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So instead of making it so hard for you, here I will give you some guidelines on when you should actually hold back on calling him.
So ladies, calling men is definitely not a crime, but stay away from calling men who are not interested in you by remembering the eight points above.
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Our fraud department works 24 hours a day in order to screen for scammers and we delete, blacklist, and block any and all scammers we can find. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE – no matter how convincing it sounds !!!!!! Use the CONTACT US link on the bottom of every web page to report the member to us so the appropriate actions can be taken.
I strongly recommend to block any person asking for money, that you have not met in person. After 5 days later the lady told me she need money again for the manager for under the table money so i give 3 hundred sing dollar. But why do you see many relationship books out there tell you NOT to call men first ESPECIALLY if you like him?

Even if he answers the phone, ask him whether or not he is free to talk, and do not call him again if he says he is busy. The safety and privacy of our members is a top priority for us and with your help we can put these guys to rest permanently. I know, it’s all too hard when we associate dating and games because when two people really click with each other, there should be NO dating games played whatsoever. Ok, there is probably a reason to that, and the reason is not that it will make the men less interested in you – a man wouldn’t lose interest just because you beat him to the punch with some of the callings right? Do not call him to find out where he is, what he wants for dinner, or to simply check out on him making sure that he is where he told you he was going to be. Some girls really love to call men when they are out with their friends but as you know, men are not like women. Then suddenly they will have some difficulty – a medical emergency etc, and ask you to wire money to their bank in Africa. The owner of this site may be compensated for the purchase of a ebooks and software after clicking on a download link.
But it will put you at risk of calling men who are not interested in you (and never have since the beginning).

But if within considerable amount of time the text is not returned, then you should know where you stand i.e. They want to look cool and tough in front of their friends – and being lovey-dovey with a woman is not very manly. So unless you hold fire some of the days, you wouldn’t give him the chance to actually miss you.
The thing is, you may be feeling desperate ONLY at a particular time – the time when you call him.
So chances are he will be very agitated and half acting (especially if you’ve just started seeing him) and you will feel insecure. However, he may simply have the impression that you ARE desperate rather than thinking it was only for the short time.

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