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Many moons have passed since the Red Wedding and our psyches are mostly recovered, but now is the time to open up those old wounds and experience another glorious season of ‘Game of Thrones’! Jon Snow admits his jealousy of Robb Stark before he goes in front of the council to admit that he had sex with a wildling woman.  The only reason he kept his head was that he afforded them details of the oncoming attack to the wall. There may not have been any major events is this episode, aside from Arya exacting revenge and getting ‘Needle’ back, but it is definitely setting up this season for something epic!
J1 Studios is an entertainment hub that provides, news, reviews, comics, music, events and more. For the fourth year we’re bringing coverage of Baltimore Comic-Con, which has grown to a three day event at the Baltimore Convention Center.
Baltimore Comic-Con is one of the smaller cons, but it’s still a big event that’s always a really fun time. Aside from the browsing and shopping there are panels going on all day on a range of topics with all kinds of guests. Sometimes you see your favorite TV actors on the red carpet or out and about in their everyday lives, and you’re not really fazed by it beyond judging their wardrobe as you sit at home in your pajamas. Then there are TV casts who show up for a red carpet and you scream, “What is this witchcraft?

So you’re telling me they don’t wear those prison uniforms outside of the show? It’s packed full of special guests, comic book vendors, amazing artists, interesting panels, and plenty of creative cosplayers.
It’s hosted at the Baltimore Convention Center located just off the beautiful Inner Harbor. There are panels with big comic studios discussing their latest work and more casual discussion panels.
Six friends from Baltimore, MD got together every week to talk about the latest film releases.
Sure, they might be wearing a bit more makeup than their character usually wears, and their clothes might look a little more upscale, but for the most part they look the same. It’s been our honor here at French Toast Sunday to attend this event as press and bring you coverage of our experiences. It’s a perfect location, and on a sunny day in Baltimore it’s lovely with all the light coming in through the heavily windowed building. Don’t even get me started on how impractical those shoes are for running from walkers.

You’re just a few minute walk from an assortment of restaurants, bars, and other destinations that can easily make your day or weekend trip into Baltimore a full one. I will say, just because you are using a nice camera does not make you a photographer but I was all we had, so I apologize for any blurriness or other photographic indiscretions. There’s plenty to do at Comic-Con with an expansive floor filled with vendors selling limited edition and new comic books, graphic novels, action figures, apparel, and more. There’s always a huge collection of artists selling their original work and meeting with fans and new admirers.
If you can make it through the Artist Alley without scoring a fantastic piece of art I’d be surprised.

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