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Bob Feldman was inspired to write this song after witnessing an altercation between a girl and a tough-looking boy who wore a leather jacket.
On the current version, "My boyfriend's back, he's gonna save my reputation" is heard twice - once before and once after the break. On the hit version, the ending section comes in immediately after the "hey la"'s that follow "If I were you I'd take a permanent vacation."The Angels, in addition to having hits of their own, were much in demand as background vocalists on others' records.

Perhaps their most famous outing in this regard is on Lou Christie's "Lightnin' Strikes," which featured Angel Peggy Santiglia. The Beatles, along with the other British invasion bands, wrote their own songs and shook up the established supply chain when it came to songs. The songwriters Feldman, Goldstein and Gottehrer found an interesting way to adapt: they started recording their own songs.

Calling themselves The Strangeloves, they pretended to be a savage Australian act, as it made for a much better story.

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