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Your end goal should be to find a job that will keep you happy enough, while providing you with the money that is necessary to do the things that you want in life. Before deciding on a career, come up with a plan that determines where you want to be in life.
Planning, branding yourself, and researching which careers can help you attain your financial goals is much more important than finding something that you love to do. So is it enough to think your job is just okay but love what it allows you to do on your time off?
My ultimate dream job would be to travel and review local alcoholic beverages and blog about it but so far I haven’t found any takers. The things is, if you love your job, you won’t think of it as a job, a means to an end or just a source of income, but a source of happiness.
However, one other thought occurred to me…this debate is only an issue of those who are privileged.
But at least we feel like we have a handle on what work demands from us, and what we’re demanding at work and have a game plan to have less work and more things we LOVE in the medium-term future. My spouse firmly believes that my SIL should be a bylaw enforcement officer (close relative of the meter maid), due to her hatred for law infringement related to littering, driving vehicles at all, and general OCD behaviour! To me it just makes no sense to spend 40-50 hours per week on work that you don’t love. I also think it’s great that people can find a way to get paid to do what they love but at the same time, the instant you earn your first dollar doing something you love, it becomes a job.
I would prefer to put my hours in at work, earn a decent salary, then leave it all at the office at the end of the day so I can enjoy my life. I know a lot of people in the pf world, insist if you don’t like you job you should quit and find your passion. I think there are some jobs out there that require you to love what you do, otherwise the job will chew you up and spit you out. However, I agree with you that it is unrealistic to expect that everybody should love their job. In our modern world it’s much more common for a person to have more than one job over their working life. It’s almost always the opposite where a person regrets that they didn’t quit their job sooner.

If you’re looking for that perfect job it might be the first one you are offered or the 50th one you are offered. When you are looking at a new job you should focus on what it is you will love not what you want to avoid from your last job. If you are upfront about what it is you want you are far more likely to be happy at your new job. Frankly, there are jobs that need to be done everywhere in the world and they may not be the most pleasurable of jobs but they need to be done, right?
Nobody wants to work at a job they hate, but can’t there be a happy medium between loving and hating your job? There’s a difference when you just get by, than when you are truly happy about what you are doing. As you stated, there are many jobs throughout the world that may not be pleasurable, but they still need to get done. I also think our society has a tendency to use the love word a little too freely with objects and ideas. It was pleasant and cushy, and that would have been totally fine with me because it afforded me enough free time to do hobbies that I did LOVE. You might think that sticking around where you currently work hoping things will get better is the right thing to do.
What’s important is that you have time on your side and you don’t have to cave because of economic pressure. Even if you avoid everything you didn’t like from your previous job it won’t mean you’re going to be happy at your new job, unless you focus on what it is you love. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone loved their job and we would all look forward to spending our time working and the world would be filled with rainbows and butterflies.
Maybe there are some meter maids that love giving people meter tickets, but for the most part, have you ever met a happy meter maid?
It seems offensive for a person to declare from the proverbial ivory tower (of education, privilege, and opportunity) that all others ought to make this effort to LOVE THEIR JOB, because otherwise they are wasting their life and will have regrets (to be clear, you, Erika, were not doing this at all!). Even fifty years ago, loving your job didn’t even factor into the equation when looking for employment. Or, I hope I like it enough and it give me the money I need in order to do a job on the side that I actually do love.

If we don’t enjoy it, what sort of a life will you have lead if you have spent almost two thrids of it miserable? Find a career you can find a certain level of satisfaction with and that helps provide and enhance life for those you love. Plus since you will be spending most of your life working, it’s probably best to do something you love than something that is just ok and pays the bills. Sure, there are plenty of people who absolutely love their job and are completely fulfilled by it. It allows me to be creative, keep a pulse on pop culture, work with super talented people, and am encouraged to present weird, off-the-wall ideas. In more recent years it has become much more common to have three or more jobs throughout their working life. It has made me wonder if bringing in the dough (to finance trips & other things I love) would be good? But I’d rather have the time and money to be fulfilled by other things outside of work.
The longer you are employed at a job you hate the more of your self confidence and energy is eroded away.
Statistics show that those with above average earnings are seldom happier than those that make less. Or if doing something a lot less stressful and being able to love the other things in my life would keep me happy?
Today it’s far more common for a person to stay at a job they like and leave a job they don’t like.
I have a job in non-profit events that people who aren’t in the industry think it is like play-time for a cause.
The real hangup for us is that my work demands so much of my time and brain (not being able to leave work at work), that the money I earn from my job doesn’t really allow me to enjoy life. I think I add stress to liking work since people automatically think I should love every minute of my job.

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