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I was a little tired on Saturday morning, since we ended up staying at the Dallas BBQ until pretty late the night before, and then I have an hour long trip to get home from midtown Manhattan, but at least I was going to get to wear a pretty comfortable costume.
I called Louis as soon as I got to the con, and helped him put on his Tycho wig (as he was already wearing the clothing.) Of course, no one knew who I was dressed as, not even when we were standing side by side, but at least three people were able to recognize Lou even before we met up with CHris and Carrie.
Louis and Rob (dressed as usual as Mario--and let me tell you, that is ONE popular costume, Rob kept getting stopped for photos and videos and interviews every five feet!) had been there for an hour already, at least, so when I caught up with them we basically just took a small tour through the dealer's room, more to see if we could find friends of ours than anything else. Much of this time was spent playing phone tag with CHris and Carrie, the other half of our Penny Arcade foursome. Pretty soon we were able to find CHris and Carrie, and it speaks wonders for the power of wigs and costumes that Carrie didn't recognize me at first, even though she knew we were suppoesd to be meeting up for Penny Arcade cosplay. There was quite a bit there that was drool worthy, of course, but I think Carrie's and my favorite booth was the Squarenix display, which had some things for sale, and many more just for display.
After shopping for a bit, we decided to get out of the main crush of people and find a place where we could take some decent photos to send to the real Gabe and Tycho, the creators of Penny Arcade.
As luck would have it, while we were taking pictures, Jess and Dennis came out from whatever they were doing right by where we were.
As we headed out of the toy section and more into the comic book section (the dealer's room really was wonderfully arranged), I saw a flash of silver, and recognized my friend Rhi dressed as Silver Sable! After greetings and hugs were exchanged, she turned to introduce me to her lovely friend in EGL wear, Anna--and then told me WHICH Anna she was--the very first Sailor Saturn cosplayer to ever join my Sailor Moon Avatars site! We continued on our walk through the dealer's room, and after another round of phone tag, managed to meet up with Tony and his wife Gigi.
Well, s0ni has some negative experiences at the diner to relate, if you're interested, but when we went on Saturday (and it was quite a trek! Lunch over, Jess and Dennis left to find a WaMu while Louis and I headed back to the con to try to accomplish my main mission (other than Penny Arcade cosplay, of course) for the day: trying to meet Terry Brooks.
Many years ago--I'm thinking it might have been 1987--my dad came up during the summer to visit my mom and I on a weekend while we were staying with my grandparents for a month-long vacation. For many years I assumed The Black Unicorn was a stand-alone book, until I read the advertisements in the back for Magic Kingdom for Sale: Sold! So when I heard Terry Brooks was going to be one of the guests at the New York Comic Con, I really wanted to meet him. A Harley Quinn and a Zatanna--amusingly enough, the costumes I was doing Friday and Sunday! At any rate, at that point we found my friend Pete with his friends, the cast and crew of Pete's Basement, and did a quick interview with them as part of their coverage of the New York Comic Con. With Doc in tow, we went to visit DJ Ranma S at the Indie Strike Productions booth (they have both ninja AND pirate T-shirts!) We couldn't really hang out too long, as their booth was blessedly doing quite a bit of business, but we at least got to say hi and snap a few pictures.
After that, Doc called out to a drive-by Oshidori-ing--seriously, every time we saw that girl, she was on her way SOMEWHERE running at top speed.
Hal seemed enthused, and then charged us with a quest--to find Robert, the business guy at Penny Arcade, who had a podcast booth in the very far corner of the dealer's room--he wanted to see if SOMEONE would recognize our costumes right off the bat. We would've loved to have stayed longer, but Saturday was host to another event, as well--a birthday celebration for JenyBean at a karaoke bar, clear across town!

