? Copy pasting said article “After Tom-Jan Husch’s girlfriend broke up with him, he decided to take revenge to an extreme level by violently hitting and punching the dog his girlfriend bought him as a present.
This video was since removed from Facebook, however the video instantly went viral, attracting the attention of one man who decided to bring this little dog justice by tracking down Husch and inflicting the same pain to him that Husch inflicted on the poor, defenseless animal. The guy also took a video of himself beating up Husch, which he later posted online as a warning to everyone that animal cruelty and abuse would not be tolerated in Germany. It didn’t say it on the post I saw, you do realize it’s all over the place, and I mean all over, right?
Still, some people just shouldn’t be allowed themselves human, and to call this guy an animal would insult animals. It is normal to feel like that after seeing such horrific violence against a defenseless puppy.
I think we all said things here that we perhaps should not have but I became very angry and distressed after I saw this film and was so upset that I developed a severe headache. Hannah Lee Fowler is the ex-girlfriend of singer, songwriter аnd fоrmеr college football player Sam Hunt. Hannah Lee Fowler’s ex beau wаѕ credited fоr writing singles fоr Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Billy Currington, аnd Reba McEntire. Uроn thе launch оf hiѕ career, Hunt hаѕ quickly assumed recognition frоm bоth inside аnd оutѕidе thе country music community fоr hiѕ boundary-breaking artistry, incorporating uѕе оf R&B аnd pop intо thе production аnd songwriting оf hiѕ songs. Sam Hunt has been dubbed the hottest country singer, it was rumored that he was dating Bachelorette Andi Dorfman last year, the rumor was denied by both parties and Sam even said he was single, well maybe he is single now, but there was a time when he was dating a beautiful brunette named Hannah Lee Fowler.
20-year-old Hannah Lee Fowler a stunning nursing student who loves to ride horses graduated from Evangel Christian School in 2006, she has three sisters Sarah, Rebekah and Elizabeth and two brothers named Joshua and Daniel. Sam’s last photo of girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler was posted in 2014, although sources close to him said they were still together in 2015.
Check out Jason Momoa at a party the other day in LA kissing a woman believed to be his ex-fiancee Simmone Jade Mackinnon. At a certain point, when you commit to being with someone who looks the way Jason Momoa looks, I wonder if you just have to deal. Former Stanford defensive tackle Matthew Masifilo thinks Manti Te’o was truly duped by his fake girlfriend.
Masifilo, who played at Stanford from 2007-2011 and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in November, claims Te’o was always asking Stanford players if they knew his mystery girlfriend. Bloom also talked more about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, her love for Rick Moranis, and her own special brand of stand-up comedy. Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the story of Rebecca Bunch, who abandons a highly successful New York life as a prestigious attorney to find love and adventure in West Covina, California.
As the idea was brought to Rachel’s attention, during the North Hollywood event, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Emmy For Your Consideration, it seemed that the idea, while new to the series panel, had merit.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna was also intrigued by the idea, adding that, with so many former Broadway players on the cast, there should be little difficulty in putting something together.
Bloom describes her act as something of a variety show with music making up a majority of her routine.
The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator joked that the day may come when she might have to beg Green for a job again, so she wants to stay on his good side.
Busch’s ex-girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, said the allegations involved an incident inside his motor home at a race at Dover International Speedway in September. She also is asking that Busch undergo a psychiatric evaluation and be evaluated by a certified domestic violence treatment agency.

She said the incident caused her severe pain, difficulty breathing and bruising on her neck. He qualified 10th Friday for this weekend’s Quicken Loans 500 at Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale, Arizona.
The couple met at a foundation dinner in 2011, and after hitting it off, Busch became a spokesman and ambassador for the foundation.
He was suspended by Roush Racing for the last two races of the 2005 season after police cited him for reckless driving.
Jerry Punch during the 2011 season finale, and Busch was fined $50,000 by NASCAR after the clip was posted on YouTube. Busch made the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship in his first season at Stewart-Haas Racing, and Driscoll tweeted regular updates from his NASCAR races this season. But his prickly personality has scared away sponsors, and rides with deep-pocketed owners Jack Roush and Penske fizzled. Alan has worked for number of radio stations all over Southern California and Alan currently hosts Shifting Gears on ARN.
ARN provides quality American motorsports coverage including NASCAR, IndyCar, NHRA, AMA Supercross and Automotive news.
WE WOULD NEVER KNOW ABOUT THESE SICK PEOPLE IF IT HADN’T BEEN POSTED…KEEP IT GOING TO WARN ANYONE ELSE THAT THEY WILL BE FOUND! Also apologise if I came across a bit rude, re reading my comment it would appear that way. Born in Cedartown, Georgia, Hunt played football in hiѕ high school аnd college years аnd оnсе attempted tо pursue a professional sports career bеfоrе signing with MCA Nashville in 2014.
Hе hаѕ bееn honored with numerous awards, including оnе American Music Award, оnе Academy оf Country Music Award, аnd оnе CMT Music Award, аѕ wеll аѕ nominations fоr Billboard Music Awards аnd Grammy Awards. Either that, or he was so deep into his web of lies, he would go to these extremes to keep up the story.
Among the list of cities on her tour itinerary, Iowa City, Iowa received Rachel and her routine, A Night with Rachel Bloom, at the Englert Theatre.
If he is, his case would play out after a series of high-profile cases involving prominent athletes, including Ray Rice and Greg Hardy in the NFL, ignited a national debate about how tough professional leagues are when allegations of abuse surface.
The pair came across as a happy couple when Busch attempted to complete the Coca Cola 600 and the Indianapolis 500 on the same day earlier this year, a feat only a handful of other drivers have attempted.
They frequently embraced on the track, or were seen walking hand in hand, never shying from public displays of affection.
His career detoured into journeyman status with single-car teams the last two seasons before landing at SHR. He needs jail not a mental ward where he could be used as a pin cushion for lonely inmates. Grow up dumbass and stop trying to start shit with people who are offended by animal abuse. I did, however, see the claim it was photoshopped on ONE post after much searching…that originated on facebook I might add. Who wouldn’t get upset at the site of a motherless fuck piece of shit like that beating up a little defenseless dog?
Reading is indeed fundamental, you should probably follow your own advice and READ considering I have not disagreed with you and you’re still chomping at the bit.

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