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This would be particularly interesting if you could interpret it in relation to how much time they spend engaged in out-of-class coursework or studying. Engaging students through social media: Evidence-based practices for use in student affairs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
But you know me, I like to have data to back up assumptions so I’m sharing some results of a recent survey I conducted on student technology use. Presumably, it’s much easier to remember how many messages you sent yesterday (and if all else fails, students can look at their text messaging log). For instance, students reported spending a little over two hours a day using search engines.

The time estimates in the publication are slightly different from those in this post because they are based on a different sample and text messaging frequency was estimated by asking about number of texts sent (instead of time spent texting). What was most surprising to me was the amount of time that students reported texting– a full 3 hours per day on average. Interestingly enough, they spent about as much time on email as they did talking on the cell– oh, those antiquated methods of communication are so quaint. Lastly, students reported spending less than twenty minutes a day chatting or IMing on any platform. The chatting numbers combined with some of the Facebook data I collected leads me to conclude that students don’t spend a lot of time using Facebook chat. As part of this study, I collected data on multitasking which I haven’t yet analyzed, but will soon for an upcoming paper.

I’m guessing that there may be a good amount of error variance introduced by the way the texting question was interpreted by students. So, does a text message conversation last an hour if I’ve sent and received a total of 4 messages in that hour?

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