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Okay cool, so we’re all clear that this song is about a boy cheating on a girl with another boy. First of all, that’s nonsense, because it makes it seem like you take homosexual relationships less seriously, but WHATEVER. Something has to stop her from going completely off the rails and trying to deny quotes that came out of her very own interviews. In a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, she accuses reporters (on both the publications I guess? I would feel better about finding out that my partner was gay because then I wouldn’t think it was about me.

I’m happy with who I am, but people can still call me out when they think I say something dumb!
The things she says are a little peculiar, but they don’t negatively influence people or harm her brand. When they were asking about it she was like I know what ya’ll do like the did that on purpose! You do not get to backtrack like this and try to be the girl who wasn’t even bothered by the breakup! You can be the heartbroken girl who gets a hit song about it, you can be the girl who dated a gay guy, or you can be the girl who brushes off a cheating ex.

She was acting like they already knew it was fake but they did that because they wanted drama.

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