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Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Birthday wishes for ex-boyfriend: Wishing your ex on his birthday will remind both of you of the beautiful moments of the relationship you once had and the painful memories of the breakup that followed. Fray was known as a man to be feared and a man to be trusted but most of all he was a man who was respected. In the late 1980s when Rayful Edmond came to power in the city dominating the cocaine trade Fray was still doing his thing.
DEA agent John Cornille confirmed this in the pretrial hearings for the cocaine distribution case of kingpin Rayful Edmond. First-time urban author Scoop is bring it to you all the way live with Money, Sex and Murda. I got into the literary game because I really wanted to challenge myself to see if I could paint that picture for the world to see. My writing style is urban, but with the ability to describe scenes and whatnot like James Patterson or George Pelecanos. My book is not based o real life entirely, but a lot of what takes in my book really went down.
I plan to expand my brand and promote my book right so that I can be well off financially and put other authors in position to eat. According to reports, Monica's ex-boyfriend who also happens to be the father of her two sons (they dated for over five years), rapper Rocko, is taking his talents to reality TV. I just hope Mona won't try to make him messy and dish on the detail between he and Monica.
Tiffany Pollard Says People Are Too Hard On Her Mom, Sister Patterson: It’s not fair! This sounds a trifle mean, but if you can't seem to get excited about the new fish you've plucked from the sea, get excited about the places you'll go! Whether you think your breakup was a piece of cake, a nightmare or civilized yet utterly painful, you still have more things to worry about: finalizing your break up online!
Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn are easy to manage, you simply remove your ex from your list and he or she will vanish from your account. For your own piece of mind, try to remove the photos you have with your ex just as soon as your relationship ends. Whether it is something you wrote about your ex, or something he wrote about you, the notes application has the power to make you live your pain over and over again. There is always one thing or another that you might have forgotten to change, remove or modify on your Facebook profile so always jeep an eye out for those. P.S: My estimated time for total cleanup may vary between 1 month to a year depending on your Facebook usage! Got an amazing campaign, web app or a social media related topic that you'd like to share with our readers? But every now and then a dude hits the trifecta rising above the norm, because of the way he carries himself, because of the way people perceive him and because of how he treats others in the game.

He held sway in his city and in the chronicles of gangsta lore as an example of what a gangster was supposed to be. He testified that Fray was identified as the person who in August of 1988 imposed a cease fire in the bloody warfare between Rayful’s crew and the breakaway crew operating in the Trinidad section of Northeast, Washington DC. He would pool money with Edmond and his partner Tony Lewis to buy cocaine from a Los Angeles drug broker who was Edmonds pipeline to Colombian dealers. Keeping money on their books for commissary, paying for their lawyers and arranging for drugs to be smuggled into them.
They have been best friends since the age of about nine and eventually got into the streets together. I know people who broke up with their exes and spent weeks after stalking their every move to see how long it would take them to begin a new relationship!
Regardless of how you might feel about them, your potential girlfriend will not really appreciate the fact that you are still keeping the cute name you ex used to call you right there on your profile for everyone to see! Keeping the pictures of the times you had together safe on your laptop is forgivable to a certain extent but keeping them for others to see is kind of mean and messes with your ex’s privacy… big time!
Now, and since Facebook saves every little thing you do, comments are, if not taken care of, forever!
In that world, people would know what is going on with you through gatherings and face-to-face communication.
Born into a well-rounded and educated family igniting her interest in reading, writing and research.
When a dude like this comes along he is known as an ambassador to the game and even in death his legend holds.
Fray didn’t fuck around, he got his, but he also played fair in a game where the only rules are to keep your mouth shut. He still played a part and was a major factor during the crack era when Rayful had the game in a headlock.
It was the last week of August and Rayful Edmond, Tony Lewis and their rivals met in a school yard near Howard University to squash the beef. He’d go down to the different fairs and functions at Lorton and give away thousands of dollars to his homies. Buckle up and ride through the streets of Washington, DC and watch how predators can ultimately become prey. Things are going good until people start turning that pistol on them and trying to take their life. And right there, at the left hand side of your profile, the gift you received from your ex on that special day will keep popping up and reminding you of what was there! I think it is wiser to remove those posts for a bunch of reasons: 1) not to freak out potentials, 2) not to hurt exes and 3) to avoid redundancy! Make sure you remove those tagged photos of you to avoid questioning later on and also to give yourself room to forget and move on! I have comments on my pictures from friends I lost a long the way which still hurt me when I come across them.

In Facebook world, things are different and your relationship status makes a difference to many of your stalkers out there.
Graduated from the Lebanese American University with a bachelor's degree, with honors, in Marketing followed by an MBA. Michael “Fray” Salters was one of these dudes, and even though he’s been dead almost 20 years, his name still carries weight in the streets of Washington DC aka Chocolate City and up and down the drug corridors on the east coast. Fray showed the rival crews that the warfare was senseless and attracted too much attention from the police, plus it was cutting into the profits from each crew’s business. Bodies were dropping daily as dudes tried to get theirs in the vicious crack wars that raged throughout the city. He would be all over the city politicking with the different ballers and crews spreading goodwill and exerting his influence.
Fray sent 20 grand to his partner on the run in Houston numerous times and blessed another homie with 50 grand when he hit the bricks.
And at the same time where the heat is coming down on them, God calms down a bit after having a son by his woman, Anisha, invests in legit businesses and remain a free man.
But after the mandatory mourning comes to a close, the only way to truly move on is to meet new people (gasp!).
With all the busters, snakes, cardboard gangstas and conmen in the game, a dude like Fray is one in a million. He was a man of principle who upheld ideals that are now long gone and harkened back to the days of old school gangsters, who wouldn’t even tell the police who shot them, while lying on their death bed. There was so much killing that it was affecting business and when war broke out between Rayful’s crew and a rival faction in the Trinidad section of Northeast Fray was called in to restore order to the streets of Drama City on behalf of Rayful.
His moves caused close scrutiny though, Federal Law Enforcement agents said they were told by several drug dealers that some dealers ceded Fray the power to assign drug territories for PCP, heroin, cocaine and other drugs. Singer's Room reports that Monica has offered to pay a nice chunk of change, to keep him off the show.
Fray was like the old-time Mafia Don, an original gangster who held respect by the power he wielded. Fray had power like that in the city.” It’s said that even the FBI and DEA were impressed by Fray’s actions.
Any dude claiming to be getting it or to be the man in Drama City needs to compare themselves to the ultimate street legend of Washington DC- Michael “Fray” Salters. But the game breeds larceny and it was creeping into the hearts of some dudes that were allegedly in Fray’s camp.
It depended on what was happening.” Fray stayed in the mix and kept his ear to the grapevine. Anyone who needed anything he would humble himself to anyone in need.” He remembered where he had come from and knew that any man could make the transition, like he himself had made, under the right circumstances.

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