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So last week I was emailing back and forth with a reader named Alicia about the usual (fauxdenzas, wood, anchors, sofas) and she just had to mention that she was putting up an ad on Craigslist for two 3-tier white Kartell Componibili units for the price of one new one. So, much like somebody who is mentally unbalanced and likes a good deal (not me, just somebody like that person), I think I was at the seller’s apartment in less than an hour and carrying Componibilis into our apartment like 10 minutes after Max came home from work. The Componibili is great because it holds toilet paper, the blowdryer, and various other excess toiletries that used to sit in a box in our kitchen. That is going to be my stock answer from now on whenever someone asks what Evan thinks about whatever interior decor thing I have going on.
I was pretty sure that you were going to do a give-away for the second one to your faithful readers. I forgive you for not drawing my name ONLY because there was a photo of Mekko on the sidebar and it eased my pain. Highly entertaining post that’s now been bookmarked for those days when I need a good laugh. Ha, ha, ha, we have a black cat named Spooky (I know, not very original) who is dumb, dumb, dumb.
I never really liked the shape of the Componibili, but I think it looks great wedged in between that tiny nook.
On a serious note, what would you rather have, if you could have anything, than that sink and floor? I think the Componibili would look far less awkward if you swapped it with that trashcan, putting it next to the toilet.
Its weird and I get the minimalist look, but you have no design cred the day you put in pelican tiles!
Oh, I am so glad that you are making some dough off this blog, Daniel, because you are very entertaining.

I in fact have the same componibili unit in my bathroom – small Brooklyn bathrooms, what else fits?? Those are wonderful cabinets, and the second one would be great for the kitchen … a mini pantry! Maybe I was worried you would be sad so I had a chat with Ferm Living Shop about how sad you would be? They were only a couple years old, great condition——did I know anybody who might want them? I tried to be considerate by sending him this series of text messages, which pretty much gives you an accurate picture of what it’s like to be in a relationship with me. This thing is obviously good-looking and pretty adorable and it looks good in the bathroom. Another huge point of contention in the bathroom has been getting a bathmat——Max hates bathmats and thinks they’re dirty, vile things, and I don’t understand life without them?
Honestly, I hate that sink, so I’m not all that concerned with trying to accentuate it in any way. Then I’d probably replace the floor with either black pennyrounds or some kind of small-scale hexagon mosaic, which would give a nice nod to the age of our building (120 years!). Maybe Ferm Living Shop agreed you might be sad and a 10% off promo code was offered to soften the blow of being a poor, pathetic loser? I wish I felt the same way about the sink and the floor, but there isn’t a whole lot I can do about either of those. And obviously part of design IS adding function, and this definitely does the job in the least impactful way I can really think of. It may not be the prettiest, but I’m way too lazy to put my hair dryer away on a daily basis.

Rip that shit out and while you are at it, add a ridiculous custom dresser-cum-sink and standing shower as we all know you are way too OCD to actually sit in a filthy bathtub. Obviously I’m willing to splurge for the sake of pretty to a point, but I think I have to draw the line at funding a new sink and flooring for a rental bathroom!
Gimme those Componibilis and we can talk fauxdenzas til my jaw detaches itself from my face. I’m totally with you on both the Componibilis and the bathmat that looks like an instrument of torture to me. Seriously, who renovates a bathroom (we are talking in a house not an apartment) with no storage!
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