Being cheap bastards, and also having a little time on our hands (we didn't want to get there before the birthday girl!) we decided to hoof it, all the way from 34th Street and 11th Avenue, to 53rd Street and 2nd Avenue.
Ex-obsession is an issue that affects a high proportion of relationships with new research revealing 40 per cent of women believe their ex still loves them (file photo)So, why are so many of us looking back not forward? Tracey Cox looks at why so many of us are looking back at past relationships instead of forwards3. The more painful the split for you, the more likely you are to carry on thinking about that person7. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
So I got dressed in Brenna at home (screw the subways, if a chick with bright orange hair is going to shock anybody, they're not native New Yorkers) and headed in to the con. In searching for them, I got to see my friend Holly, who was there with her boyfriend for reasons I believe relating to their individual comic and manga--would you believe they're both signed by TokyoPop? At an anime con, for the most part, you have anime, manga, video game characters, people dressed in Elegant Gothic Lolita wear, and then random pop culture references, ranging from 80s cartoons to the latest internet meme, pretty much in that order, though I'd be hesitant to assign percentages there.
Quite a few people took photos, but I only seem to have "duos" on my camera--either the two boys, or the two girls, or the couples, but none of all four of us together--little help? I had known she was dressing up, and I knew Silver Sable was one of her all time favorite comic book characters (well, female comic book characters anyway), but I hadn't expected her to look quite so amazing. Tony looked really great in his steampunk wear, but he keeps teasing me that I'm going to have to go to SalonCon if I want to see the finished version. Terry Brooks is most famous for his Sword of Shannara series, and in fact that's why he was a guest of the con, to promote the new graphic novel that will be coming out that ties into the Shannara series. He had brought me a present for no reason--which was pretty rare, my dad could be pretty indulgent, but he rarely bought me things for no reason, certainly not things I hadn't asked for.
Even then, I didn't see how I'd get my hands on a copy; I had never heard anyone else mention Terry Brooks, and I naively assumed that he had only written those two books, and would therefore not really be sold in stores. We had, of course, checked the program and the schedule to see when Terry Brooks would be in the autograph booths they had set up in the very back of the dealer's room, which is why we high-tailed it back right after lunch.
Like I said, I wasn't going to die if I didn't get to meet him or anything, but it was my main goal for the day, and I had carried around a hard-coverered book all day for nothing.
For the most part, we explained why we were dorks in costume--if such a thing can ever really be explained. He was in the AnimeNEXT Manga Library Room, so we decided to go see him there for a bit and rest our feet while he brought us up to date with what was happening in the world of Otakon Planning. He had one of his trusty cameras with him, and was having a lot of fun trying out the fish eye lens. At the very least I know they were both back on the COSP mailing list when I first joined up, back in the day. Doc had brought us little things back from Japan--a Hello Kitty capsule from a vending machine that contained a Hello Kitty purse inside for me, a pair of tights for Oshi, so we all squeed over that for a bit before Oshi had to take off again.
The magic of dressing as Brenna for the day was that I took off my wig, toned down my makeup the tinest bit, and I was out of costume!

We stopped at an Applebee's about halfway to fill up on some appetizers, for we knew there'd be drinking ahead, and then it was off to party! The sex was greatA lot of people have much better sex with an ex than they do the person they choose to settle with long-term.The reason why is that the qualities we look for short-term (looks, great sex, fun) tend to be different than those we want long-term (sensible, potential to be good parent, financial security, compatibility).
Tons more people shopping, tons more people going to the screenings, tons more people trying to get autographs. Luckily Rob had warned me that our friend Jailbait was dressed as the original Vigilante, or else I might not have recognized him either.
Usually I'm the one who can't recognize anybody.) As soon as we had Gabe and Tycho together, people really started noticing the boys' costumes and asking to take pictures--I'm afraid we held up traffic quite a few times. We even snagged Anna on her way out of the dealer's room to take a few photos, and then I took one of her in return because she looked absolutely lovely. We decided to stick together and take another trip through the dealer's room--I know I'm making it sound like there was nothing else to do there, but the truth is I'm always way more interested in finding my friends at conventions than I am in panels and screenings. I love diners where you can get breakfast at any time of the day, that's still such a novelty to me. I will give the New York Comic Con a hand, though, even with as many people as there were, the main floor was never so crowded that you couldn't move, and it didn't turn into the fiasco with the fire wardens that their first year did. She was in a throng of photographers about three rows deep, and it was hard to get to her to even hug her! Louis chucked his Tycho wig almost immediately, and watched me make scrunchy faces (I wear a wig so rarely, that I'm still not really used to it, and I think my facial muscles do their best to help keep the wig on) for a good ten minutes or more before he finally convinced me to remove mine as well. Seeing as how it was now early afternoon, we all agreed that we were hungry and that foraging for food was in order. I read The Black Unicorn over and over again for the next, oh, twenty years, mostly outgrowing my obsession with unicorns, but never getting over my love of reading. It was obviously a last minute addition if they needed to hand-write it rather than have something printed up. I didn't know the area that well, but I think it was either Jess or Dennis who suggested that we go to the Tick Tock Diner.
FOUR THINGS THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL INSTANTLY BETTER 1. That was a bit too far for poor Tony's and Gigi's feet, so we said goodbye to them for a while and, after Rob finished his ten thousandth interview for the day, headed on down to the diner.
Most people miss being loved and in a good relationship more than they do the person they were in the relationship with. There are plenty of other people out there who will love you just as much and be just as great to be with.4.
You get to go through the falling in love stage all over again!If youa€™re stuck and cana€™t move forward, a few sessions with a good therapist can work wonders.

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