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YOUR MAM HAS a hard enough time using her phone WITHOUT you messing around with her autocorrect. Evans was home alone for two weeks while Nathan Griffith was in jail earlier this month, and during that time spoke with her troubled ex, Delp, via Facebook, ripping into him, calling his girlfriend a whore and using the racist slur. Evans ripped back into Delp, whom she previously accused of getting her hooked on heroin, comparing him to her boyfriend and singing his praises.

Delp hits back, telling her: “I’m so jealous he accomplished getting his ass whipped lol n***a got embarrassed n joy Yur life have a good 1. When Delp tells her to break up with Griffith, the MTV star claims that she’s staying with him – but only because she’s expecting his baby. I was so mean to u and well karma came back to me and in a very harsh way,” the 22-year-old wrote in the mobile Facebook messages obtained by Radar.

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