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The fact remains that you end up spending a lot of time contemplating the pros and cons of the relationship that once existed. In the age of Facebook, having connections to your ex even after break up is not unnatural. When you know your ex is watching make sure you check-in at some of your towns best hangout places. Make sure your updates let you ex know how good you are doing and how happening your life is!
Block them: After updating your status or posting numerous pictures which would surely go as notifications to your ex, go-ahead and block them.
Yes, that way he or she would come to know that they no longer are a part of your life when they try to view those pictures.So block them and get over them once and for all.

Upload a song: Upload a song that has got to do with what you are feeling after the break up. Something like Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson could be one of the songs you could upload stating how much you are in love with the song! You might feel bitter but you wouldn’t want to give them the pleasure to feel superior, would you? Ping themA accidentally: Whether it is on Facebook or Gtalk, you could ping your ex with a completely irrelevant message. It could be something in the guise of you typing something to your boss or sister or friend! Yes as silly as it sounds ita€™s one of the funniest things to do when you know your ex is online.

It could be because you are missing them or you just want to see if you can still be civil towards them. Upload lots of pictures: What better way to give your ex a glimpse of your wonderful lives without them than your pictures? So take those photographs of yours where you are enjoying with friends or are looking extremely happy partying and upload them on your social network profile.

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