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You feel like your heart is broken and will forever remain that way, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
It’s hard for men to deal with some of the things that hurt them, and for you to have to apologize then something went terribly wrong. So as you begin writing an apology letter to your ex boyfriend don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, but do know that it may take him a little while to come around.
Don’t just assume that he will know what you mean or read into your meanings, but rather put it all out there to say what you mean.
This is your chance and so you need to be as straightforward in your approach and your words as possible. It’s not to say that he was without any mistakes, but this is your letter to say you’re sorry within.
When that sincerity and straightforward approach comes through, it’s going to make him feel good. The whole point in writing him an apology letter is to win him back, and so you want to make that perfectly clear. To win him over you need to put into words that you are committed to change the factors that went wrong in the first place.
Do give him some time to absorb this and expect that he may react in a less than favorable way initially if he’s angry. Check it out—if you really want him back then try out this great four step approach to winning your ex back OR some personalized one-on-one coaching with me….
Here are my personal recommendations for resources to help you get your ex back into your life.

Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend has publicly issued apology note to the actress via social media. Seun threatened to end her acting career by ordering all movie producers not to give her movie roles except Toyin apologized to him publicly. Letting go of all the controversies caused by the relationship, the “Alakada” super actress issued apology note in an open letter to all concerned and it was post on her instagram page. Not long after Toyin Aimakhu’s apologetic letter, Seun Egbegbe has now deemed it fit to do the same and apologise to her. Many women have sat in the same position as you and they have found that writing an apology letter to your ex boyfriend can be the true way to win them back.
Whether it was cheating, some big fight, or not seeing eye to eye on an issue, you need to clear the air. If he can get over his ego though then he will see that your apology is sincere and he’ll be open to consideration. When guys get hurt sometimes they need to relax for a bit before they settle back into a routine.
As you write this letter you need to be forthcoming, literal, honest, and straightforward in your approach and your words. Men are often perplexed by women and their emotions and want them to say what they mean and mean what they say. If you can keep this in mind and make the apology letter short and to the point it’s going to work a lot more effectively.
As you go about writing an apology letter to your ex boyfriend you want to say all of that and really make this an acknowledgement of mistakes.

You want him to know after reading the letter that you are really and truly sorry and that you regret ever hurting him in any way. It’s going to make him realize that you are a good person and that you are a woman that he very well wants to keep in his life in some capacity.
He needs to see through your words that you feel terrible for what happened and that you now want to make things right. Not only that but he needs to understand that you want to work with him on a future together.
Don’t take it personally and do know that your apology letter to your ex boyfriend coupled with his feelings for you are what will make him yours all over again—and this time for keeps! Get specific answers to your relationship questions from Nathan personally - sign up for One on One Coaching Now!
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