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He gets really close to me and sometimes he touches my arm or taps my shoulder for something.
He would either tense up, or get super excited and go on and on about what an amazing girl I am.
Well since we talk all the time, he knows only a little less about me than my best friend does! We talk sometimes so he probably knows what I like to do, what sports I play, who my friends are and what classes I take.

He stands or sits close to me and looks at me with amazing eye contact, he laughs at my jokes, and really really gets into the conversation. While I'm talking he looks away, and seems really bored sometimes, like he doesn't particularly care. Sometimes you may wonder if what you think is just your imagination, or you may have absolutely no clue what he thinks about you! Well hopefully, this quiz will help you make some decisions, and know if he really likes you or not.

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