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However, after dozens and dozens of dates and hundreds of right swipes that have amounted to nothing, I’ve been able to put a label on just about every single one. When one relationship ends, it’s so easy to look back at a previous ex and question why that relationship didn’t work out either.
Call it delusion or curiosity, but it always seems like a logical first step when you’re single.
When my high school sweetheart found out that my recent ex and I had ended things, he came back into my life the same way he left it: like a tornado, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Without getting into details for his sake (and his girlfriend’s, whoops), the verdict was we broke up for a reason.
In the words of my inner spirit animal, Taylor Swift, we are never, ever getting back together.
He’ll monopolize your free time to ensure you don’t spend time with anyone else, but he won’t commit.

You want to see other people, but you don’t want to put what you have at risk because it’s comfortable and fun. They’ll cook you your favorite dinner, buy you nice wine and compliment you on the weird things you wish people would notice.
They’ll give you some bullsh*t excuse like they’re just “not ready for a relationship right now,” or they “really like you,” and “it scares” them. These types of guys are the reason all women are a little hesitant, confused, broken and — yes — crazy. While I personally haven’t gone on a single date with one of these guys, they exist in the masses.
While relationships take effort, you should never force yourself to fall for someone because you think you’d be great together.
It’s a recipe for disaster and heartbreak, and that’s one sad situation I won’t ever willingly walk into.

It’s unfair to string the other person along when he’s clearly feeling all the emotions you wish you could. When you’re dating someone you’re not into, but whom you love as a human being, breaking the ice is a double-edged sword. It won’t be because I asked my co-workers, friends, family and acquaintances if they know someone else who’s completely exhausted by the routine dating scene.
It certainly won’t be because I got drunk enough to get the nerve to walk up to a guy and strike up a random conversation. When that something does, in fact, happen, all those heartbreaks, mistakes, moments of weakness and feelings of guilt will wash away.

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