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Pistols are sidearms designed to be held and operated by one hand, with the other hand optionally supporting the shooting hand. The Zenith is a polymer framed semi-automatic compact pistol developed by Steiner Bisley and is very popular in 2027. The 10mm pistol is a powerful sidearm used by paramilitary forces all over the world in 2052. Developed by Mako Ballistics between 2052 and 2072, the Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol is a semi-automatic weapon that uses universal ammo.
Created some time between 2028 and 2052, the stealth pistol is a suppressed variant of the 10mm pistol, designed for wet work at very close ranges. The weapon features a bullpup design—highly unusual for a handgun—which places the trigger and grip near the muzzle and the action and magazine at the very rear. However, players using the regular pistol as their primary weapon should be careful with the Stealth pistol, as both the regular and Stealth pistols draw from the same ammo source. Accuracy and Range mods are very useful if the player intends to use the Stealth pistol at medium range. The stealth pistol is heavily based on the fictional Seburo CX "Compact eXploder" that appears in many works of the manga artist Masamune Shirow, such as Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed. Ammunition, often referred to as ammo, is the term used for expendable ordnance material used in charging weapons of all kinds; as pistols, rifles, heavy weapons etc.
The 7.62x51mm NATO round was chiefly used by anti-terrorist units equipped with assault rifles for close-quarters combat until its widespread adoption among national security forces requiring enhanced combat responsiveness made it ubiquitous. The 9x19mm cartridge was designed by Georg Luger and introduced in 1902 by the German weapons manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken. Standard 12 gauge shotgun shell; very effective for close-quarters combat against soft targets, but useless against body armor.
A 12 gauge shotgun shell surrounding a solid core of tungsten that can punch through all but the thickest hardened steel armor at close range; however, its ballistic profile will result in minimal damage to soft targets. The 20mm high-explosive grenade complements the standard 7.62x51mm assault rifle by adding the capability to clear small rooms, foxholes, and blind corners using an underhand launcher. The 40?46mm grenade is a military grenade caliber for grenade launchers in service with many armed forces and use by the US Army during the Vietnam War. Developed specifically for the FR-27 Combat Rifle, these .303-caliber titanium flechettes are loaded like bullets, but shed their cases on firing to open up steerable fins. The .416 Ultrasonic heavy caliber is a military long-range high-caliber rifle cartridge created by Synergies Ltd, intended as a powerful sniper cartridge for spec-ops.
Hypodermic dart is a needle coupled with a hollow reservoir resembling a syringe filled with a chemical mixture out of different psychopharmaceuticals and anaesthetics such as Diazepam, Phencyclidine, Ketamine and Morphine.
Polycarbonate arrow is a golden colored arrow made in polycarbonate consisting of a shaft with a carbide tipped bolt attached to the front end, with fletchings and a nock at the other, exclusively used by crossbows. A gyroscopically stabilized rocket with limited onboard guidance systems for in-flight course corrections.
Stun gun dart is a high density electroshock discharge dart manufactured by Bobson Synthetics Group.
Tritium power cell is an atomic high energy density low-power cell using the emission from the radioactive isotope of hydrogen tritium by non-thermal conversion (extracting a fraction of the incident energy rather than using thermal energy to run electrons in a cycle) to generate electricity. The Typhoon 10mm stainless steel ball is a particular ammo manufactured by Sea-Tec ltd and used by the mechanical augmentation Typhoon Explosive System. A post-2052 ammunition type in which a nano-mass is dynamically configured by any Mako Ballistics weapon into ammunition of its appropriate type (anything from a pistol shot to a guided rocket, or even incendiary fuel for the flamethrower) and allows all Mako Ballistics weapons to use the same ammunition. I have always thought 20's looked great on the Maxima but I didnt like that it affected performance.
I like the black with the red, goes well with the car but i am not a bigg fan on the design of the wheels.
The Zenith is a 10mm polymer framed semi-automatic compact pistol developed by Steiner-Bisley GmbH. It is in extremely common use, so ammo will never be an issue, and its penchant for taking upgrades means it can eventually be a formidable backup weapon.

