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The longer your breakup goes on, the harder it will be to get back together with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. However, you CAN make moves and adjustments to speed up the process of winning your ex back.
These are the actions that will make your ex miss you, wonder about you, and ultimately, rethink his or her decision to end your relationship. Worst of all, you're happily agreeing to place yourself in a strictly platonic role - a role from which you'll most likely never escape. If your ex is ignoring you or won't respond to any of your calls, it must mean they're over the relationship and don't love you anymore. See, in order to get an ex back you need to play your breakup as cooly and delicately as possible.
Without contact, it's impossible to know the signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to get back together with you. No matter what you say or do, the two of you can never feel those 'beginning of your relationship' sparks again. Get them to identify with those same feelings again, and you're giving them every reason to want and need you back.

To the right you'll find tons of great articles on how to get back an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.
Whether you just broke up or have been apart for a while, these downloadable audio and video guides can speed you down the path to recovering your relationship. But you'll have to be proactive about fixing your relationship, patient with your approach, and perfect with the timing of exactly when to make your moves!
And when I can’t stand it any longer and I feel like I’m at the breaking point, I contact him. But the reason I contact him is because I feel if I don’t I will literally lose my mind.” Google thinks you might like: Nooo…don’t contact your ex, especially when you’re at the breaking point! I don’t know what that is – and I suspect you don’t know either, or you don’t want to face it. Maybe you don’t feel worthy to be loved by someone else, or you’re scared to set yourself up to get hurt again. Learning how to get over your ex boyfriend is about looking inside you for the answers.In Starting Over After Your Relationship Ends, this reader described several ways she tried to get over her ex boyfriend.
But, I’m terribly worried that it’ll also be so hard and my mind will wander right back to my ex.”Your breakup was heartbreaking, but it doesn’t compare to being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

You need to be a grownup, and put your feelings on the back burner while you take care of your mother.You need to focus on what matters in your life right now – and your ex boyfriend is not what matters. When you don’t know how to move on after a breakup, practice being in the moment and letting go of the future and past.
What is wrong with me?” 2 Most Popular Relationship Resources:Save My Marriage Today Captivate Him - Be the Woman He Never Wants to Leave“I have known this man for many years. No one would call it easy, but the rhythm of emotional pain that we learn to tolerate is natural, constructive, and expansive. This isn’t the same as hating yourself, thinking you’ll never be able to love again, or wondering what’s wrong with you.
Think of at least three answers (though 30 would be great and 300 even better).”Write down three things that you would do if you weren’t scared, lonely, sad, heartbroken, or consumed with self-pity.
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