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Many fathers who are divorced will agree that the most difficult part is not being with your children every day and feeling like you've become a visitor in their lives. When it comes to open, honest discussions about divorce, we don't often hear much from the perspective of men.
The fact is, there are not a lot of win-win-win outcomes in divorce but I am here to tell you I have found one that works for us and our son. I'd never purport that it's not normal to be angry, hurt, outraged or lonely -- essentially, to be an emotional mess. Christmas, for the divorced folk in this world like me, is half a holiday when it comes to actual time spent with our children. When you're a single or divorced dad, everyone and their mother seems to have an opinion on your personal life and parenting skills.
Here are five of my top reasons why dating divorced dads can be smart, satisfying and sensational.
Going through a divorce for the most part no longer carries the stigma it once did, but the toll it takes on you remains the same. If you want love, devotion and loyalty, check out these gems in the rough who will potentially worship you for the rest of your life.
Even if things go extraordinarily well, there could be factors that prevent you from being compatible. If you've recently gone through a divorce and you're thinking about how to get back into the dating scene, you need to prepare yourself mentally.
For several years after my parents' split, I rarely saw my father so I developed a deep craving for his attention or what I call "Daddy Hunger." I later realized that every daughter yearns to have her dad's approval and that I wasn't to blame for his absence in my life. It is an institutional problem and it is up to the fathers, the mothers and the schools to begin a conversation about how to improve this problem. There is no scientific evidence that justifies limiting or postponing overnighting until the age of four. One thing that would really help is if the mother would encourage the child that dad’s house is a wonderful, safe place (if in fact it is.) If it is, and if the mother is “still battling” him then shame on her! I guess my interpretation of this is that many custody battles are because of bitterness and anger and hatred between the couple.
Jackie, I’m recently single and I’ve been in a relationship for so long that I forgot how to talk to women. This divorced dad needs some divorce advice: My ex mother in law let me have dinner with my kids while my ex-wife was working. As I was walking out the door yesterday morning, heading to the gym, I got a text from a girlfriend that read, "Whatcha doing?

I’m sharing these numbers because I truly feel like I have a pretty good sense of the divorced guy, some common traits, and how I think he feels. That said, I think men and women dating are skeptical of every person they go on a date with, divorced or not.
I wrote a blog post on Divorced Girl Smiling called “Inside the Mind of a Recently Separated 40 Something Woman,” where I talked about the perceptions and insecurities of a woman as it relates to getting older and being single again. The first thing I’d like to do is speculate that this man’s wife was the one who wanted the divorce. I want to forget that I ever read this mean-spirited, bitter email from a man who clearly has divorce anger and despite his claim of marrying a younger, prettier professional who he has fun with is definitely NOT OVER HIS DIVORCE. According to experts, single women looking for a happy, secure boyfriend should look for a man with a sister or sisters. Pro Tip: When surprising your son or daughter at college, make sure you know their correct dorm room number. My entire life I've only known what it's felt like to have the word "Divorce" attached to me.
You've probably been asked that question, or a variation of it, many times, and it's not always easy to pin down an answer. Likewise, if things go extraordinarily bad, there's still a chance you two are perfect together.
Before you plunge in head first looking for your next major relationship, do take some time for yourself. I recognize putting responsibility on the school districts adds a burden, however, with a 50 percent divorce rate, this subject must be addressed. Unfortunately, the alarming reports about overnighting still abound, depriving many babies and toddlers of overnight care from their fathers. At the time due to a crappy lawyer and my ex being who she is, I got 4.5 hours with my son a week! My skepticism comes from his alleged “crappy lawyer” and him saying “my ex being who she is.” Is it really a crappy lawyer who caused him to get 4.5 hours a week with his son? This single dad is correct in that many kids have a really hard time transitioning to their dad’s house. When he uses the words “she is still battling me,” and “I persevered,” that makes it sound like a war between the parents and I question his motives. And, if a mom or dad only sees their children a couple nights a week, they could still be an amazing parent. It's kind of like hanging out with your platonic female divorced friend and hearing her perspective on your divorce and your love life issues.

The most likely reason is because they haven’t felt desired by a woman in a long long time –in the case that their wife was the one who chose to leave. I believe that SMART women take the time to really listen to the guy’s story and trust our gut.
Sure, it’s fun, but lots of guys zero in on women they perceive to have low self-esteem so they can get some sex.
If he was truly talking about his child’s best interest, he would have chosen different words. Even worse, she left for another man, so I’m sure that does a number on a man’s self-image.
Then we draw our own conclusion about what we think of him, his whole personality, his divorce only being one aspect of him, not what defines him. This guy is confusing insecure teenage girls with low self-esteem (those are the ones who tend to have sex when given a lot of attention) and insecure middle-aged women.
Except my dog, since that's when I walk him past the elementary school up the street and see all the parents rushing to pick up their kids from after-school care. A child needs his or her father as much as his or her mother (with the exception of abuse or if a child is put in danger.) So, sometimes they have to be pushed a little bit. Honestly, to me it reveals a tremendous amount of divorce anger, bitterness and insecurity.
It’s your ability to find a man that’s actually going to stay around that should make you proud.
Trust me, newly separated women with low self-esteem don’t jump into bed with the first guy who pays attention to them.
But this was a guy who took me out on dates, treated me with respect, and could not have been nicer. AND, I know plenty of men who love women in their forties, and they end up having a wonderful relationship with the woman’s children.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, no one should feel like they are a better parent because they have more days and nights with their kids. She was not bad looking, but having a child and living with her mom (really, mom living with her) puts a serious crimp in her ability attract men.
Me, despite having 50 percent custody, I was able to find and marry a pretty, younger, professional woman, with a child of her own, who has fun with me.

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