The armor-piercing upgrade ignores all armor bonuses, meaning headshots from the pistol are exceptionally lethal and as such, should be considered even by Pacifists (for bosses). The pistol is one of the most common weapons in enemy hands, and is not particularly threatening when used by them; while no enemy should be underestimated, the player will only really find themselves in trouble if they are surrounded by several enemies with these weapons. When fitted with the Armor Piercing Rounds mod, the Zenith actually deals less damage to unarmored targets, so it depends largely on the player's preference when it comes to attaching this mod or not. When in cover, the reload animation shows the slide lock back regardless of whether or not there is still a round in the chamber.
Additionally, the design of the pistol grip and trigger guard strongly resemble the fictional Seburo M-5 pistol, prominently seen in Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
The Pistol has excellent handling characteristics and is very easy to deliver headshots with. The Pistol can land headshots after 4-5 shots during "blind-fire" if you aim correctly at the enemy.
The brass check will always show a visible bullet in the chamber, even if the pistol is completely empty. The 80-X Boxguard is surprisingly vulnerable towards the Zenith with the armor-piercing rounds mods attached.
As shown in the reveal trailer, the Zenith sports a shiny anodized black finish in Mankind Divided, as opposed to Human Revolution's matte grey. In a beta screenshot, however, the slide of the pistol is colored in the standard grey-white, albeit somewhat modified from the original version with the most prominent change being the large model name "Zenith" taking the place of the Steiner-Bisley logo. It's modular, equipped with a Picatinny rails system, and can also accept a sound suppressor. It is a novel pistol in that it uses detachable external magazines instead of the fixed rotating cylinders used almost universally in modern revolvers. It appears to be a semi-automatic with a single-stack magazine which uses the 10 mm auto cartridge.
This is a different model than its regular cousin, created for stealth situation and sports an integrated silencer, a much larger double-stack magazine, and a higher rate of fire. As with all bullpup configurations, this permits the weapon to be shorter overall for a given barrel length.
With headshots, it can make quick work of enemy groups even faster than the assault rifle can. The boosts leveling up provides makes it much easier to land headshots and do more damage to foes, allowing the player to land powerful headshots at medium and short range with ease. It's high fire rate combined with Clip and Accuracy mods makes it very handy if the player needs a sidearm to quickly get rid of a few foes. Being a little overzealous with the Stealth pistol now can mean the player won't have enough ammo to snipe everyone in an area with the regular pistol later.
Headshots will only OHKO regular troopers with one shot at Master Pistol skill level, meaning the enemy can alert nearby friends, likely causing an alarm to go off.
Accuracy mods will make it easier to land headshots, while Range mods will make it easier for the gun's bullets to reach enemies at farther ranges. The accuracy boost it provides makes it easier to take on groups of enemies at medium range, while the damage boost will help take down stronger foes.
Its low cost and wide availability (subject to jurisdiction) are self-sustaining contributors to the caliber's popularity. The 40?46mm grenade is used in hand-held grenade launchers, with single or multi-shot capabilities. These are launched from a tranquilizer rifle using compressed gas, a tuft of fibers at the back of the missile serving as both fletching and wadding.
It capable of delivering an electromuscular disruption charge of up to 20,000 volts when deployed in any stun gun-type weapon.
It's a 10mm gauge, stainless steel ball bearings, molded in a frangible diffusion matrix and spin-stabilized for maximum range when deployed by the Typhoon Explosive System. It's very modular, equipped with a Picatinny rail system and can also accept a sound suppressor.

The silencer and laser sight, along with the aforesaid upgrade capacity, also make it a surprisingly good main weapon for a non-pacifist player who wishes to be stealthy, though it is not suitable for full-scale combat situations unless (almost) fully upgraded. Most non-boss human opponents will be killed with a single headshot from a Zenith with the armor-piercing upgrade, even without any damage upgrades; heavy troopers will take two. Pistols are typically limited to lower-level enemies such as street thugs, security personnel and lightly armored soldiers. It also bears resemblance, specifically in the contour of the grip and the way that the magazine fits into it, to the Walther P99, and even more to the P22. When you are behind cover, prepare your "cover reticle" over the enemies head and pop-out of cover during their burst fire and you can often land headshots during their suppressing fire (the Laser Sight is very helpful here). While the "blind-fire" mode causes maximum bloom, it will reliably put a round exactly where you want it 4 out of 5 times if you have more ammunition than health (good with the armor-piercing attachment against heavy soldiers). About 2 and a half magazines can destroy one such unit, even when unupgraded, however the shots must not land on the robot's armor plates as these will reduce the damage done. Three MJ12 Commandos patrol the area, so activate your cloak before heading over to Building 14. This pistol breaks open to the side, instead of flipping down as in most break-action revolvers. Not created for firearms combat, this pistol is hampered by a low damage threshold and mediocre accuracy.
The Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol seems to be the standard issue weapon for SSC, primarily in low-risk areas like Upper Seattle.
However, with a maxed-out magazine, the player has a lot more firepower to use against enemies.
When the bullet impacts at high velocity and yaws in tissue, fragmentation creates a rapid transfer of energy which can result in dramatic wounding effects. The effective range of the 9mm is about 100 m, although the bullet can still be lethal at much longer ranges.
This cartridge started the "Magnum" era of handgun ammunition, having a positive reputation for stopping power.
A silenced Zenith is a useful tool even for pacifists, as it may be used to lure enemies into locations away from their patrol path so that they can be disposed of discretely; when a shot is fired, enemies will investigate by walking to where the shot hit. Because of this, one might upgrade it with the armor-piercing, silencer, and laser sight mods, and reserve the other upgrades for alternative weapons.
Alternately, you could drop through the maintenance shaft beyond if you enjoy a challenging jumping puzzle.
Ascend the ramp (3) to reach the crates (4) where you'll find a Scramble Grenade, a Medkit and a Lockpick. Tracer Tong radios that MJ12 operate in the open in Paris and they have barricaded the station. His prices are sky high -- but he'll cut you a break if you 'kill' three MJ12 guarding the station.
Note that although the arms dealer claimed there are three troops, these two are the only Troops to be found. It is confirmed that this weapon can use special .357 explosive rounds and will accept 5, 6, 7, or 8-round magazines. They also appear to be popular with low-level criminals, such as the thugs in Lower Seattle.
Your Hazmat Suit will afford a good amount of protection, but be prepared for the drunken disorientation affect seen here.

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