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The Termie Captain for SoB is being released in a clampack, we’ll see the broodlord when they redo the Nids soon.
Have we really gotten that freaking stupid with trying to prop up Games Workshop as “THE BEST THING EVAH!!!”? While I agree with you on the not been to bad in value it’s still more expensive then it needs be. And since Fallout 4 is just $60 and only came out on Tuesday and not over a year ago, it’s certainly not the reason the player base is failing.
I don’t play video games and I have all but stopped purchasing GW products (still occasionally buy bits for building conversions as fun, not for the game.) So you are correct at least when it comes to me! Go check out the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter pack and the two army packs they have for sale. They are an arguably even more niche product in the same hobby space as GW and they are using injection moulded plastic for their (core) miniatures. You gotta remember that Antares also comes with a full sized hardback rulebook, templates, dice and posable miniatures. However, if you compare the C3 starter army at ?50 for 41 models, with the Space Marine Battleforce at ?60 for 11 infantry and a walker, you get a much better deal.
I looked at alternatives a lot and when it came down to models I actually wanted: GW was the same or cheaper in nearly all cases on a model per model basis. From Australia, can’t you buy through ebay or whatever and get the same as UK prices? Sorry… I do not mean to interrupt the serious conversation of this vs that, but that was a funny typo.
Imperial Assault also has a lot more variety out of the gate, and they’ve added more to it beyond that. Tired of watching you decry personal attacks just to make one the next sentence and lecture everyone on the evils of GW.

And bloody well right I will turn someone’s insult right back around on them as an example of how stupid it is.
And, while i do agree there was a time when gw stuff was cheaper, before that the price was preaty much the same as nowadays. The merger of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers Flextronics International and Solectron Corp. The more immediate competitive threat posed by the merger is to other EMS players, mainly Celestica, Sanmina and Jabil, rather than Foxconn. A fast-paced co-operative game for one to four players, it blends stealth, tactics, subtle forward-thinking and outright blazing violence into a fantastic, tense, action-packed experience that is accessible to board game players of any level. On top of these, you get fifteen Chaos Cultists, three Chaos Space Marines, a Chaos Familiar and a Chaos Space Marine Terminator Sorcerer. The whole point is to point out the weird pricing issues that results in a far better value to buy the box set than to buy the 4 assassins separately.
When you bought SM’s in blisters and they were metal the cost of a squad was preaty much the same as it is nowadays with 20 years difference.
Through this multibillion-dollar merger, Flextronics gets a very visible forum to show rival Foxconn and the rest of the electronics industry that it intends to remain a power player in the global EMS market. The merger may yield opportunities for Flextronics at customers including Cisco Systems Inc. Furthermore, there's a potential cultural mismatch between the companies, along with a severe challenge to align people, processes and technology. All of these can be deployed in games of Warhammer 40,000 – rules for the Assassins are included in White Dwarf 65. Finally, Solectron could drag down margins and profitability for Flextronics going forward. I’ll stick to my old metal officio assassinorum representatives, even though I might buy the calidus.

Servetus rejected orthodox Christianity (issues such as the trinity), holding what would correctly be called heretical views. In those days heretics were executed, and at one point Servetus was arrested- but released for lack of evidence. Soon after, he was re-arrested by the Catholic church and convicted of a capital offense– thanks to John Calvin, who sent some of Servetus heretical writings to the authorities. I was to find among them wonderful things, and such as I had never before seen; and if I wished, he would himself come. Calvin of course, didn’t miss the opportunity and had his friend Nicholas de la Fontaine arrest Servetus on 40 capital charges of heresy. During the trial, Calvin wrote that he hoped the verdict would come back as death[2], and it did. Also, it is true that Calvin tried to get Servetus to repent of his theology and when that didn’t work, he sought to have him beheaded instead of burned alive. Why in the world would I want to build the totality of my Christian theology on a foundation erected by such a person? He holds master degrees in theology and mission (Gordon Conwell) and is a Doctor of Intercultural Studies (Fuller Seminary). His first book, Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus, is available wherever books are sold. Corey What if American Christian culture has caused us to miss out on the most important aspect of faith-- Jesus? In this book, I invite you into my story of transformation as we recover a Jesus that is counter-cultural, even counter to American Christian culture.

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