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The problems come when you play it on a PC, because on PC it’s not competing against simple-but-fun one-note games like Angry Birds, Punch Quest and Infinity Blade. Deus Ex: The Fall puts players in the worn military boots of Ben Saxon, an augmented, ex-SAS, ex-Belltower operative who is so boring he could star in a series of Dan Brown novels. Unsurprisingly, there isn’t really any lip-synching, with characters instead possessing flapping mouths that make them talk like Muppets. Amazingly, this cutscene actually manages to be even less dramatic than this screenshot implies. Reducing the challenge even further, you have infinite inventory space so you can hang onto as many weapons or items as you like, and – in what is possibly the silliest decision yet – you have permanent access to an in-game store.
For the record: the first game in this series had a ludicrous amount of different dialogue, depending on little things you did. One can only assume that gang members regularly assault public train stations in Deus Ex’s future, considering the complete lack of police presence. Then you finish the entire thing in about three hours and, perhaps, spend the next week of your life reflecting on what a colossal waste of time that all was. A few days ago we told you about Square Enix registering a new trademark for its Deus Ex series, entitled Human Defiance. Now that sounds like an even more realistic sequel name, given the events that occurred in Human Revolution. In a game like DE, the Gamepad would be a very nice interface for Inventory & Map-stuff, just like ZombiU already did it before.
I am worried that the Wii U will get Huuman Revolution while we start hearing about the sequel on PS360.
LOS ANGELES – July 10, 2012 – CBS Films announced today that they have secured the screen rights to the iconic Deus Ex videogame franchise from Square Enix.
Set in the near future, when dramatic advances in science, specifically human augmentation, have triggered a technological renaissance, Deus Ex: Human Revolution follows Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT security specialist who must embrace mechanical augments in order to unravel a global conspiracy. Executive Vice President of Production Maria Faillace and Creative Executive Alex Ginno are overseeing the project for CBS Films.
Poniewaz nie jestes zalogowany, przed opublikowaniem Twoj komentarz bedzie musial zostac zaakceptowany przez naszych moderatorow. Elementy strony - logo serwisu, zdjecia, koncepcja graficzno-techniczna oraz teksty sa chronione przepisami prawa autorskiego. Anyway, Deus Ex Machina goes back to ancient Greek and Roman Theatre where an actor portraying one of the gods would be lowered to the stage by means of machinery pulleys and ropes and such to provide resolution to the plot and to solve the problems of mere mortals.

We always seem to resort to brute force, Deus Ex Machina storytelling and I liked the kind of self-referential, we’re-doing-the-best-we-can-even-when-we-suck aspect of the title.
Finally, isn’t the computer you’re playing the game on just a God-in-the-Machine, in a sense?
After a mission that Went Horribly Wrong, Saxon was rescued by the Tyrants – better known as “the really annoying bosses from Human Revolution” – and joined up with them.
Alas, their supply of anti-rejection drug Neuropozyne is running low, so Saxon travels to Panama City to acquire a new supply… and then gets involved in unraveling a drug-related conspiracy, for basically no reason barring curiosity until pretty much the end of the game.
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Deus Ex: The Fall glances at the occasional philosophical questions and ethical quandries posed by past Deus Ex games, and then scrawls dicks in the margin. We speculated that this could be a direct sequel to the 2011 game Human Revolution, but it looks like Human Defiance will be a movie based on Human revolution. Right now there’s no info on the game other than the game industry being aware that Eidos Montreal is working on an unannounced third project alongside it and the recently unveiled Thief series. I wanted it to be Sleeping dogs Wiiu edition , but I will be happy with a new Deus ex game for sure.
Developed by Eidos-Montreal and published by Square Enix, Deus Ex: Human Revolution will serve as the primary template for the film. First of all, there are several forces in the game who aspire to God-like powers or actually end up having them. He then betrays them after his very first mission, because he discovers to his surprise that a group called “The Tyrants” may actually be manipulative and naughty. The original Deus Ex didn’t exactly have spectacular voice acting, but hey, at least “What a shame” and “A bomb!” were funny.
Most of the main character models and textures are fairly passable – not fantastic, but about what you’d expect from an HD port of a mobile game. Cover never feels quite right, the low FOV and low sensitivity make aiming an irritant, and bodies disappear a few seconds after death so you don’t need to worry about late detection. Things fall apart again as soon as you start finishing missions, thanks to insane scripting. With Human Revolution being reclassified in Australia for potential release on the Wii U, we could be seeing the making of a AAA release headed our way. Deus Ex: The Fall looks like Human Revolution and, on the whole, it plays like Human Revolution.

Deus Ex is one of the finest games of all time because of its gameplay, not because it looks nice. Not only can the keyboard controls not be rebound, but the mouse sensitivity is so sluggish that it feels low even when ramped up to maximum. One mission, for instance, has you sneak into a multiple-map drug den to find some evidence.
Despite Human Defiance not being a sequel, Square Enix did apply for new trademark and domain registration on something called Deus Ex: The Fall. I have no idea if it had framerate issues or horrible controls or anything like that, but it’s certainly Deus Ex.
The game regularly ignores mouse-clicks when it comes to interacting with menus, so you might have to click, oh, 30 times on “HACK” to actually start a hacking attempt. I reached the top floor, killed all of the guards present, and went into the target room to find myself in conversation with the head drug dealer. Niestety, nie ma mowy o jakimkolwiek odswiezeniu tytulow – dostaniemy najprostsze konwersje, troche szkoda. Despite my having brutally murdered all of his guards, he threatened me with all of his guards. Good luck trying to pick something up if it’s placed next to a useless interactive object!
Enemy security bot got you pinned down, and you’ve got nothing to deal with mechanical enemies?
At which point all of the guards on the floor respawned, along with a few extras, for some reason. Until I went down a floor, because all of the enemies in the rest of the drug den were still aggressive, for some reason. These little touches showed an amazing attention to detail; they made the world feel believable and made you feel like you mattered.
There is absolutely none of that here, to the extent that one dialogue choice that harkens back to Human Revolution, and could easily have led in a vaguely interesting direction, appears to make no difference at all.

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