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Remind him how popular and fun you are AND how boring and alone he is with this solid text.
Send this text on Saturday morning to gossip with your "friend" about your hot hookup last night. I’ve often wished there was an application I could use on my laptop that would obliterate that horrible, blinking light and the need to autocorrect into a little window at a fraction of my normal speed.
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Come up with a sexy, model-esque name for your fake date that is alphabetically close to your ex's.
He'll probably text all your mutual friends asking if he should have gotten an invitation to something and wonder whether you hooked up with anyone he knows.
Another bonus is the battery indicator which allows you to see how much charge you have left. It’s for the reader who is interested in technology, but doesn’t necessarily live and breathe it.

You can waste a lot of time just picking your phone up and putting it down when responding to messages.
In other words, your computer or tablet will have all the functionality of your phone, without the hassle.

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